Thursday, September 12, 2013

One last mojito! OPI Fiercely Fiona

If you got the title of this post, then ... a mojito for you.

If you don't, then here's what's up: The second half of the "Burn Notice" two-part series finale airs tonight on USA. ;___; I got into the show during its first season, because I am all about anything that gives me Bruce Campbell on TV, you know? Looooove him. And then it turned into, "Oh my God, that's the brother from 'The Pretender' ... and Gabrielle Anwar ... and Debbie Novotny, and OH MY GOD, ROBBIE HANSEN, IS THAT YOU?!?!?"

Then I fell behind because it was my last semester of college and I didn't have a DVR, and USA doesn't keep full episodes of their shows online for too long. After graduation, I marathoned "The Sopranos" like it was my job, and didn't come back to "Burn Notice" regularly, just catching what I could on OnDemand and eventually at B's house, because he loves it, too. Still, I was insanely behind. A few Black Fridays ago, I bought the first two seasons on DVD for the cheaps, and restarted the series.

And then my dad walked by. Drawn in by his lifelong love of spy shows and ass-kicking, gun-toting females, he gave up his pretenses of doing any work and sat down on the couch with me. The next thing I knew, he'd gotten my mom to start watching with him, and they blew through my DVDs before I did. I'm still behind! He even ordered the third season from Best Buy, which hasn't happened since his discovery of "Alias" back in 2004. HILARIOUS. It's so funny to me how my parents actually go through "Burn Notice" withdrawal between DVD releases (they don't have cable) -- but at least they'll be able to prolong the series's end this way.

In case you're still wondering who my parents's favorite "Burn Notice" character is ... it's the little lady on the left.


Oh, is Sam Axe in that picture? True story ... B and I were thinking about naming Sterling Meowmeow after Bruce Campbell characters

So yeah, not the Fiona this particular polish was named after, and also not something I think this Fiona would wear (although she did love doing her at-home pedis at Michael's loft). But LBR -- the moniker "Fiercely Fiona" doesn't make this polish any less appropriate for today's post because she definitely put the "Fi" in "fierce."

Four coats with SV.

I dinged the nail on my pointer finger in the last three pictures. :/

This color was not the favorite for a lot of people. I *loved* it, though. --Still do!, mostly because it's more flattering than people gave it credit for. There's no reason it should be, since it's yellow with a murky pinch of green; it is, however, more of a true yellow than China Glaze Electric Pineapple (blogged [HERE]).

For a polish I haven't really used in three years, it was easier to work with than I was expecting it to be. The polish had separated a little bit, although it was nothing rolling the bottle around wouldn't fix, nor was it as bad as, say, American Apparel or FingerPaints polishes! The formula wasn't the best (which, IIRC, was par for the course for this collection), thin and not exactly self-leveling, but let me say it was pretty good for a yellow, and MUCH better than OPI Banana Bandanna. I only used four coats because I didn't wait as long in between coats as I usually do -- I used thin ones, btw -- and the polish had streaked a little bit in my rush. SV leveled it out, though. Dry time was on the slow side but if you don't use fast-dry top coats, it'd probably be average. I wore this for a day with a tiiiiiiny bit of shrinkage, and I wish I hadn't had to take it off because I really love the color (have I mentioned that?).

Fiercely Fiona was part of the 2010 OPI Summer Brights tie-in with "Shrek Forever After." I'm quite  certain I got my bottle from TransDesign that summer, but it's not impossible to find online if you want it now! I gotta say, though, I do find it hilarious that there are polishes from this collection that are highly sought after now (e.g., What's With the Cattitude? and Rumple's Wiggin') when I swear to you, I saw OPI Shrek displays in Ulta for several months back in 2010 and parts of 2011. Anyway, if you want to see any of them on me, let me know. There are a few I still haven't worn, and I'd be happy to bring out the ones I have again. Seriously. Holler at your girl.

Aaaaaaaaaaaall right. What do you guys think of Fiercely Fiona? Do you have this one, or any other OPI Shreks? What are your favorite yellow polishes? I feel like I'm constantly saying, "Oh, that wasn't bad ... FOR A YELLOW" but that's the thing about yellows -- they're such Ps in the A. Always.

And who else is a "Burn Notice" fan?? You know, besides my boyfriend ... and my parents ... and Anna ... and Aziz Ansari's cousin, Harris?


