Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum

Well, would you get a load of this? I posted yesterday freaking out about how I didn't know when my next post would go up, only to luck into some unexpected swatch time! I got two posts done ... I was hoping to get four done, but I'll take this. This is progress.

So, Cuprum! This polish was my NOTWeekend last weekend ... which turned into my NOTLastFiveDays because my life is so ridiculous right now.

I put this on Thursday night before bed, then woke up on Friday morning to do a whole bunch of stuff. Here are the highlights of my weekend:
  • The lowlight = getting the tags off my car and cleaning it one last time before it got towed to the salvage yard. I may have cried a little. And I may have apologized to it. I was ... emotional.
  • I finally went for a checkup. My last one was four years ago. Oops. But I got a badly-needed prescription, so yay.
  • I got approved for a car loan.
  • It was my boyfriend's birthday, and Krysi made him an awesome cake. (Crappy pics later!)
  • I tried Ommegang's Take the Black "Game of Thrones"-inspired stout, and I loved it.
  • B and I had a good time at fancy steak dinner on Saturday. I wanted to slip the pianist $10 to play the theme from "Cheers," but I chickened out. Next time!
  • I caught up on "Sleepy Hollow," "The Mindy Project" and "American Horror Story: Coven." Ryan Murphy is a troll of the highest order, but damn if I didn't get sucked into "Coven."
  • I got some things in the RBL 50% off sale. I have some mixed thoughts on that sale, but those thoughts are for another day.

I was so dead. But my nails looked so great! My dude really likes blue, and the only blue I had to wear was this pair of earrings I hadn't actually worn since buying them in May. And then I thought maybe Cuprum would be a good match for them.

Not an exact match, but ... eh. Close enough. (Oh, and the earrings are Amrita Singh via TJ Maxx. I *think* they were $12.99.)

Three coats with SV.

I guess the best place to start with Cuprum is by saying that it was someone's dream color (Neeta's, to be exact) and my instinct is to not say anything that isn't good about it. At the same time, I can't just post this and not say what I gotta say, so ...

What Cuprum has going for it:
  • Amazing color -- pretty much what I imagine copper sulfate would look like! The finish is a smooth metallic chrome that stops just short of becoming frosty. It's perfect.
  • Good application and dry time
  • Great wear. I had this on for five days with no chips and average tip wear.

And what I didn't like:
  • The formula was thinner, not as pigmented, and more watery than other RBLs I've used. I know I'm a compulsive three-coater, but three coats typically aren't par for the course with this brand.
  • The copper microglitter particles were barely visible. BOO-URNS! I adore copper, so I had hoped this would more closely resemble the particles in RBL Halcyon/butter LONDON Two Fingered Salute (which are not dupes, btw). Not so much with Cuprum! What's the point of including those particles if you can't see them? If you want to see those particles, you're going to have to make like Mr. John Thornton at Helstone and look hard. (Of course, you'll be looking for copper particles, not flowers in the hedgerow. But I think I've made my point. *swoon* Armitage, you life ruiner, you.)

After five days, I wound up rather liking Cuprum, but if I absolutely had to part with it, I would be okay with it. If I had to part with, say, RBL Iconoclast? Things would get ugly. But Cuprum can stay in my Helmer ... until, of course, I find a polish that matches those earrings WAY better. ;)

Cuprum was part of RBL's first Fan Collection from Spring 2012. I believe it sold out last weekend due to the 50% off sale, so see if you can swap for it or buy it on a blog sale.

Before I go, check out some awful pictures of the tasty, TASTY cake my friend Krysi whipped up for my boyfriend. His favorite cake and ice cream flavor is mint chocolate, so two years ago I started giving him a mint chocolate birthday cake; I got my baker friend Jennifer to make one two years ago, and I made this How Sweet Eats loaf last year. This year, I wanted to branch out and try something a little different. So we did.

I think I could've done without the almonds in the end. Or I should have roasted them first. :/ But he loves almonds, so I was going for a trifecta of win. Ah, well. Two outta three ain't bad.

