Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Floss Gloss Partybruise + K/A wedding weekend wrap-up

Greetings from New York City! Before I get into posting my paltry number of wedding weekend shots (I have no pictures of my dress or my hair at this time ... God, my hair was so great.), I need to show you this polish.

The salon I frequent in RVA opened a second location around this time last year, and two weeks ago it threw some Facebook giveaways to celebrate that location's first birthday. The first contest's prizes included a free manicure and a bottle of this here polish, Floss Gloss Partybruise, for five winners. I'm always here for new brands, so I threw my hat in the ring, and BOOM. Here we are.

I'll be the first person to admit this isn't the most unique or special polish out there in terms of color and finish, but Partybruise is nearly flawless for what it is.

Three coats with one coat of Gelous under one coat of NYC GCS.

The Floss Gloss description of Partybruise is kinda interesting: "Inspired By That Bruise Whose Origins Are Unknown. Forget Your Old Vamp. This Espresso-Brown-Meets-Navy Is Your New Gothic Party Girl." Uh ... okay? But the espresso-meets-navy is quite accurate, I think. This looks like a slightly dusty eggplant in the bottle, but don't be fooled -- the brown tones definitely come out some lights.

The formula was on the thin side, but absolutely perfect for a creme, and provided excellent coverage. The brush stem is short, and the actual brush reminded me a little bit of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears, so it was really easy to work with. Dry time was fast. I didn't do a full NOTD with this one, so I can't tell you about this specific polish's wear time. I will say, though, that it did get kind of stainy upon removal (oddly enough, my cuticles were blue), so you'll want to double up on base coat and use a cuticle remover when you want to take this off (I used Orly Cutique, which is discontinued, but totally my favorite).

Floss Gloss bottles are on the small side, 0.18 Fl oz. (The standard bottle size is 0.5 Fl oz.) At first I wasn't sure if its $8 price point was kind of hefty for that amount, but I'll deal with it for now because the quality for swatch purposes was pretty amazing. The great news about the small bottle size is (1) will we ever really use up a whole bottle?, and (2) it's travel-sized, which is something I'll talk to you about more next week. :)

If you're looking to score your own bottle of Partybruise, you can order it directly from the Floss Gloss site for $8. You also can check the list of official Floss Gloss stockists on the same site to see if you can find it near you. Lastly, you have the option of ordering it from Urban Outfitters, also for $8. Guys, I am DYING to try out this Floss Gloss color called BritBrit 2000 just for the name (which is TOTALLY SHOCKING), so perhaps I'll pick that up when I get my next eyebrow wax.

Have you heard of the Floss Gloss brand? Would you try any, and what do you think of Partybruise? If you've won any giveaways, what was the last one you won? (Thanks to my bombass salon for this one!)

Now it's time to backtrack to wedding weekend. I know you're all wondering what was on my nails, so here it is:

Look familiar? That's OPI Care to Danse?, a polish I blogged back in August. The other girls in the bridal party all had on French gels, but you know me. I would never. Sadly, I don't have a picture of me holding my bouquet, but that might be for the best, because I ended up doing my nails after rehearsal dinner and I was SO DRUNK. (In related news, apple pie moonshine has ruined me for any other variety of the 'shine. Just FYI.)

The lovely bride treated us to pedicures, and everyone got shades of blue or purple on their toes (the wedding colors were blue and purple). I was a little worried about getting this pedicure because I haven't had a professional one done in over a year and I also have these ridiculous ingrowns, but it turned out I needn't have worried because my nail tech did an awesome job. The other bridesmaids wore shades of blue, but since I pretty much only wear cremes on my nails, I got this:

Those mosquito bites, GODDAMN.

That's China Glaze Creative Fantasy from the Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection. I'd heard different things about that particular polish, but I think I may have to get my own bottle now because application wasn't bad AT ALL, and I love the color payoff.

Here are some other shots from the weekend.

This is our bed & breakfast, The Essex Inn (hey, Reba McEntire stayed here once!) in Tappahannock, VA. From my experiences with a previous roommate who was a Tappy town native, it's quiet and boring, which makes it the ideal place to be if you want to get away. The inn more than delivered on the whole "southern hospitality" vibe, and the breakfasts we ate there were pretty good, too. (It's possible that my judgment could be skewed because I was in the company of people who can make the most terrible things fun, but that rhubarb thing we ate at breakfast on Saturday morning was THE BUSINESS.)

One of the two main entrances

The garden

My room! (And yes, that's a king-sized bed)

Books in the mother of the bride's room ... what a hilarious mix.

