Friday, November 22, 2013


Technically, that's tomorrow. I'm not going to get to see it, but I'm not even upset about that. Is that weird? Does that make me a bad fan?

Would it make me an even worse fan if I said that perhaps the show should go on a year's hiatus and/or get a new showrunner to refresh itself? Moffat wrote some great episodes in the past, but I'm ready for his era to be over. I've heard different rumors regarding the appearances of previous Doctors and I'm not sure what to expect. So this special makes me a little more scared than excited, I'm afraid.

But 50 years is nothing to sneeze at. Neither is this:

Two? Three? coats with NYC Grand Central Station. (I can't remember, sorry!)

Song was released last fall as part of Zoya's Diva collection and it's perfect all around. I LOVE the shimmer. This is SUPER pigmented -- you really only need two coats -- *and* it doesn't smell like blue! (I feel like I should have a tag for that.) It does stain a little upon removal, though. I did have some flooding issues, but that's because I went too heavy loading up the brush.


Yes. Donna was my favorite Nu!Who companion, 
but I'm also partial to Alex Kingston's character because I loved her on "ER."

But thennnnnnnnnnnn I remembered I had these super old NerdLacquers sitting around, and I couldn't NOT do this:

Two coats of the NerdLacquer layered over the Zoya + 1 coat of Gelous and NYC Grand Central Station.

It almost looks like a little galaxy on the nail, doesn't it? My bottle of this Nerd is a pretty old one. I don't know if Amanda changed the formulation a little bit in the newer versions, but mine is too sheer to wear on its own, hence the layering. My Nerds have a little whiff of chemicals about them -- again, I'm not sure if this has changed in the newer versions, but IIRC, Nerds were made with some non-B3F ingredients at the time I purchased mine. This dried flat with Gelous and top coat, and although I removed this after swatching, I'm confident that it would have lasted a few days.

I Think You Call Me ... Sexy was part of the NerdLacquer "Madman With A Box" trio. Its name comes from the Series 6 episode penned by Neil Gaiman ... an episode I did not particularly care for at the time. (My opinion has not changed.) Unfortunately, if you want this (or any Nerds), you are SOL. That's all I'm gonna say. --That, and troll every blog sale you can find.

I'm quite pleased with this layering combo. What do you think? Perfect for "Doctor Who"? Perfect even without association? Will you be watching the special tomorrow? And of course ... who's your favorite Doctor? Old!Who or Nu!Who, I'd love to hear it. (My favorite Old!Who = probably Four, then Eight. Nu!Who = NINE NINE NINE.)

I think this might have been the shortest TV-related post I've ever written, but I'm so tired. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back on Monday! Have a lovely weekend, all.

P.S. I met Colin Baker (Six) at New York Comic Con back in 2009. He was very sweet.
P.P.S. Now if I could meet Eight ... *dies* (*regenerates*)


  1. awww i was hoping for some DW gifs! Especially of the Tenth doctor. Typical, but he's my favorite. I can't wait for the episode tomorrow!
    I love this, though. I Think You Call Me...Sexy and Song seem like they were made for each other :)

    1. Thanks! You would've gotten some .gifs if I hadn't been writing this post on four hours of sleep. ;) I loved Ten when he started, and he was pretty great, but between RTD's dumb tropes and Tennant's tendency to be a ham, I was over it pretty quickly. (Just my opinion.)

      I hope you enjoyed the special! I heard lovely things. I'll see if it's on OnDemand next time I visit my boyfriend.

  2. You can't watch the special live, you mean? I grew up with DW playing on PBS in my house (we didn't have cable so that was one of like six channels we got), so I'm partial to #4 Tom Baker. I'm surprised to hear you like #8 Paul McGann and #9 Christopher Eccleston and Donna. Just b/c the younger-therefore-"more-attractive" folks like #10 David Tennant, #11 Matt Smith and Rose/Amy seems so much more popular with everybody. So I was surprised when they announced the new guy #12 Peter Capaldi, seemed to be headed away from that younger-therefore-more-attractive thing.... :O

    Since we watch BBC America so much (we love Top Gear), and it's been all DW all week, I realize I've seen parts of more episodes than I realized. I', watching the latest season that is running this morning before the big special simulcast thing this afternoon. I'm surprised as much as we watch sci fi that we don't watch this, we just finished Battlestar Galactica (we're sometimes late to the party with stuff like that and Firefly, meanwhile we were rabid Farscape fans during the time it aired and that seems to have fewer fans). Maybe someday we'll pick DW up.

