Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yo te quiero tal y como estás: Floss Gloss Con Limon

Hey, y'all! My New York trip to visit my sister went by far too quickly. --That says a lot, since my last three trips since late 2009 have been for an average of two to three days. I usually plan like a control freak, but I think everything that's been going on offline finally caught up to me; by the time I had to leave for NYC, I was too distracted to plan anything at all, let alone pack. (I bought my bus and train tickets *days* before I had to leave!) My sister even forgot to get multiple days off!, but as she said, we'll consider this visit a trial run and we'll do better next time. [/Tohru Honda]

If it was such a short, rushed trip, why bother going at all?

For one thing, this woman is pretty freaking amazing.

Y'all, I haven't liked American pop music since middle school, but contemporary Mexican pop doesn't get much better than Julieta Venegas, who is a Mexican pop QUEEN, as far as I'm concerned.

Being Asian girls from rural/central Virginia, my sister and I are the biggest (read: ONLY) Julieta fans we know. When we were still in college (oh gross, this was almost eight years ago), we promised each other that the next time Julieta toured somewhere near us and we could afford it, we had to go.

This year, it finally happened! Julieta released her latest album, "Los Momentos," in April and is currently touring the U.S. to promote it. I'm a horrible fan and have been listening to the same two albums of hers since college and had no idea about any of this until one day the official Julieta Facebook page BLEW UP with tour announcements. I didn't think I would be able to make it to her show in Silver Spring, but I forwarded my sister the tour links in the off chance that she could make it in NYC.

My sister's response: "!!! That's really close to my work! If you want to go, I'll buy us tickets."
Five minutes later: "DUDE, I'M SERIOUS. I'LL DO IT"
Thirty minutes later: "HEY I'M BUYING THEM NOW."
An hour later: "K I BOUGHT THEM."

My mom thinks we hate each other -- not true! We like each other's company ... in small doses -- so she's thrilled any time we decide to spend time together, and she told me to go to New York. And that was how my sister and I scratched our dream performer off our live in concert bucket list. Thanks, Mom!

The all-important task of finding an appropriate polish was not fun at first. But when I was paying for my pre-wedding eyebrow wax and picking up my prize bottle of Floss Gloss Partybruise, I saw a small Floss Gloss display at my salon counter. The only thing I love more than vampies, jewel tones and metallics right now is chartreuse, so when I laid eyes on this neon goodness and saw the name "Con Limon," I had to buy it. HAD. To.

Pics first before I tell you why it's so perfect. The first three pictures were taken on the fourth day of wear (!!!); the last three were taken the day I put this on.

Four coats with SV. I can't remember if I slapped on a coat of Gelous before I applied the SV, though, so take this with a grain of salt.

AHHHHHH, SO GOOD. Right off the bat, I'll admit Con Limon isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. Chartreuse and lime are really difficult colors for a lot of people to pull off, but I think the fact that this one is neon actually makes it a little more wearable. You'd never know it from reading this blog because neons are so hard to capture, but I do love them like the burning.

As with most neons, the formula on Con Limon is on the thin side and requires at least three coats to start looking opaque. Stop at two coats, and it's going to look a little like the plastic neon cups it was inspired by. ([Here's] an amazeballs image from the Floss Gloss site.) I wasn't happy with three coats (maybe it was my rushed application, but I had a few bald patches), so I went for four, which turned out to be the magic number. It evened out after adding SV.Wear time was impressive! Since I'd only swatched Partybruise, my results with Con Limon were a real surprise. I had this on for SIX days before I removed it, with no staining and minor tip wear. The only chips were on my two chip-prone fingers (as usual). Um, I'm kind of in love.

Con Limon was part of the Year of the Female Deux collection, and retails for $8 at the Floss Gloss site and online only at Urban Outfitters. Don't forget to check the Floss Gloss list of official stockists to see if you can pick up a bottle near you! The brand is cruelty- and 4-free; bottles are 0.18 Fl oz., putting them on the small side.

... which makes them perfect for traveling! I took this bottle along to New York with me, since I'd only managed to polish my left hand before I arrived. (Technically, I guess this would make the wear time six days on my left hand. Technically.) Good stuff.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have far too much fun being literal. So here's what made Con Limon the only thing I really could wear to see Julieta -- one of my favorite songs of hers:

HOW CUTE IS THIS VIDEO? "Limón y Sal" is one of my favorite songs in general. My Spanish language comprehension hadn't entirely gone the way of the dodo bird when I discovered this song, which is a long way of saying I'm so glad I remember what the lyrics translate to in English. There's just no pride in looking them up online, yo. Basically, it's about loving a person for all his or her quirks and flaws, and not wanting to change a thing about that person because having him or her close makes you happier. Que dulce, right? And doesn't knowing this make the video even more adorable? I'm not sure I would actually listen to a song with this message in English, but in Spanish, it's the most amazing, heartfelt thing. (I wonder if this is part of the reason I love opera so much ... the words sound better in another language.)