Like I said, I'm way behind and haven't caught up to the final season, but I haven't heard the greatest things about it. (Stupid Miami.) And I know the voice overs are an acquired taste, but I'll miss the show terribly, anyway. Especially Chuck Finley. ;) Oh, and Jesse! You guys, I've had such a lady boner for Coby Bell ever since he was on "Third Watch" back in the day ... God, I was such a weird thirteen-year-old. But I digress. Who's your favorite character, baddie, or guest actor? I'd love to know!

Last but certainly not least, thank you for keeping my aunt in your thoughts last week! She got her test results back, and I'll be honest, I don't completely understand what's going on -- only that things aren't as serious as my mom was afraid they would be. There'll be more tests tomorrow, but she's doing fine. We had an awesome day together yesterday doing birthday stuff (apparently it's been my birthday since the 7th?), but it was nice to spend some time together.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the finale if you get to see it! If I can get my act together today, you should come back tomorrow for a little sumpin' sumpin' I'm super excited about. :)



    1. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY, MIAMI?? *shakes fist*

  2. Fiona is SUCH A BADASSSSSS, love her. I've actually enjoyed this last season, it's a lot darker than previous seasons and I think they've done a good job working towards the finale. Also, I love that your Dad was/is into Alias, one of my all-time favorite shows ever. Sydney definitely epitomizes ass-kicking, gun-toting women!

    1. Like, I know the first thing everyone says about her/GA is that she needs to eat a cheeseburger, but all that aside ... she's really awesome. My boyfriend and I were talking about the show, and we were wondering if they were going to make this the climax of their half-season originally until it got cancelled, so that's why everything sort of wrapped up REAL QUICK. (Does that make sense?)

      I'm pretty sure my dad has a TV girlfriend type. This totally explains why he took us to see the Drew/Cameron/Lucy "Charlie's Angels" movie in high school, LMAO. Maybe he needs to watch "Nikita" ... he enjoyed a little bit of Buffy, too! But "Alias" was his jam. And my mom's, LOL.

  3. This looks hella good on you.

    My dad only likes shows that are on the History Channel. His favorite is "America's Book of Secrets" which is a conspiracy theory show.

    1. Aw, thank you!

      That sounds like a fun change of pace, actually! I found out that my friend's dad likes to get sloshed and watch black-and-white B movies, so now I kind of want to party with him.

    2. He also really likes Monster Quest, which might not be on anymore, but is a cryptozoology show.

  4. Weird! I just ordered this one last night along with Funky Dunkey. I found Rumple's Wiggin at a supermarket earlier this summer and grabbed it. Same supermarket chain recently had their OPIs (and Orlys) for half price, and the same location randomly had OPI Last Friday Night, so I was able to add (what I guess is the original) to my collection of cheap dupes of it (SINFUL COLORS HOTTIE 4EVARRRR) :D

    Sorry, I got off topic there.

    1. Oh, dude. You really scored!!! That's AWESOME. I'm so excited for you to try all of these now ... let me know how you end up liking them!

      Was this supermarket chain Wegmans, by any chance? I know a Kroger near my old job just started selling OPI, but it's a newer MEGA Kroger.

    2. FINALLY got that order of Fiona and Funky Dunkey today. Sometimes I wonder what the point is of (inaccurate) shipping tracking numbers.

      The supermarket chain is Giant Eagle...they are a more recent addition to the region (I'm in central Ohio) in the past several years. We also have Kroger and Meijer around here. The GE and Kroger both have some special locations, mega "market" shops, that are bigger and have fancy extras or some household decor or whatever. The GE location that kept mysteriously producing discontinued OPIs was one of those fancy market locations with a nice nail bar :)

    3. Whoo! I hope you enjoy them. :)

      Ahhhh, OK. In SW and central VA, Kroger is the big one, but Giant/Martin's is another. Yes! The mega "market" shops you mentioned sound exactly like that Kroger by my old job ... BF took me there last year right before Christmas, and I totally had to commemorate that visit by buying OPI Casino Royale. :)

  5. I've heard good lings about Burn Notice, but have never watched it. Bruce Campbell though?! I'm in. I had no idea he was in this show. I love him so.

    1. He's a really good reason to start watching. :) His character is so great.


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