Monday, January 13, 2014

Highway to the (Formula X for Sephora) Danger Zone!


Guess what day it is. Go ahead, I'll wait.


It's the fifth season premiere of "Archer" on FX!

I'm sure we've all seen this promo by now. TOO. EPIC.

My glamorous cable-less lifestyle means I won't get to see it unless I'm desperate enough to stream it, or, more likely, that I'll have to wait until the next time I visit B ... and Sterling Meowlory Archer. I mean, that cat's name may be one of my greatest accomplishments. *Obviously* you can tell B and I are huge fans!

So when I walked into one of Flatiron District Sephoras last October and saw this polish in the new, MASSIVE Formula X display, I didn't care if I was going to be late meeting my sister at her office. I HAD. TO. BUY. IT.

I'm not sure that a bright orange-leaning coral with pink sparkles screams "danger zone" to me, but the truth is that I cannot resist an "Archer" reference, especially now because of my own precious Sterling.

Usually I save my description of a polish for after the pictures, but Danger Zone looks so different at times, I have to break it down. Sometimes it looks orange coral:

Sometimes the pink shimmer peeks through and makes it pink:

And back to coral again under the OttLite:

Totally worth all those pictures. Totally.

FYI, Danger Zone was shown above at three coats. Pretty good, huh? I really liked the formula on this one. As with most neon shimmers, this one is on the thin side and dries semi-matte, so it's best to work quickly. You don't have to wait long in between coats, maybe just one minute tops. You can stop at two coats for opacity, but I liked it best after three. Dry time was super fast with Gelous + SV. I've had this polish on since Friday afternoon/evening, and the wear has been fantastic: no chips and barely visible tip wear! I'm so pleased.

If you decide you need this polish, then you can nab it at Sephora in the gigantic Formula X display! (Note: When I was at a JCPenney Sephora on New Year's Day, I didn't see it.) Danger Zone is part of Formula X's Electrics color family, and retails for $10.50. Kiiiiiind of on the pricey side, but I'm really happy with its performance so far. In fact, I'm really happy with both of the Formula X polishes I've tried, and I have one more to show you. It's probably the least unique one among the three I bought last October, but I'm pretty sure at least *one* of you will want it after you see it on. ;)

So don't forget: "Archer," FX, 10 p.m. ET tonight. I cannot wait to see how this season works out!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who fretted with me about Sterling Meowlory Archer's poor infected behind! He's healing just fine and he's feeling frisky. Actually, this picture B texted me over the weekend should show you *just* how frisky he is:

Yup ... that's our little duchess.

Thanks for reading, watch "Archer," and I'll see you on Wednesday. Kbye!


  1. Wowowow, this polish is so beautiful!!! Jumping on my wish list!! I've tried only one Formula X so far and I was pleasantly surprised, so I will have to get this one too!!

    1. YES, GET THIS ONE! I think you will like it a lot. :)

  2. Whoa. Thanks for recommending that I get this one. I walked into Sephora the first time looking to buy Benefit Lollitint (which Ulta had so I assumed Sephora would...I was wrong), and ended up fretting over that display for literally 20 minutes. I had to go get a cup of coffee and come BACK so I could think about what I wanted properly. In the end I didn't even really need to do that. I just could have taken your advice on this polish in the first place. Derp.

    1. I got kind of overwhelmed, too, the day before this post went up -- I went to Ulta looking for OPI Gwen Stefanis, but all I wanted to buy was some Zoya instead.

      I wish OPI had done a white polish for the Gwen collection, btw.

      Can't wait to see Danger Zone on you!

  3. Danger Zone is gorgeous! It would make a perfect color for summer.

  4. These neon's look so awesome, I kinda want them all! And this one has a great name!

    You know what's sad? I didn't finish the last season of Archer. I should probably get on that. See if it's on Netflix or something.

    1. Ughhhhh Angie, I want MORE!!

      It just came out on DVD last week, I think. Not sure if it's on streaming, but you should be able to pick up the DVD/Blu-ray for a not hellacious amount :)

  5. I'm not much for neons, but WOW. Bright and awesome!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! Yes, this polish is awesomely WHAM POW on bright and dreary days. Absolutely recommend it. :)


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