"Limón y Sal" also is the name of Julieta's 2006 Latin Grammy-winning album, and the second album of hers I came to love. It's got a few of my other favorites on it: "Canciones de Amor," "Me Voy," "Primer Día" and "Eres Para Mi." She did perform all of these at the show except for "Primer Día," and EVERYONE in the crowd absolutely lost it.

She and her band were so great. Whether she was simply singing, or singing and playing any of these instruments ...

... she owned every single one. What a talent. Ugh. She makes me want to dust my guitar off and learn how to play that thing properly, and that's a feeling I haven't had in years.

I'm not sure how my sister discovered Julieta's music, but I know I started listening to it probably sometime around late 2005-early 2006 because of her. The album that got me hooked was a 2003 album called "Sí," Julieta's third studio album. This is the song that made me a fan for life, my favorite song of hers, and one of my most favorite songs EVER because it ends up on every other playlist/mixed CD I make:

The other lady with the updo is Julieta's twin sister, Yvonne.

This video is cuteness to the extreme, and makes me want to go to Japan for even more cute. Anyway, this song is called "Lento," and it's about taking it slow (and enjoying it?). I've never really sussed out whether "it" refers to a relationship or life in general, but either way, the song works. It's all about the essence of the lyrics, right? I'm reaching now, but I feel as though slowness is a concept that isn't exactly encouraged in modern society, and that's probably part of the reason I love it so much. Plus, the melody is just too darn cute.

The show was at Irving Plaza, a venue neither my sister nor I had been to before. We really liked it! The only real beef we had with the show was that people were starting to get a little pushy so they could move to the front of the floor (it was a standing room only type of thing) to get pictures. The other thing that was pretty funny was that someone was smoking weed on the premises ... at one point, I'm pretty sure I got a contact high that I haven't had in yeaaaaaaaaaars because my sister and I looked at each other and said we were hungry. The weed wouldn't have bothered me if there hadn't been a few kids present, and I'm kind of weird about that stuff around kids. Also, there was one guy who was the worst ... he was trying to punk dance (whaaaaaaaaaaat even ... this was a MEXICAN POP concert) with a TALL BOY in his hand that he was sloshing around everywhere. The worst.

Pretty memorable stuff. Since my Spanish is gone, I was really worried that I wasn't going to understand a thing, but it turned out to be a non-issue. I mean, yeah. I had no idea what Julieta was saying in between songs, and my sister didn't believe me that I was kind of clueless ... but that just goes to show how true "use it or lose it" is. According to my sister, Queen Julieta was wayyyyyy more flawless and eloquent than she thought she'd be, and that was very happy-making.

I'm really glad we went, and I'm pretty sure we'll go see her again in a few years. Thanks for getting the tickets, being my concert buddy, and introducing me to Julieta, KK!

Some other favorite songs of Julieta's that I started listening to back in the day:

 "Algo Esta Cambiando" | "Andar Conmigo" | "Bien o Mal" | "El Listón de Tu Pelo" | "Ilusión" (with Marisa Monte, from Julieta's MTV Unplugged performance, which is pretty legit, so it's worth finding.)

Okay, that should do you to start. And then if you want to continue on with her stuff on "Los Momentos," go for it!

I'll have another post up with the rest of my all-too-brief New York adventures, but I am dying to hear what you think of Con Limon! BTW, it was so, so hard to write this post without typing an accent up over that "o" in limón, but Floss Gloss has it with no accent. 

Anyway. Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you're going to start listening to Julieta ... I promise that if you decide to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to see her, she'll be beyond worth it. I really can't wait to see her again. In the meantime, I'll be here, trying to figure out how to play "Andar Conmigo" on my guitar. It probably won't end as adorably as her videos do, but as she says in "Canciones de Amor," life never works like that.


  1. JULIETA VENEGAS. I love her!! And I'm so glad you mentioned "Eres Para Mi" because ANA TIJOUX <33333 I love her so hard. Con Limon is perfection on you! I totally agree, it's a difficult shade to pull off. I definitely cannot, but you make it look so freakin' good.

    1. OMG, Naz! This comment of yours made my heart so happy because GIRL, HAD I KNOWN THAT YOU LOVED HER TOO ... !!!! Admittedly, I haven't listened to Ana Tijoux outside of "Eres Para Mi," so what would you recommend me to start? (grammar is hard, I'm so tired) Thanks for the compliment on Con Limon, but I think you might be able to rock it, too! It would look amazing against your skin tone, I'm sure. :)


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