Friday, September 6, 2013

Bachelorette weekend nails: Nicole by OPI Candid Cameron

Before I get going, I need you to please
  1. Send good thoughts my aunt's way -- she was in the ER earlier this week. My mom and I are accompanying her to her doctor's appointment today, so we're all hoping the ER incident was just a freak scare and not indicative of something more serious. She's like a second mom to me, so it would mean a lot if you sent her some good juju today!
  2. Wish my dad a happy birthday! It's Virgo birthday week in my family. My sister's was yesterday. She's 25 now, what the hellllllllllllllll.

As I'm sure I've mentioned five hundred times this summer, my friend Krysi decided to have her bachelorette weekend out in Louisville, KY, where her bestie-slash-matron of honor lives. You have NO IDEA how many times people asked us, "But why Louisville?" As our maid of honor said, "2 a.m. < 4 a.m." (Yeah, this wedding has a matron *and* a maid of honor.) With stops, our car ride was ~8-9 hours each way, but it was an easy and lovely drive (if you like mountains, which, luckily, we do).

There's also the major bonus of actually being able to AFFORD Louisville. I have it on good authority that if we had a bigger cashish flow, we would have been in Vegas for a Backstreet Boys concert, which would have been funny as hell.

Before I show you some pictures from our trip, here's my bachelorette NOTWeekend, Nicole by OPI Candid Cameron from the "Modern Family" tie-in collection released this winter? spring?.

Three coats with SV.

Purty, ain't it? Confession: I like this, but I don't LOVE this, as much as I adore jewel tones this time of year. I was hoping Candid Cameron would be more blue and less teal than it was on me. I also was hoping it would be a little bit of a duochrome, since you can see those threads of green in the bottle. Unfortunately, none of that shows up on the nail. Super pretty polish, just not quite what I wanted it to be, especially considering that it has a dupe in China Glaze Deviantly Daring.

The formula was great, opaque in two coats, but really easy to work with. It was the brush that I took issue with -- no NOPI brushes ever will be as bad as the brushes circa 2010 -- however, when you are in a HURRY like I was, this was not my favorite brush to work with. If you're careful, it's probably not as much of an issue as it was for me. Dry time was fast and the wear was good until Day Three, when I got two enormous chips (one on my chiptastic right index finger, the other on my left thumb). Only those two fingers chipped, and wear was perfect for five days on the chip-free fingers.

If you are on the prowl for this one, you can find it at drugstores, Ulta, Target and Walmart since it's most likely in the core NOPI display. You can get the best price for this at Walmart, and if you have a $1 off NOPI coupon -- I think you can find those in the ads in the Sunday paper -- you can get it for around $6, which is stellar. I do think NOPIs are worth every penny, as the shades generally have seemed more adventurous than regular OPIs lately.

I also have to say that this color doesn't remind me of its namesake at all, but, I mean ... how do you capture Cameron Tucker in a polish? I don't think it's possible, unless it were a Fizbo-inspired glitterbomb. I don't know. What a random NOPI tie-in, though. While I did find the first season of "Modern Family" to be pretty hilarious, I'm kiiiiiiiiiind of over the show's shoo-in Emmy/Golden Globe nomination year after year after year. Just ... really? Remember how Jon Cryer was aaaaaaaaalways nominated for "Two and a Half Men," (dislike) and now Jim Parsons is aaaaaaaaalways nominated for "TBBT" (extreme dislike)? Tired. Over it. NEXT.

Okay, now that I've bored you to death with that tiny TV gripe, here's some pictures of our trip to Louisville, starting with our stop at Jim Beam. We missed out on a guided tour, but that worked out in our favor since we didn't stay too long. It was storming on and off that day, which is pretty evident in these photos.

And a few snaps from our ghost tour of Louisville. No orbs in my photos, sadly.

