Monday, January 6, 2014

Essie Silken Cord

For the most part, 2014 began the way 2013 ended: very dramatically. Christmas was a little bit of a mess thanks to some family weirdness, and it was really getting to me. So I did the only thing I know how to do, and escaped to RVA for New Year's. And that's more or less why this post is so late.

I closed out 2013 and rang in 2014 with Essie Silken Cord on my tips. Silken Cord, because, you know, I've got the world on a string and all that. At least, that's how it was in my mind. (No Frankenstein stuff here. Pro tip: Do not read Frankenstein to your six- and four-year-old. My mom read an abridged version to my sister and me when I was six, and ... she could have waited two more years is all I'm saying.)

Three coats with Gelous + SV.

Silken Cord is my last untried from Essie's A Winter's Tale 2010 collection. It's BEAUTIFUL, and I don't know why I waited so long to try it. It's the perfect bright red jelly-creme hybrid on me, containing the slightest kiss of pink without any orange tones. This looked warmer in artificial lighting, but cooler in natural light. I really loved it, and so did my friends, because they gave me a bunch of compliments on it.

Formula and application were perfect. Essie makes some good jelly-cremes, and Silken Cord sure is one of them. Dry time was fast with Gelous and SV -- I used Gelous and SV on my left hand and SV on my right. Now I'm not sure if the wear was better on my left hand because of this combo or simply because my right hand is my dominant hand, but I had less tip wear and no chips on my left hand after six days than I did on my right.

If you're hankering for Silken Cord, you can buy it on Amazon and eBay, and I bet you could find it at other e-tailers or dusties quite easily, too. This is totally worth it if you love reds, Essie winter collections and jelly-cremes.

Always nice to start off a new year with a new favorite red, isn't it? The weather has been ridiculous here in VA -- New Year's Day was sunny and warm, maybe around 50-60 degrees (translation: if you were going shopping, you did not need your coat). Every day since then, however, has been bitterly cold ... at least, by VA standards. We're supposed to get snow and single-degree weather tomorrow, which is a big deal here.

Here's a couple of photos from New Year's Eve. B and I had dinner and then went downtown to meet my friends at our favorite pub, Penny Lane. It'd been a hot minute since either of us had been there, and I'd never gone at New Year's before, so it's a good thing we went, because this happened at midnight:

FUN. Also, that pub has Trivial Pursuit sets on the tables, but we didn't realize how old those sets were. How old were they?, you ask. Well, let's just say "West Germany" was an answer to one question.

Two of my favorite presents this year:

B got me the three mini direwolf pup plushes from the "Game of Thrones" HBO store (it's tradition for him to give me a stuffed animal because I'm 12, apparently). He said he was lucky to get them as early as he did, because these are not going to be back in stock until March or something like that. Four for you, Glen Coco.

Knowing my love of ~literature~ and alcohol, Krysi got me this little treasure. I haven't tried some of these drinks before, so I don't even care if I end up hating them -- I love this for the puns alone. "Ethan Pom"? "Love in the Time of Kahlua"? RAHN, STAHP. I LOVE IT.

While I was visiting, Sterling Meowlory Archer got a little kitty fever. We didn't know that was what it was, since, as you know, animals can't really tell you what's wrong. (B started laughing when he heard me saying, "Use your words, kitty!" to Mr. Meowmeow.) We did notice that he had a little bump near his butt -- B had been petting him and felt it, but every time he ran his hand over it, the cat would run away. B was wondering if it was a flea or a tick, since Mr. Archer had a gross tick near his neck back in November. Anyway, Mr. Archer tends to cuddle with us in bed and to want to play in the mornings, but he stayed curled up upstairs on a chair, and that worried us.

B took him to the vet's last Friday, where he found out the bump was actually a small bite. The bite had partially healed, but it also had been infected, hence the kitty fever. SMA was put on kitty antibiotics, and they shaved off a little bit of fur around the bite so they could look at it. We're thinking he got bitten either by Lana Manpaws (a small black stray who likes to torment him) or most likely by a stupid neighbor's dog. (The dog isn't the one we don't like -- it's the neighbor, since she never puts that dog on a lead when she takes it outside. She just stands there on the phone, grrr.) Look at the bald butt patch on poor Mr. Archer, LOL.

He's feeling much better. His appetite has returned, and he's back to his usual affectionate and playful demeanor. So that's a relief. It was really hard to see him out of sorts, you know? Wah, I love him so much.

