Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday blue! Contrary Polish Santorini

Posting later than the usual because I have a cold and was out late last night. (Shout out to my favorite bartender, Jo Anne!) A winning combination, but ... birthday, so whatevs.

I've sported blue nails every year on my birthday since I got into polish. (My birthstone is the sapphire, blah blah blah.) I've been in a creme mood lately, and China Glaze Man Hunt seemed like the top contender until I remembered I owned this beauty.

Three coats with one coat of Gelous + one coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

I remember putting on my last coat of Grand Central Station and saying, "UGH DAMN IT" because this is my first Contrary Polish and now I want MOAR. (Goddammit.) Santorini is lovely cobalt jelly goodness with just the right sprinkling of tiny blue glass fleck/flakie particles. I looooove that you can see the particles even in low light, and although this polish isn't loud, it's shimmery enough to be different.

The formula on this one was amazing. Oh my God. The consistency was perfect, and since this is a jelly base, you'll want at least three coats for opacity. It doesn't dry completely matte, but I did need top coat to make it shine. With one coat of Gelous under one coat of Grand Central Station, it dried quickly and I'm still wearing it after applying this on Friday night. I've had great wear -- no chips, and barely visible tip wear, so I am EXTREMELY pleased.

I'm just as scared for my wallet -- I'm eyeing so many other Contrarys already! Santorini was released last fall as part of The Islands trio, along with Aruba and Anna Maria (which I currently am dying over). I bought this bottle at Llarowe over the summer, where you still can snag it for $11. Be sure to check Llarowe and the Contrary Polish blog for restock updates and information on new collections.

A pretty good birthday blue, yes? I'm all kinds of congested right now, so unfortunately I'll have to keep the celebrating to a dull roar this year. Good thing I didn't end up going to that Blondie show last night in D.C.! But that's okay, because ...

My friends threw me a small birthday party/wedding crafting night on Saturday

B and I went to Ikea, where he bought me Helmer No. 2 (OH GOOD LORD) and snacked on Swedish meatballs

We saw "The World's End" (not my favorite among the Cornetto trilogy, as "Hot Fuzz" is everything to me) and I later took this selfie with Sterling

I also bought two polishes (which I hope to blog in the next few weeks), and am hoping to snag a couple more. I treated myself to a Madeleine Peyroux ticket and will get my Mayer Hawthorne ticket this week. Also, I was in Target on Friday picking up a present for my dad when I saw this on sale, and couldn't resist:

I know birthdays aren't supposed to be about material things, but I do like my material things. However, this doesn't mean I haven't been touched by the birthday greetings I woke up to this morning! And get this ... several of those greetings were from wonderful ladies who also happen to be nail blogger friends. So thanks again, ladies! And thanks, you guys, for reading and reaching out in the past year! I mean, my nails and my life can be pretty boring, but I love sharing them with you, especially on days like today. :)

So, happy birthday to me (and Colin Firth).


  1. Happy Birthday Rach! This is definitely a great birthday polish!

    And oh God those Swedish meatballs!! I need a second Helmer like I need more money! My Helmer and "melmer" are so full to the brim, I have just been shoving polishes on top of polishes....it's really sad! I have another "melmer" upstairs, but I REALLY hate to separate my polishes!! I'm so OCD! lol.

    1. Aw, thank you, Angie!

      Ahhhhhh, I'm so scared I might have some serious overflow with this Helmer, too. I need to purge! LOL, my boyfriend kept calling it a "Hemler," which sounded like "Himmler," which made me say "OH MY GOD" every five seconds because NO.

  2. This is a real beauty...oh and you can come over to my place and make Swedish meatballs any time! but I guess I should warn ya...I am 100% Swedish with both sides of grandparents having been born there...however that said the only one who really made great meatballs were my 2 aunts and one of them did them best but we tried not to play fav and were just grateful when either of them made enough to feed the 25 or 30 of us all!

    1. Yeah, I have no idea how to make them, so ... you should probably show me! ;)

      Now I'm kinda wondering if more of my IRL friends have Swedish backgrounds so I can obtain a decent recipe.

  3. Happy birthday, girl! This is gorgeous, but I already told you that.

    Ikea is the only place I will eat meatballs anymore. This is because as a child, my mom made meatballs ALL THE DAMN TIME and I got so tired of them. Ask me about my bizarrely Midwestern childhood.

    P.S. Did you see that the season premiere for season 2 of The Mindy Project is on Hulu right now???

    1. Thanks, Madeline!

      LOLOLOL. I'm sorry to laugh at your childhood plight, but that's actually kind of funny to me. Yes, tell me more about your bizarrely Midwestern upbringing! Diasporas 4 life.

      P.S. I actually watched it after you told me about it! Thank you!!

    2. Okay, first of all, I grew up in Northern California, not rural Minnesota. I should have been eating tofu and bean sprouts, not beef stroganoff. GAG.

    3. Uh. I'm gonna need your mom's recipe for beef stroganoff, please and thank you. You know how to get at me.

  4. Happy birthday!! Santorini is all kinds of amazing on you, and you NEED Anna Maria. I hope your aunt is doing better!


    1. Thank you, Naz! <3 I appreciate it, she's like my other mom!

      P.S. DID YOU WATCH SUNDAY'S EPISODE, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, OH MY GOD. I feel physically ill when I think about what happened.

  5. I just adore wildly appropriate nail polish names...Santorini is the place with all the little churches with blue domes, isn't it?

    Anyway, that's a gorgeous polish for sure, and I'm glad you had a good birthday.

    1. Yes! That's exactly it. I really want to go there someday, now that I'm thinking about it.

      Thanks, Steff! <3


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