Monday, December 30, 2013

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me

Sadness, you guys. Today's post is the last of my 2013 Christmas movie & polish posts. :'( Since I spent most of this year catching up on stuff from last year, I didn't get to share a lot of the ones I wanted to blog this year! However, I think I picked some pretty good stuff this December ... so let's wrap this bad boy up (... that's what she said).

So here's OPI The Spy Who Loved Me from last year's Skyfall collection (which I happened to love, btw). The photos below show this polish after 2-3 days of wear. 

I go back and forth about whether I like these pics ... if I end up hating them, I'll probably just delete these and reswatch them. The Spy Who Loved Me was a bitch and a half to capture, so I told myself I'd stop when the color looked right. Uh, yeah. This is where I stopped.

Three coats with SV.

Drooooooool. Yes, this is another red-based polish with gold glass fleck particles -- but it's more in the vein of OPI Live and Let Die, with a creme finish rather than a jelly one. So it's not quite as tomato as, say, SpaRitual Intention -- more cherry, I think. Definitely a deeper red, which at this time of year, I tend to favor a little more. This had a perfect formula and dry time as well.

I wore this polish to the office Christmas party a couple of weeks ago, which brings me to the movie I'm posting today:

This year on Stuff, I think "TTSS" lets Colin Firth match Guy Pearce, 2 for 2. Heh.

If you like le Carre and espionage-type things, you're in for a treat with this movie. I've never read the le Carre novel nor have I seen the miniseries with Alec Guinness, but I understand that the movie had to condense a LOT of novel into a little over two hours. I think the screenwriter did a great job! If it seems a little dense on the first viewing, watch it again. (And definitely watch it with subtitles.) I also loved the set dressing and the evocation of the period -- you feel like you're seeing it without being slammed over the head with it (lookin @ u, "Mad Men") -- and I really liked the score for some reason.

Also, DAT CASTING. Absolutely perfect. However, as much as I enjoy Toby Jones, I think Jared Harris (the original choice for Percy Alleline) is a little better at conveying more menacing characters, so that would have been fun to see. But still. Excellent, all around.

The Christmas portion of this movie isn't a huge affair, but it's very important: Smiley (Gary Oldman's character) thinks back to the Circus Christmas party. I think I mentioned it last year, but I LOVE party scenes when they're done right (that is, "show, don't tell"), because you gain a better insight into each character, which is so, so crucial to "TTSS." Have you ever wondered what a British intelligence Christmas party is like? Well, you'll find out. And look for a cameo by John le Carre himself! I'd like to watch this movie one day with the commentary ... ugh, someone get me a copy! I may have debated blogging OPI All Sparkly and Gold for this movie instead ... you should totally watch it and find out why. ;)

I'm sorry that was so rushed, but this does bring my 2013 movie posts to a close. I really hope you enjoyed them, and I also hope you check out some of these movies in the next year. They are worth watching if you need a break from the usual treacle -- which certainly has its place -- or if you want to try something different.

Thanks for reading and come back for one more post tomorrow. :)


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