Monday, September 30, 2013

The Long Haul: September 2013

So, uh. I tried to be good. And then this thing called birthday cashish started burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. Oops?

The rules: If I bought other items at one store along with polish, I won't include the tax, just the total amount I spent on polish. Additionally, swaps or anything I bought as a gift for someone else won't figure into this and won't count. I also will edit this blog entry to reflect the true numbers in case I buy something that wasn't recorded at the time of the original posting.

SEPTEMBER 2: Wags run ... - TOTAL: $2.97
  • Sinful Colors Cold Leather - $0.99 (sale price)
  • Sinful Colors Leather Loose - $0.99 (sale price)
  • Sinful Colors Song of the Summer - $0.99 (sale price)

    SEPTEMBER 4: Ulta TREAT YO SELF run - TOTAL: $17.05 (used $6 off in Ulta points)
    • butter LONDON Indigo Punk - $15
    • OPI A-Piers to Be Tan - $9

    SEPTEMBER 6: emergency Target run - TOTAL: $2.76
    • Sinful Colors Jolt - $1.38
    • Sinful Colors Shock and Awe - $1.38

    SEPTEMBER 11: Sally's run - TOTAL: $14.69 (with $10 off birthday coupon)
    • China Glaze Go Crazy Red - $5.99
    • FingerPaints Bare No Secrets - $4.49
    • FingerPaints You Yacht to Know Better - $4.49
    • Gelous - $4.99 (sale)
    • Orly Pretty-Ugly - $3.99

    SEPTEMBER 11: TD haul - TOTAL: $47.14
    • China Glaze Jitterbug - $3.25
    • China Glaze Sunsational Cream pack - $19.50
    • OPI Don't Touch My Tutu - $6.80
    • OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre? - $6.80

    SEPTEMBER 14: Ulta $10 butter LONDON haul - TOTAL: $52.65
    • Bit Faker - $10
    • Cream Tea - $10
    • Cuppa - $10
    • Giddy Kipper - $10
    • Poole - $10

    SEPTEMBER 22: Ulta $10 off birthday coupon - TOTAL: $1.13
    • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Guess Blue - $1.09 (clearance), $0.98 with coupon
    • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri No S-pear Time - $4.99, $4.51 with coupon
    • Zoya Noot - $4.99 (clearance), $4.51 with coupon

    SEPTEMBER 23: Sally $5 off coupon - TOTAL: $12.08
    • China Glaze Red-y and Willing - $5.99
    • Orly Harmonious Mess - $3.99
    • Seche Vite - $6.49 

    SEPTEMBER 24: Target DVD run - TOTAL: $16.01
    • Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days - $6.04 ($7.04, had $1 off coupon)
    • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Coat of Arms - $6.49
    • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest - $1.74 (clearance)
    • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Razz-berry - $1.74 (clearance)

    SEPTEMBER 26: Oh why the hell not - TOTAL: $8.42
    • Floss Gloss Con Limon

    SEPTEMBER TOTAL: $174.90
    2013 TOTAL: $1600.15

    Tomorrow begins what might be an insane month of lemming-slaying. I'm thinking there'll be at least four HUGE purchases ... ! How did you guys do this month? Do you see anything in this post that you'd like me to blog in October?


    1. Nice haul! I kind of did a little damage to my wallet this month with some indie purchases. I justified it though because most of them were bought during sales, but still. My polish collection seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Oh, what lemmings are you hoping to kill next month?

      1. Thanks! What did you get? I hear you so much about your collection getting bigger and bigger! I got Helmer #2 for my birthday, and I'm so freaking scared that I'm going to need a third.

      2. I ordered Smitten Polish Traveling By Bubble, my first CrowsToe, Boat Drinks, and Cadillacquer Remember Me, all from Llarowe. Then I made two big purchases from the indie brand Hit Polish. And a few blog sale purchases. I can't get enough of blog sales, they're so fun! I actually killed my biggest lemming, OPI Sparkle-icious. I NEED a Helmer badly! All I've been using for polish storage are old shoe boxes and perfume gift set boxes and I store them on this small bookshelf I have, but I literally have no more room for anything. I definitely need to get one but I'm close to needing a second. I can't believe that! It's kind of scary. I told my mom how much polish I had and she looked at me like I was a crazy person.

      3. GIRL, I love blog sales, too! They will be the death of me. >___<

        OMG, I am not telling my mom how much I own. She would judge the bejeezus out of me. My aunt gets it, and oddly enough, my dad asked me if I wanted to rearrange my room so I could DISPLAY my collection. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, parents.

    2. Got a bunch of Deborah Lippmann from Gilt (like 6) and an indie. Did not do well this month.

      1. Ooh, which ones did you get? DL gets a lot of love for her glitters, but I love her cremes/jelly-cremes.

    3. HOLY FRICK you actually keep a running tab of what you've spent AT ALL TIMES??????? jesus joseph and mary i couldn't do that it would be marital suicide for me. October is going to be an uggggggggly month for me because there are about 90hundred indie halloween collections i want plus the opi holiday and zoya holiday and everydamnthingelseoneearth comes out then =( -a

      1. Yeah, Ange, I started doing it this year. I had to do it because apparently I really like punishing myself. Anyway, I'm with you ... October is going to be so bad for my bank account! (but what month is good, ever?)


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