Thursday, October 17, 2013

NEW: Formula X for Sephora Mr. Positivity (+ more NYC!)

Before I get to the good stuff, here are the rest of my New York photos.

Manhattan: A view from Roosevelt Island

A blustery, rainy Monday afternoon view of Manhattan from the Roosevelt Island tram

Another tram shot.
My pistachio eclair from Maison Kayser. It was THE BUSINESS.

I even made a new kitty friend.

(I still don't like cats.)

It's a Nutmeg!

My favorite picture of my sister's little derp nugget

Does she remind you of anyone?

She's so dumb, but she just wants to love you.
Take it from me, it's really hard to not love her back.

My sister's meanie cat, Boomer. Not my kitty friend. Or anyone's, really.

What's a trip to New York without a Broadway show? My first Broadway show since 2009 and my sister's first Broadway show since moving to New York was this:

I was really excited because we'd bought the tickets, oh, probably a week before my friend's wedding last month. Then during the weekend of the wedding, what should I find sitting on the mantel of my room but another Daniel Wallace novel? It was fate. (It was!)

I won't mince words. Unless you're a fan of director Susan Stroman or lead actor Norbert Leo Butz (he's pretty great), SKIP THIS MUSICAL. I basically apologized to my sister after we left the theater because it was ... not good. Visually, it was lovely. The cast and the band were great. Everything else was quite disappointing.

I've never read the Daniel Wallace novel, but I love the 2003 Tim Burton movie. I'm going to go ahead and say it: "Big Fish" was the last good movie Tim Burton's done! I didn't always like it. In fact, the first time I watched it, I felt it was a little too on the nose. But three years later, I had to watch it in a college film class (which I aced, tyvm) and I changed my mind about it, thanks to my professor.

Anyway, in the movie, you get a really great sense of the scope and grandeur of fantasy and a touch of the Southern Gothic genre. In the musical? Not so much. They promised it, but ultimately didn't deliver. The characters were caricatures, and you never got a sense of what made Edward Bloom so very, well ... Edward Bloom-ish, and worthy of your attention as well as redemption in the eyes of his son (whose portrayal in the musical was the woooorst). The songs also were rather generic -- they weren't memorable at all, and my sister and I kept telling ourselves we could have written better lyrics! There were at least two numbers that could have been inserted into any other musical, and didn't truly seem like they belonged specifically to the world of "Big Fish." The book itself came across a little Paint By Numbers, Broadway Edition, which was weird because the same guy adapted the screenplay. I mean, there's a reason I'm not a theater critic, but I know a good thing when I stumble upon one, and "Big Fish" was not good. I was feeling really salty on the way to dinner after the show, and told my sister that at some points, it felt like the creative team tried to write a show based around the daffodil scene and FAILED.

Moving on.

A gorgeous evening in Times Square

My 6:15 a.m. train back to RVA

Some light travel reading ... definitely not your average biography.
Not sure whether that's good or bad yet.

And of course ... I bought some polish.

Let's take a closer peek into this Sephora bag ...

Okay, now that I've got your attention. ;) I deposited cash at the Chanel counter at the Bloomie's on 59th Street (my sister and I also got snacks at the Forty Carrots on the seventh floor -- HELLO, pumpkin froyo!), a Ricky's and a Sephora in the Flatiron District and finally at Inglot in Times Square. The first thing I made a beeline for at Sephora was the Marc Jacobs polish display, but I didn't see anything that was calling my name for the price. However, there was an ENORMOUS new display of Formula X for Sephora polishes, and I bought three of them.

Say hello to Mr. Positivity, the second Formula X polish I could not put down. It actually reminded me a lot of ALU's Our Tips Are Tealed from her FingerPaints collaboration, only the Formula X polish was what I wanted Our Tips Are Tealed to be. I didn't care for the shimmer in Our Tips Are Tealed when I saw it in person, which is why it was sorta crazy to me that I didn't want to leave the store without Mr. Positivity.

Three coats with one coat of Gelous under SV.

Hmmm, yes. Very beautiful, yes.

I cannot get over how much I love this polish -- it's definitely 2013 Top 20 material. It's definitely a green teal, pretty close to a Pantone emerald. And look at the sparkle! I wouldn't call this a glass fleck based on the size and density of the microglitter particles, but they wouldn't shine as brightly as they do without the jelly base. Basically, it's the Pantone emerald version of a Ruby Pumps sparkle party.