Wedding rehearsal by the river

Our rehearsal dinner crasher

Technically from the night before rehearsal, but I broke into my wedding shoes
... and the mother of the bride's raspberry sparkletini

I don't have any other pictures of the day yet, but I'll try to share some when/if I get any. I do, however, think I ought to show you my shoes:

SO HOT. They're the Rochelle from Via Spiga, which, while on the $$$ side, is a brand that will never steer you wrong. I have wide-ish feet, and they were super comfortable for four-inch heels with no platform. If you can get a pair in this color (or any other color), DO IT. You don't even want to know how many pairs of shoes I'd ordered online that I had to send back because they didn't fit!, so this pair was a godsend. I also need to endorse the SoleMates high heel protectors, little plastic things you can slip on the heel of your shoes that will cover your heel and prevent you from sinking in grass or ruining your heels on various surfaces (decks, concrete, etc.). I bought the "classic" size. They fit the heel of the shoes perfectly, and they really do work.

I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but everything was happening so freaking quickly on the day of the wedding that I had to let that go. (My dress also did not have pockets, or I would have tried.) The decorator also majorly dropped the ball on a lot of things that should have gone out, but apart from that, everything else turned out splendidly. The weather was perfect, no one fell out of the carriage, and the ceremony was lovely and sweet. I need to state -- and this is COMPLETELY for posterity -- that my boyfriend got a new suit for the wedding and he cleaned up real good. He was very handsome but not as handsome as the time he was Han Solo for Halloween and oh my God. SO THERE, REAL LIFE FRIENDS. Enjoy that.

The food was pretty good (I would say it was a tie for the second-best spread I've ever had at a wedding), and I had a stuffed grilled chicken breast with spinach, tomato and ricotta in a marsala mushroom cream sauce that was TO DIE FOR and was easily my favorite non-wedding cake food that night. (The wedding cake had three different flavors arranged in layers: orange creamsicle, almond buttercream and chocolate spice -- my favorite.)

As for drinks, one of the groomsmen, Phil, invented some of the best shit ever. Holy GOD, you guys. If you like the sauce, you might want to try these ... but only if you're partial to Fireball (cinnamon whisky). I love Fireball now, but I didn't always. It's an acquired taste.

  • Phil's Magic: I *believe* this is equal parts Sprite, triple sec, sour and Fireball. It's like Christmas in your mouth.
  • Phil's Sorcery: I also believe this is equal parts pomegranate juice, triple sec and Firefly. Not Christmas in your mouth, but damned good.

I drank a loooooooot of that stuff. I also had strawberry moonshine (good, but blah after apple pie moonshine) and a bunch of whiskey. At one point after the party, the gals in the bridal party walked a couple of blocks over to the 7-Eleven to get Slurpees IN FULL DRESS, and I miiiiiiiight have poured a crap ton of whiskey in mine when I got back. (It was gross. And amazing. But I've done this before.) It was pretty funny how the 7-Eleven cashier didn't even bat an eyelash when we rolled up in there with our gowns on. My friend was still wearing her wedding dress!! 

One last mouthwatering thing I ate over the weekend was pumpkin pie cheesecake. I'm no longer a cheesecake lover, but after eating this, I don't see how anyone could eat any other kind of cheesecake. The groom's mother made it for rehearsal dinner, and uh ... Krysi, I'm gonna need that recipe. ;)

I think part of the reason I've shared some of these details about the wedding weekend was because I don't want to forget what a fantastic weekend it was. Although the decorator did drop the ball in a huge way, it was incredibly rewarding to see how much everyone else's hard work came together for that night. I couldn't be prouder to have been a part of it, just as I couldn't be happier for two of the best people I know. They were worth every second of everything leading up to that day, and I'd do it all over again for them.

--That was kinda mushy mushy, wasn't it? I'm not big on having feelings, but that weekend, MAN. I was full of them. It could be that the alcohol helped those along, haha.

Sorry for this long-ass post. Friday's will be a nice short one, though. See you when I get back from New York! :)


  1. Okay, that just sounds like an amazing weekend, and clutch the pearls, those fabulous shoes!! WANT. Partybruise is crazy smexy too, especially with your top coat combo--that shine is flipping AWESOME.

    1. Oh, Elizabeth, it was SO MUCH FUN. And those shoes were just ... ugh, I die. I need them in every color! I have a feeling you would enjoy the Floss Gloss line. Let me know if I can pick up any colors for you! <3

  2. Your nails are so perfect. Ugh I want mine to look like yours. -L.

  3. First off, Party Bruise? I need for the name alone, everyone had had a party bruise right?

    And I love me some Fireball, will have to try that concoction! And applepie moonshine sound amazing!

    And yes to pumpkin pie cheesecake! I've made a low fat version that is outta this world! I LOVE pumpkin pie, and I LOVE cheesecake, so it seems a no brainer to combine them!

    1. Okay, but you TOTALLY need BritBrit 2000! ;)

      Those drinks were ON POINT. I really used to not like Fireball until we went to Kentucky, LOL, and then I was like, "YES! PUT IT IN ALL THE SHOTS!" (Additionally, we also discovered Fireball + Mike's hard lemonade = yummmmmm.)

      That cheesecake haunts me in my dreams. You've gotta send me the low fat recipe, I have to try it before winter comes! Please?


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