    1. Yep, PBS is the only way I remember watching some of them. I don't have much recollection of what was actually happening, so I'm glad the series made a comeback when it did. :)

      Eight was? is? played by an actor who was in the Horatio Hornblower series and I will basically stan for any Hornblower alum because that series was perfect. ;) I did think Ten was a little hottie when he started, but RTD started getting *way* too into tropes by Series 3 and Tennant has a tendency to be a little too much of a ham for me. I enjoyed the gravitas Nine brought to the role. I also really liked Eleven when he started! I was hoping they would cast a non-white actor as the next Doctor, but Capaldi is an excellent choice and I'm curious to see what he does with the role. (Capaldi = always f****ing Malcolm Tucker to me, heh.)

      As for the new companions ... they all have a place in my heart, but Donna was so great to me because she had a very strong personality and wasn't mooning over the Doctor like the other companions tended to (Rose, Martha, Amy, I don't know about Clara yet because I'm behind).

      Yo. I *loved* "Farscape." Crichton was such a babe, and Claudia Black/Aeryn was everything. That Peacekeeper War special killed me! And "BSG" was my life until the last season.

    2. Ah that explains the interest in 8. And I understand what you're saying about Donna with strong personality and not mooning over the Doctor, heck she was supposed to get married when she left/came back or something right? So that kind of confuses me b/c of that with Donna, and with Rose I caught where her mom was screaming about her being gone for a they couldn't come back in between trips, or come back to when they left? Yet that seems to be what was done for Clara, she was brought back to the same general time to keep being a nanny to those awful kids. I did get through the 2013 episodes that aired right before the big special, and the special was pretty good, I thought. I forgot to check on imdb to see what the die-hards thought, maybe they didn't like it.

    3. Yeah! Martha and Donna had their own lives and interests away from the Doctor. I remember being okay with how Martha's journey on the series ended, but Donna's was just DEVASTATING to me. Holy God. Ugh. I liked Rose, but every time they brought her back to the show took away from her goodbye arc, if that makes sense.

      Don't know what the IMDB die-hards thought, but did you watch "An Adventure In Space and Time"? I heard that was even better than the special.

  3. You know my feelings on Doctor Who (I just can't with it, except that episode about Agatha Christie because I am here for Ag Chris, always) but this really gorgeous. Although if they wanna cast Idris Elba as the Doctor, I will watch every episode. Multiple times. (Or Lucy Liu. Around the time the casting for "Elementary" came out and people were complaining about casting an ASIAN WOMAN as Watson, someone on Tumblr made a graphic that imposed Lucy Liu's face on all the pictures of white dudes that Tumblr fandom worships and it was the best thing ever, Lucy Liu as every white man you've ever loved.)

    1. Looovvvve Idris Elba, so I second this :D And I didn't know about the Lucy Liu Tumblr thing, that is funny, take that people. I would say Elementary is one of my faves right now. I have gotten thru first season of the Cumberbatch Sherlock, need to get through season two (which I've already picked up on a big spoiler I guess) so I can watch season 3 on PBS.

      When the regeneration into Matt Smith happened, he did not seem to want to be a girl! I wonder if that will ever happen, a female Doctor..

    2. Dude, that episode was great because the AC actress and David Tennant have pretty good chemistry (in my eyes, at least).

      OH MAN. I remember when all that went down ... that Lucy Liu graphic is a thing of beauty. (Lucy Liu is a thing of beauty, period.) Tumblr fans are so ridiculous sometimes, I can't even.

      I bought "Pacific Rim" yesterday for $7 for #TeamHotDad.

  4. Awwww I loved that special but then again I love David Tennant. He is so yummy with his long streak of nothing self lmaooooooooooo. Pretty Mani, Rach. -Landa

    1. Oh, he was qt. But it was a little distracting for me after a whlie, LOL. I heard the special was likeable (sorry, I hate Moffat), but "An Adventure In Space and Time" was AMAZING. So now of course I want to watch that!!

      Thank you! <3


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