Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Long Haul: October 2013

Long time, no post, but ... blah blah blah real life, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I don't have anything scary to blog today ... except for the sum total of dollars I've dropped on nail polish this month. No lie, it's hair raising.

This is probably the worst and biggest monthly haul I've had in ages. In all honesty, I had been saving up for a few of these purchases, so they weren't total surprises, but there were one too many instances of "OH I'LL JUST RUN INTO THE DRUGSTORE, WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN" ... when in fact, things DID happen.

The rules: If I bought other items at one store along with polish, I won't include the tax, just the total amount I spent on polish. Additionally, swaps or anything I bought as a gift for someone else won't figure into this and won't count. I also will edit this blog entry to reflect the true numbers in case I buy something that wasn't recorded at the time of the original posting.

Notes: Now you know what I bought while I was in New York! If you want me to blog any, let me know -- I might be able to squeeze a couple in next month before I go into full-on Christmas mode.

OCTOBER 2: RGB haul - TOTAL: $72 (free shipping + 20% off order for ordering Tropic)
  • Cobalt - $18
  • Copper - $18
  • Fuchsia - $18
  • Pool - $18
  • Tropic - $18

OCTOBER 2: Wags run - TOTAL: $7.35
  • Sinful Colors Opening Night - $1.50
  • Sinful Colors Silver Screen - $1.50
  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Disturbia - $1.99
  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Sea Ya' Soon - $1.99

OCTOBER 2: Walmart stop - TOTAL: $9.96
  • Salon Perfect Ivy League - $3.98
  • Salon Perfect Playful Plum - $3.98
  • Tweets Nail Color CUIMD - $1
  • Tweets Nail Color YCMU - $1

OCTOBER 7: Chanel counter, Bloomie's - TOTAL: $58.79
  • Chanel Mysterious - $27
  • Chanel Taboo - $27

OCTOBER 8: Ricky's - TOTAL: $20.13 (CC Halo deducted, but NYC tax included)
  • Color Club Halographic - $4.99 (gift)
  • NCLA Dirty Martini - $11.99 (sale!)
  • RickyColor Post No Bills - $6.50

OCTOBER 8: Sephora, Flatiron District - TOTAL: $36.50
  • Formula X Danger Zone - $10.50
  • Formula X Mr. Positivity - $12.50
  • Formula X Pedal to the Metal - $10.50
  • Sephora Don't Look Back (x2) - $2 (clearance!)
  • Sephora Girls Want Tenderness - $1 (clearance!)

OCTOBER 8: Inglot visit - TOTAL: $32.66
  • 042 - $10
  • 851 - $10
  • 983 - $10

OCTOBER 17: RBL haul (used $2 off in RBL points) - TOTAL: $98
  • Coquette - $20
  • Fire Queen - $20
  • Lotus Elise - $20
  • Reveillon - $20
  • Scrangie 2.0 - $20

OCTOBER 18: HARE restock - TOTAL: $43.25
  • Bisbee 2.0 - $10
  • Flight of the Flamingos - $10
  • Neon Palm - $10
  • Test Your Love - $10

OCTOBER 18: CVS run - TOTAL: $8.98
  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wavy Blue - $4.99
  • Wet n Wild ATTEN Hut! - $3.99

OCTOBER 22: Laura Mercier Bewitched - TOTAL: $18.95


OCTOBER 26: Ulta haul, 20% off coupon + Zoya B2G1 - TOTAL: $27.26
  • Nicole by OPI Am I Making Myself Claire? - $3.99 (clearance)
  • Nicole by OPI My Jay or the Highway - $3.99 (clearance)
  • OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest - $9
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Private I - $1.09 (clearance)
  • Zoya Flynn - $8
  • Zoya Hunter - $8
  • Zoya Vanessa - $8

OCTOBER 26: Wags run - TOTAL: $3.13
  • Sinful Colors Nova - $0.99
  • Sinful Colors Pine Away - $0.99
  • Sinful Colors Purple Heart - $0.99

OCTOBER 26: CVS run, $4 off $20 coupon - TOTAL: $16.98
  • Essie Cashmere Bathrobe - $8.49
  • Essie Sable Collar - $8.49

OCTOBER 27: Rite Aid run - TOTAL: $8.54
  • Julie G Sleigh Ride - $3.99
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black & Blue - $4.55 (reg. $7.59, SH on sale 40% off)

2013 TOTAL: $2092.62

While I don't regret being able to pick up a bunch of those polishes, that number scares me a LOT in the sense of "GUUUUUUURL. Way to be responsible with your money." HOWEVER!, like the Cylons in "Battlestar Galactica," I have A Plan. (It will be revealed at the end of the year. And it won't suck.)

Coming in November 2013: I buy all the Christmas polishes.


  1. I will be waiting for you plan to be revealed! You have inspired my to be more financially responsible, and to keep track of how much I spend on polish! I'm afraid I might be shocked!

    1. Thanks for leaving me this sweet comment, Patrice! Let me know how your end works out. I can't wait to share my plans with y'all. :)

  2. Holy shit Batman! I see a lot of high end (hello Taboo *SWOON!!* and Scrangie 2.0!), also spotted OPI Every Month....girl, how have you not owned that one before?!?

    I'm dying to know what the ebay lemming is!! And what the eff are you doing buying all these textures and not wearing them?!?

    1. Yup ... I FINALLY got them! IDK, I think that's the only OPI Germany I have. That collection was pretty bleh to me for some reason.

      I know, I know ... but I'm wearing a texture RIGHT NOW! And I love it!

  3. I went super nuts in Sept and Oct. that didn't change today since 11/1 was preorder for ILoveNP and KB Shimmer too I think (I just went with ILNP, and dang Amanda Hugginkiss sold out on their site so I went to Etsy for it, she will combo my orders and refund shipping, so nice!)

    I do track on a spreadsheet. Occasionally I total the price column, then pretend I didn't see that number and delete it. My 2013 is more than yours. I think I need to stop buying all the purple holos I see....I may not have them all, but I have most of them. Argh!!

    1. LOLOLOL "Amanda Hugginkiss" that's so great. I'm glad you were able to get your order combined. :D

      It's cool to know that someone else is tracking their spending, too -- maybe next year we should be accountability buddies! Dude, there was a week in October where I bought THREE copper metallic polishes in one week. So I feel you.

    2. I don't see anything wrong with 3 copper metallic polishes in one week (half my ILNP order was purple holos)...soooo....I may not be a very good accountability buddy....LOL!

      I *had* to buy a purple holo called Amanda Hugginkiss...that was fate, since that's my first name (shhhh!). But my last name is not Hugginkiss. :D Maybe I could change my name to Amanda Purpleholo?

    3. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure every other thing I buy will be some shade of gold or red. So there's that, haha.

      Amanda Purpleholo is a good handle. I approve. (Though, to quote "Wong Foo," my approval is neither desired nor required)

  4. Ooh I also want to know what the ebay lemming is! I haven't bought any polishes in about two months, and I've only done it because I've been staying off polish blogs so I'm not tempted by swatches of any new stuff! I've been attempting to shop my own collection, which has actually been pretty fun. Although Christmas is coming up, so I feel like my no-buy might be broken soon...

    1. Two months? Whoa, you're doing awesome! :D I've acquired nearly all the Christmas polishes I want/need at the moment, so unless something goes on mega sale, I think I'm pretty much done.

  5. "HOWEVER!"...lmao I love the idea to keep such good track of our nail purchases! And I am scratching my head at some of these acronyms...such a noooob ♥


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