Our meeting spot at Fourth Street Live

The lobby at the Old Seelbach, where we were holed up during the storm, mid-tour.
It was swanky. But WE weren't swanky-looking enough to go find Al Capone's ghost :(

After that, we went to a bar for a few hours for some drinks that we HAD to have been comped for, but I think the highlight of my evening was getting 3 a.m. pizza at Spinelli's in the rain. This mural made it worthwhile:

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP, that's a naked Burt Reynolds mural

The next day was considerably low-key. No one felt like getting up at 11:30 (we got back to the hotel between 4? 4:30?), so we sat in the dark and talked for a couple of hours, which was really nice. Then we had lunch and then hit up this place called the Liquor Barn for some good old-fashioned bootlegging (a.k.a. wedding liquor). To quote Madeline, the Liquor Barn did not fully commit to its theme, and that was disappointing. But Janice and Jacqui, if you're reading this, look at this wine I found!

There was a LOT of girly stuff that went down that weekend, and I mean ... shit. I'm not really good at girl stuff. The four of us put on masks before going to bed on Sunday night, and I'd never done one before (shut up), so my face was ON FIRE for a couple of minutes. And makeup? Fuhgeddaboutit. It's a good day if I can remember to put on chapstick. Our matron of honor is doing makeup for the wedding, and she did a practice round on all of us -- boy, between my Asian skin tone/foundation issues and overall lack of knowledge about makeup, she's gonna have her work cut out for her because I already forgot how to use some of the things I bought, LOL. And did I mention that I was buzzed-texting at a bar at 2 a.m. in the corner like a socially challenged person because I HATE DANCING and I am sorry, but no amount of shots will get me to do it???? --Karaoke, though ... bring it to me!

BUT. I'm so happy that Krysi had a wonderful bachelorette, that we got to get away for a weekend, and that I got to spend time with my friends. That was all so nice. I constantly worry about having to make new friends IRL and I'm at the age where a good chunk of people are slowly dropping off in favor of the old ball(s) and chain, so any time we can spend together is precious to me, you know? I also enjoyed the trip because I haven't been on a road trip with friends in almost ten years. Not cool! So thanks, ladies, for a really great weekend! <3 you.

And thanks, y'all, for reading this post! Thoughts on NOPI "Modern Family" or Candid Cameron? Our bachelorette weekend? Where did you go for your (or someone else's) bachelorette? If you have any good stories, you should share them so I have something to read in the waiting room! ;) Ours might have been boring by some standards, but I'm actually good with boring because that's better than, oh, ARRESTED or whatever.

I'll be back next week with some good stuff, including birthday nails! If I don't get to post before the big 2-7 (OH DEAR GOD), then ... 26, it's been real.


  1. I love your posts and your nails are so cute. -L.

  2. Ditto on Modern Family. It was really cute and funny for a while and maybe it still is, but I just got bored around the time Lily was not an infant any more.

    None of my (grand total of one) close friends have gotten married yet so I haven't gone to a bachelorette party. But I also hate dancing and you know, leaving the house, so I'm not sure how much I fun I would have at one.

    P.S. You KNOW my bachelorette party is going to be themed.

    1. Yeahhhhhhhh, when it started becoming a shoo-in for everything, I was out.

      I chair dance. In my car. And sometimes in B's car if songs he hates come on XM radio. But that's all the dancing you'll get out of me!

      P.S. I would fly to WA (or wherever) for your party. I so would. Especially if the theme was something like "pajamas, junk food and TV."

  3. First off, I hope your aunt is ok! Sending her good vibes!

    Second, are those YOUR nails in the Burt Reynolds mural pic? lol

    Third, did you get to do any tasting at Jim Beam?

    Fourth, if you gave me enough liquor, I would karaoke AND dance! And I'm known for some AWESOME dance moves and the air guitar! : )

    As far as Candid Cameron goes, it looks great on you! I think I have the ChG dupe...hmm. I too love jewel tones in fall too...I'm already wearing some dark nails! Bring it on fall!

    1. Thank you, Angie!

      And yes, those are my nails, LOL. My friend took the picture.

      Yes, we did some tasting at Jim Beam. But not TOO much, because we still had a whole night ahead of us!

      Four, I think this is our lineage speaking, but karaoke really is the best!!!

      Jewel tones 4eva. I'll be busting out a few, I'm sure!

  4. Sending good thoughts to your aunt!

    Aw, I know exactly how you feel - I'm turning 27 next week too and I'm also worried about my friend situation since everyone seems to be disappearing into married life or moving far away. It's just the age we're at, I guess. I see lots of vino in my future to cope :)

    1. Thank you, Ashley!

      Sooooo, how about you and I just be friends? ;)


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