Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Essie Beyond Cozy & Friendsgiving 2013

Tomorrow is all about giving thanks (unless you are Jewish, in which case you get to do that AND celebrate Hanukkah!). This year, I've got a lot to be thankful for. But this post is about four things on that list:
  1. My friends, even though we live too damn far away from each other
  2. The car my dad let me borrow to see said friends
  3. My nail polish friends
  4. B (and Sterling Meowlory Archer)

Apparently every other person on my Facebook feed went to a Friendsgiving dinner last weekend (on Saturday, if you want to be specific). I happen to think that the dinner I went to at my friend Krysi's house was the best, but I'm biased. That woman is the hostess with the mostest, I swear to God.

More on that later ... nails first! I've been wanting Essie Beyond Cozy for forever, and it came to me last week in a surprise nail mail package from my buddy Janice. As soon as I unwrapped it from its bubble wrap, I knew I was going to wear it to Friendsgiving! The name was too perfect, because that's pretty much how a holiday season *should* feel, and I am not really feeling it right now. Also, this is GOOOOOOOLD. Have I mentioned I loved gold polish?

Wow, these pictures. Just call me DryHands McGhee -- ah, November.

Three coats with one coat of Gelous + NYC Grand Central Station.

This almost looks like a texture polish, doesn't it? I'd read that Beyond Cozy was seriously dense ... boy, was it EVER. I was good to go in two coats! (I used three for the usual reasons.) I adore the mixture of platinum and gold and champagne -- it's just insanely fitting for the holidays.

The only real merpy thing about this polish is that it dried gritty, even with Gelous and top coat! After wearing this for four days, though, I got over it. The wear was nearly perfect. I say "nearly" because I got two huge chips on my right index finger, but that finger is prone to chips. That's okay, though.

Beyond Cozy is from last winter's Leading Lady collection; I own Butler Please and blogged Leading Lady last year. It's core at Ulta now, and super easy to find online, so go for it!

Friendsgiving was great! Krysi finally got to break out the fancy dinnerware she'd gotten as wedding gifts, so that was fun. The drive was okay -- I was more excited to get somewhere for a "holiday" than I have in years! -- although, I didn't get to her house as early as I'd wanted to and therefore I didn't have time to make the side dish I'd wanted to make, but it turned out that was probably for the best because LOOK. AT. THIS. SPREAD.

Credit: Blurry (but comprehensive!) phone snap by my friend Phil

You can start throwing things at me when I tell you there were FIVE OF US eating that. I know. Piggies. But everything was delicious, and I'm already scoping out dishes to make next year. I've become increasingly ambivalent about Thanksgiving proper as I've gotten older and I'm feeling pretty displaced these days, so I don't feel at home in a lot of places ... but hanging out with these gals feels like home. (I get that feeling at B's sometimes, too, especially if I'm snuggling with Mr. Meowmeow.) I know I'm chasing some sad, weird holiday sentiment, but it's something I really need right now and if a glittery gold polish will help me get there, then why not wear it, right?


    1. Replies
      1. Thank you! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too. :)

    2. Love the idea of Friendsgiving! I'm not on the US so we don't celebrate but I love the sentiment! Also, gorgeous bling bling mani!!

      1. Aw, thank you! It was wonderful. My friend's coworkers were convinced she'd made up the term "friendsgiving," but I find that here in the U.S. it's becoming more of a thing every year -- at least, among the people I know and definitely on the lifestyle/art blogosphere.

    3. Wow, your friend Krysi really threw down in the kitchen this year! *salivates* haha And I love this golden polish. I need more Essie in my life! Hopefully, you make great Thanksgiving dishes next year and get that perfect cozy holiday with loved ones, too.

      1. She didn't do all these dishes (I think she did everything except both salads and the green bean casserole), but she had been working on that turkey earlier in the week!

        You leave such sweet comments. Thank you! I hope your Thanksgiving was everything you wished for me. :)


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