Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Essie Trophy Wife

Now that the holidays are over, next month the world of television will be insane because of sweeps (and, in NBC's case, the Winter Olympic Games). This means one of my very favorite things: NEW EPISODES OF ALL THE SHOWS!

--Most of them, anyway, including ABC's "Trophy Wife," a show I only started watching less than two weeks ago, even though it premiered last fall. We get a new episode tonight at 9:30 ET. I really hope I'll be able to catch it as it airs, because ABC just changed their online streaming availability to one week after an episode airs. Boo-URNS. If I have to wait one week, I might as well wait until I get to raid the VOD options at B's house!

Anyway, I watched all ten episodes of "Trophy Wife" a couple of weekends ago after an Indian food-induced lunch coma. After all the fam dramz from Christmas, you would think that watching a sitcom about a woman adjusting to her husband's two ex-wives and their three kids would be the last thing I would want to watch ... but it was? Besides, I'm kind of a Malin Akerman fan. And a Bradley Whitford fan.

The title of the show isn't a complete misnomer. "Trophy wife" is more or less how people look at Kate, Malin Akerman's character. And Trophy Wife is also the name of an Essie polish that was released three years ago (OMG) when Essie began selling retail exclusives. I've had it since it came out and never tried it, so here we go.

Three coats with SV.

Mmmmm yes, jewel tones yes. You like?

A lot of swatches I've seen of this polish make this look really green. In truth, it's not. It's more teal blue with strong green undertones, like these pictures show. Had this color been a little darker, it would have been an exact match for the flowergirl dress I wore in a wedding when I was eight.

I don't know if it's because this polish has been sitting around for a while, but it had a thinner formula than I thought it would. I needed three coats before it was opaque to my satisfaction. Dry time was good with SV. I only wore this for a day and didn't experience chipping or tip wear. However, I can't remember whether this stained when I removed it. Sorry!

I also can't remember if you still can find Trophy Wife in Essie displays now. It's easy to find online, but in stores? I dunno. When this was released in 2011, it was a core polish in the retail display, and I think it was repromoted for Winter 2011-12 with Dive Bar, et al. So check online if you want this one.

As for "Trophy Wife," the fact that I blew through all ten episodes in one evening is no small feat because my attention span these days is beyond pathetic. I really like the show and I hope it catches on! I do think that maybe a shorter season order would make it easier to push, but I think that about everything. The biggest challenge with comedies is that they need an extra sumpin' sumpin' when pitted against other comedies, and though I don't think "Trophy Wife" has found theirs yet, I still like it a lot because it doesn't try to be any more than what it is. There's something to be said for that. The show is funnier than I thought it would be, and of course the cast is great.

Should you need further encouragement to start watching, enjoy the coda from the Christmas episode:

"Trophy Wife," ABC, Tuesdays, 9:30 ET. Learn it. Love it. You're welcome.


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    1. Yes! I bet it would look great on you. :) Thanks!

  2. When I first started getting into nail polish, I wanted this polish so bad for some reason. It's definitely a beautiful color!

    1. That's because it's beautiful. ;) Get it.


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