Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gift of Fab: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava (and decidedly less fab news)

Remember that time I didn't really blog for a couple of weeks?

You guys, shit got real. I've had some family and work dramz going on since September, and then after voting at the polls last Tuesday, I got in my first car accident. P.S. It was my fault. Sigh.

It sucked balls ... big, hairy ones.* I'm physically OK, but yesterday I got some bad news: My car was declared a total loss (the other car was declared totaled ON THE SPOT), with the cost of repairs being approximately 2/3 of what it's worth. I cried about this like a dumb baby over the phone to my boyfriend while he was on his way to work, and I mean, it happens to everybody, but it still blows. I loved my car and it had been through a LOT with me in the four years I'd been driving it. My dad is letting me use an extra car of his until I can get a new one, but I have No. Idea. how to begin to go about the car shopping process. While I have some resources, I don't know if what I have is enough to get a reliable, used vehicle in, say, three or four months. So there's that. Yay, adulthood!

The accident also majorly freaked me out because (1) of all the places I could have gotten into an accident, ofc it had to happen where my parents live, and (2) luckily neither the other driver nor I were hurt, but I realized I have no protocol in place to notify my boyfriend or several of my good internet buddies in case of more, um, emergency situations. I figure my RL friends would get the wind of any news one way or another, but it would take a little longer for said news to reach B (and Sterling Meowlory Archer) should something serious happen to me. And that would be sad, because I love them very much.

Hey, have I ever mentioned that sometimes I'm really neurotic? :/

Anyway, I've been doing my nails and taking pictures of them when I can, but by the end of the day, the only thing I want to do to unwind is watch TV on DVD or online. I can't seem to concentrate enough or muster the energy to do much else. Frankly speaking, the accident was like the cherry on top of a shit sundae, and I was super grumpy about it for a couple of days. Now I'm just resigned to being anxious and a little depressed. As a result, my "ER" Season Four rewatch was a bigger priority to me last week than blogging, and I'm sorry.

Let me start by showing you what was on my nails on that ~fateful Election Morn. (I don't know why I get so dramatic sometimes, I swear.)

Three? Four? coats with Gelous + NYC Grand Central Station.

I never would have thought to pick up this polish for myself, but it was gifted to me back in September from my friend Danielle (my Twitter book club partner) along with five other polishes and a gorgeous coffee sleeve she crocheted (I'll have to show it to you later). I'm super glad Danielle sent Lava to me, since it's the only SH Lustre Shine I was interested in!

As it turns out, Lava also is the only SH Lustre Shine that has a foily finish -- the others have more of a traditional frosty, chrome-like one. So that's pretty cool. And although the duochrome isn't that strong on me, it's a lot of fun to look at. This one is a nice blend of orange/copper and rosy pink. The pink is more prominent on me, but I love how the orange peeks around the sides of the nail.

Because last week was consumed by el accidente, I can't remember if I used three or four coats on this one. I just remember that the formula was on the sheer side, so it certainly needs some build-up for opacity. As usual, work patiently and wait a couple of minutes in between coats for it to dry completely so you don't get bald spots. I don't remember what the dry time was like (also because of the accident) or how long I wore this (2 days? 3 days?), but it held up really well, with no chipping and barely visible tip wear.

A word about Lava -- it's NOT a dupe for MAC Bad Fairy. I never had Bad Fairy, but I remember seeing it in person. Therefore, I'm pretty confident in telling you that Bad Fairy was more saturated and richer in color, making Lava a slightly faded version of it. I haven't tried layering Lava over black (or any vampy), but I bet it'd look nice. I'll let you know if/when that happens.

The Lustre Shine line was released in August of last year and has been added to the core Sally Hansen displays in drugstores and other stores (Ulta, Target, WalMart, etc.). The best way to get this one if you want it is to hit up Target or Walmart, or wait until a drugstore or Ulta is running a Sally Hansen promo, and that way you won't have to pay up to the $8 it sometimes goes for.

To conclude: Danielle is an amazing friend for sending this awesome polish to me (thank you, D!), car accidents SUCK., and if you'll excuse me, I need to go rewatch the opening of Carol Hathaway's free clinic in the ER. (Memories!) Thanks for putting up with me and the next few months of car talk you're about to get here -- I'll try to be a little more chipper in my next post.

* Sorry I'm not sorry ... but this is potentially NSFW ... or NSFL? Just know that once you see, you cannot unsee. And also, WTF BRAZIL. WTFFFFFFFF


  1. I'm glad to hear you're ok! A few banks and credit unions offer free assistance to help you find a new car. You just give the criteria and they do all of the searching. It was a life saver for me. Btw... Lava looks fab on you!

    1. Thanks, Lakeisha. My credit union does offer car loans, so I'll have to look into that more closely. I'm not sure about the searching assistance part, although the credit union has a few preferred dealers that my family has bought from before. Anyway, thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. While it sucks to be in an accident and lose your car, at least all parties were ok. Keep us updated, please.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Oh, you'll hear about it!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the car accident/totaling of the car! :(

  4. Aww Rach, I'm sorry things are shitty right now! Nothing worse than car problems, and the fact that it's totaled really does suck balls! (though I could have lived without clicking on that link!). I got the family, work, etc drama too (with a bit of depression and crippling anxiety added to it), so if you need to text, you know my number! : )

    And you're neurotic and dramatic too?!? I thought I was the only one! : )

    1. Thanks, Angie. <3333 For my part, feel free to text me whenever. I know there's a 3-hour time difference, but I'm here for you, too!

      I only get really dramatic when shit hits the fan (or when I think it's about to) ... and when I get sick (or when I'm about to). Other than that, I'm just excited for everything :D


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