Sunday, December 15, 2013

ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway Winner! + some holiday tunes

Hey, guys! Sorry it took me forever to post this, but this weekend was ridiculous (in a good way). Also, I forgot my Rafflecopter password and it took a while before it let me reset my password.


Congratulations, Marija! Don't forget, you have to e-mail me by Monday night with your address to confirm your win. Can't wait to hear from you! :)

Oh, and Marija's favorite holiday movie is "The Family Stone." I have never seen that. (Should I?)

Ladies, thank you so much for reading my blog. But thanks as well for entering this giveaway and sharing some of your holiday traditions with me! It was a lot of fun for me to read them. :)

I'm off to go look at tacky lights and watch "A Christmas Story" (and the "Psych" musical episode). In case you're not quite feeling the holiday spirit yet, maybe this playlist I made last Sunday might help you along. Be warned, I don't understand the concept of "short" playlists. Also take into consideration that this might be the only Christmas-themed playlist to feature 'N Sync before The Pogues. --I know, I have either really amazing or really terrible taste. Enjoy!


  1. Super Pumped! Sent you an email, I hope you got it!

    1. Hi lady! I just replied a couple of minutes ago. Sorry!


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