Monday, December 9, 2013

Orly What's the Password?

As much as I love Orly, it's not exactly a secret that the brand tends to put together some pretty snooze-worthy holiday collections. --Snoozy, but not in a disappointing way, like OPI was this year and in 2011 (I tend to expect more from OPI). However, I usually don't mind this, as an Orly holiday collection has at least one or two unique stunners.

What's the Password? is the only polish from this year's Secret Society holiday collection that caught my eye and was unique enough to take home with me.

Check it out.

Three coats with SV.

It's safe to say I'm in love with this polish. Holy cats. It's good. The color is insanely flattering on my skin tone. Is this burnt orange? Is this some kind of copper? Whatever it is, it works. It's not something I would have expected in a holiday collection, but it's wearable year-round as well. You know I love metallics, so What's the Password? is a nice seasonal alternative to all the gold and silver nails we're seeing right now. Finish-wise, it's one of those foils with a hint of glass fleck that Orly does so well. Just excellent.

The formula was pretty good, too, just a little on the thin side. I wasn't sold on its opacity after two coats, but that might be because I was polishing in a shadowy area. At three coats, I was happy. Dry time was FAST with SV, and I kept this on for a day with barely visible tip wear and no chips. I'm already looking for an excuse to break this one out again ... not that I need one or anything.

But what IS the password, you ask?


(NOTE: The audio and video don't entirely match, but that's OK.)

"With an x." I'M DYING. Bless u, Rhodey. Don Cheadle is the best. (Seriously, he saved "Iron Man 2" for me.)

There were so many things that made ZERO sense about "Iron Man 3," but the movie was more coherent than "Iron Man 2" and so much fun that I really didn't GAF. I know a movie is awesome when I see it in the theater and I'm already peeing myself just thinking about the DVD/Blu-ray cover (but also, the medium cherry/Coke Slurpee I drank probably had something to do with it). Between this, "Lethal Weapon" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," I'm pretty sure Shane Black is the king of ACTION CHRISTMAS. I felt like I was watching "Lethal Weapon 5: MCU Christmas."

And I had no problem with that.

This is all for today. Sound off with your thoughts on this Orly, your favorite "Iron Man" movie OR your favorite Shane Black Christmas movie ... whatever. If you really liked this Orly, just visit this post to find out how you can win it from me.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back on Wednesday with another timeless holiday classic. *cackle*


  1. I'm pretty sure colors like this don't suit everyone, but you and I are a lucky few that can wear colors like this. This reminds me of OPI Rising Star, or OPI Take The Stage....actually, if they had a baby, I think this would be this.

    1. I *love* Rising Star! This Orly is almost like that one, with a different finish.

  2. hmmm i'm interestingly interested in this one.
    also, the "*cackle*" at the end just killed me.

    1. It's worth looking into!

      I'm pretty sure my definition of "timeless holiday classic" might be just a liiiiiiiiiittle different from, say, ABC Family's. ;)


  4. OMFG unfffffffffffffff orange gold metallic foil. jesus baby sign me up. I hate this new Orly bottle design though, I'm gonna feel like a fraud caving and purchasing this....

    1. This new bottle design is so bleh to me. They just look like SpaRitual bottles (cap and font-wise, at least). I miss the old bottles! They were so easy to find because of that silver O and those grey caps. :(

  5. Sooo...what *IS* the password??


      I feel like Orly was trolling me. But I'll take it.


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