So yeah. That was my intro to 2014. The rest of this week is going to be a doozy due to weather and work, but BRING IT ON. I have tea, fruit, boxed mac and cheese, stuffed direwolves to hug, and new polishes to show you, plus a Shopping My Stash post this week. That should ease the strain somewhat, right?

P.S. I may have seen "Anchorman 2" twice. I'm debating going a third time. Too much?


  1. That color is beautiful! It looks so squishy. I'm not much of a drinker but the title of that book is cute and it seems like it'd be a fun little book to have for someone like me who loves literature. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the book called Candy Shots but it's an alcohol recipe book that consists of drinks that are supposed to taste like your favorite candies and desserts, such as smarties, almond joy, red hots, and so on. I haven't used it yet, but it's fun. I really want to try some of them out.

    I'm sorry to hear about your poor kitty, but I'm glad he's doing better. I'm more of a dog person but I love cats. When I was younger my family had a lot of them. We had like two litters of kittens born in the house. I just have Nala now, who is about 17 years old. I'm sure it's not hard to guess what movie character she was named after. Anyway, I'd be sad if any of my pets got sick. I hope your kitty fully recovers and returns back to his normal self.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Yes, it's fairly squishy. :) Never heard of Candy Shots, but I will look into it! Thanks for that tip.

      Mr. Archer is much better now! He went to the vet today for a follow-up and everything is fine. :) I'm a dog person, too, but my boyfriend is a cat lady in a man's body. So it was more about me adjusting to the cat!

      P.S. I just looked at your blog, and your dog has gotten so big!!!

    2. I actually dug out the book after commenting, just so I could look through it. Now I really want to try out the fruit loops and fruity pebbles drinks.

      I'm glad to hear that he's doing better! I'm sure that is a big relief. I know right?! Carter's a moose now. I'm almost sad about it because he's growing up so fast. What's funny is that he likes to sit in my lap as if he's still just a little guy. He's a total lover.

    3. Girl. I just looked up the book on Amazon and skimmed over the index. HOLY CRAP, they have A LOT of drinks! I don't think I would use it all the time, but it would be fun to keep for parties and stuff. :)

      Thank you! Aw, those are the best kinds of dogs. I wish I had one.

  2. I'm so jealous of your direwolf stuffed animals and your boozy book! I actually just added the book to my Amazon wish list mwahaha.

    I can't believe you like Anchorman: 2 so much! Most people are ragging on it hard...maybe I'll actually check it out now!

    1. Aw, I couldn't believe he was able to get the direwolves! Last year, he got me the Queen and three baby bears from "Brave." (Mama Bear is HUGE.) I also have a talking Dug from "Up." Because I'm 12.

      OMG, I loved "Anchorman 2." But my degree is in broadcast journalism and I used to work in TV, so I have that extra connection to it. I also think "Anchorman" does a better, funnier job of lampooning the industry than other shows/movies that try to be clever about doing the same thing. Definitely go! Everything you loved about the first movie is in this one, ON STEROIDS.

  3. Hahaha, his poor infected butt! Poor lil' babby.

    I've been wracking my brain all day to come up with things we should read!!!

    1. It's hard to be ferocious when he has, as B says, a hole in his fur coat. Or does that make him even more hardcore???

      Whatever you might already have on your Goodreads (are you on GR?) should work for me!

    2. Of course I'm on Goodreads. Who do you think I even AM?

  4. Silken Cord is GORGEOUS.
    Poor Sterling Meowlory Archer. My cats used to be rabble-rousers in the neighborhood and we've had to have abscesses like that addressed many times. I'll never forget when I was petting one of them and found a hole in his side from like a pellet gun or something. He looked pitiful when he got home from the vet. Glad to hear he's on the mend!!

    1. Yessss. Do you have this? I think you would love it!

      OH MY GOD. I'm so glad your cat was okay! I'm so against SMA being an indoor/outdoor cat (granted, he only goes out for an hour or so when the weather permits, and sometimes with human supervision) for so many reasons -- but the biggest one is that you just have NO IDEA what cats get up to!!

      (Oh and thanks, Ali, he's pretty much back to normal! Minus the bald patch and its damage to his dignity, that is. Ha.)

    2. I don't have it but it's been added to my list!!
      I volunteer with the local SPCA and i catch such hell when they hear me talk about how my cat went outside. I'm a bad cat lady :|

    3. Yay!

      My boyfriend adopted Mr. Archer from a shelter back in 2012, and he wasn't quite a year old at the time. So we're thinking he may have been an indoor/outdoor baby -- he can be a little brat when he wants to go outside, so my boyfriend usually lets him out for an hour in the morning, if the weather permits.


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