Formula-wise, this was pretty perfect. I'd recommend three coats for maximum sparkle, coverage and opacity, but you can stop at two if you prefer. The brush on this Formula X polish was very easy to work with, not quite paddle/ProWide, but more like a Chanel brush with a longer bristle. The cap comes apart from the brush, just like most high end brand bottles (think: a blend between Chanel's and butter LONDON's). The polish dried quickly on the nail, however, it dried gritty, so you might want to double up on top coat or try to smooth it out with a coat of Gelous before top coat, as I did. I've been wearing it for two days, and the wear has been awesome: I haven't had any chipping or tip wear yet. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this polish DIDN'T stain like a mofo, but I'll make sure to report back to you when I remove it.

The Formula X for Sephora line is a brand new, Sephora-exclusive line that consists of over 200 polishes in about every color and finish you could want. Mr. Positivity is part of the line's "Luster" group; the "Luster" polishes are touted as "full-coverage glitters," but each Luster polish contains a different size of glitter. Mr. Positivity's glitter particles, for example, are small than Catalyst's. The Formula X Lusters retail for $12.50, which might be kinda hefty, but this was worth it to me. 

Signing off until tomorrow, but what do you guys think of Mr. Positivity and/or the new Formula X line? I might be excited for Formula X because it's so new, and maybe because the display made me pick up my jaw from the floor, but if the two other polishes I picked up are as good as Mr. Positivity, color me impressed! Also, I'll sloooooooowly be posting the rest of my NYC purchases, but if you saw something in the Sephora bag photo that piqued your interest, holler at me. And if you want to tell my sister and me how cute her cats are, go right ahead. ;)

Lastly, is anyone else a lover of the "Big Fish" movie? I actually watched it last night with my dad, and he liked it a lot. Maybe Albert Finney, Robert Guillaume ("That's Benson!") and the '66 Charger sealed the deal, IDK, but he got pretty into it. :) Like I said, it's a shame the musical doesn't live up to its own expectations.

P.S. Thanks to my sister for hosting me last week! New York, I'll be back next year. There are more shows to see, and much, much more shopping to be done (... which makes me appreciate how much work Amy of Gotham Polish puts into her blog. It's my NYC polish shopping Bible, and a fantastic resource overall).


  1. That is a beautiful polish! I'm excited to get to Sephora to see this brand in person for myself. I'll definitely check this one out!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! OMG, you need to go there next week. That display is INSANE.

  2. You know I love the cats. I also love this polish. And Big Fish, and I definitely agree that it is the last good Tim Burton movie.

    1. 2013, man. We agree on so many things. I love it.

  3. Heyyyy what else was in the bag??? That Sephora X is pretty, I don't think I have anything emerald green....because I focus so much on purple, and blue, in holo finish. I have one Sephora X, called Fierce, purple neon, which I got from eBay but haven't used. I haven't been to Sephora since before the clearance, so I've not seen the new line did seem like a pretty comprehensive collection of colors and finishes. They sent an interesting crazy-folding ad in the mail recently, for the X line, as well.

    1. I'll blog them ... slowly! Any one of those bottles/boxes catch your eye?

      You need this! It's a little more teal than, say, ChG Emerald Sparkle, which makes it Pantone emerald perfect. I don't like holos, but it may be because I haven't found THE ONE yet, kwim? Anyway, I did get that flyer last week, which was kind of funny to me since I'd been to Sephora already. :)

  4. Big Fish is such a fantastic movie, but I cried SO much afterwards! I watched it with my now-husband and we hadn't been dating very long, so when I got all emotional, I had to go hide in the bathroom and sob into a towel. He finally got worried and stuck his head in and found me in the midst of a full-on sob session. UGH, so embarrassing! However, the movie was truly fantastic and struck such a chord in me, I just fell apart. It's my favorite Tim Burton movie, by far. However, I can't watch it too often because it makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

    1. Rachel!!! How the heck are you??? It's so good to hear from you!

      Aw, haha. This was one of the last movies I talked about with a friend before he passed, so I cried like you did the first time I saw it after his passing. The story didn't do anything for me at 16, but at 26, it sure did ... as Jenny said, it turns out 10 years WAS a big difference! Thanks for sharing that with me. :)


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