What recipe was this, you ask? It's actually a combination of two recipes Krysi found online that we both liked. The chocolate genoise was Martha Stewart, while both the whipped filling and the ganache were Joy the Baker. This tasted AWESOME. I've heard there will be a chocolate genoise with Bavarian frosting filling in my very near future, so I'll let you know how that turns out.

To end, here is everybody's favorite, Sterling Meowlory Archer, waiting impatiently for his next mouthful of pumpkin pie yogurt.

Thanks for reading! I've got one more post coming tomorrow, so check back for that.


  1. Life is full of little surprises hahaha And it's so cute that your cat likes pumpkin pie yogurt! This RBL shade looks so pretty. My husband loves blue and I think this shade would look good on me. I have to check out RBL! Also, gimme that cake!!!

    1. He LOVES yogurt. He'll come running as soon as he sees you get it from the refrigerator, and he likes every flavor you can get at Kroger. :) I think this shade would look good on you, too.

  2. Love this color!! and the little surprise flakies!
    congrats on getting approved for the car loan. i have to car shop in the spring and i'm not looking forward to it. I hope it kind of balanced out the cleaning out of your old car. I've been down that road about 4 times :x It's rough.
    also, happy birthday, b!

    1. Thank you! I hope your search goes well next spring -- I'm totally dreading this process, too.

      He said to thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

  3. Hooray on the approval of the car loan and hope to see you before the end of 2014. I love that blue ... it's very awesome! You got fancy with the cake. :)

    1. It IS awesome! I hope to see you soon. I might be around during New Year, but I'll give you a heads up. :) Let me know what your schedule is like!

  4. I had to clean my car out and was depressed for 3 days afterwards,even though we had made the decision a few months before that. I'm glad you got approved though! Major congrats! I suggest Milani Breezi for matching the earrings. It's lighter than Cuprum but still all shiny and pretty. I found mine at the Dollar Tree.

    1. Ugh, I feel like someone died. I totally get it.

      Thanks! I actually do own that polish and tried it ... but it was too sheer, and a little too green. However, layered over a-england Order of the Garter, it was PERFECT.

  5. So you know how I said I bought Cuprum this weekend....well I'm *preettty* sure that I bought a dupe on Mon of some Gap color with the word ocean in it. I swear, I'm pretty sure it's a dupe....we'll see soon.

    Anywhoo, this looks great on you and that cake looks great.

    But I kinda, can't believe your still watching Sleepy Hollow. Eh....I watched maybe 3 episodes, but I can't stand the girl....what's her name, Maggie or something? She's terrible...terrible!! But I did sorta have a crush on Ichabod. Personally, I'm into Dracula (and Reign which I'm kinda embarrassed about....).

    1. Oooh, blog that one day! :-P

      DUDE. I LOVE "Sleepy Hollow"!!! Ichabod is such a dreamboat, I can't. I tried "Dracula" but it was just too ridiculous for me ... I'm almost caught up on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," though!

  6. I'm so glad you got your loan! That blue looks great on you, even if the copper pieces don't show up that much.

    Speaking of The Armitage, I'm pretty sure I was introduced to North and South from one of your posts, so thank you for that :)

    1. Thank you, Ashley!

      And ohhhhhh yeahhhhh. That man is the sexiest dwarf I've ever seen.

  7. Great color! If Angie is correct that it is a dupe for that Gap color, awesome b/c I have that one.

    I am liking Mindy Project a lot (tho this week's episide was bleh). I've recorded American Horror Story Coven, but I can't bring myself to start watching it.

    I feel your pain on that car moment, that happened for us back in January. Ironically enough my husband got hit on a warm sunny day (thank goodness he was completely ok!). Just days later when we needed to clean it out, it was a crazy snow storm. We were very emotional, had put so much time and money into that car (and had just recently paid it off). :S

    1. "Mindy" is such a hit or miss sometimes. (But I'll still watch it.)

      Oh no! That's awful. I'm glad your husband was okay, though.


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