Monday, February 24, 2014

HARE polish Damn Fine Coffee

Sorry this post is so late, you guys. I've had a few things competing for my attention this weekend; shockingly, most of them were more important than posting. But I really wanted to make sure this particular post went up today!

If you know TV shows (or know someone who has freakish recall), then you'll know today is the day FBI Agent Dale Cooper drove into Twin Peaks ... and into our hearts. Yeah, I said it. I'll level with you: all the residents of Twin Peaks overact pretty melodramatically and hilariously (except for Princess Audrey Horne), so Agent Cooper literally was a breath of fresh air.

When HARE polish announced a new "Twin Peaks"-inspired winter collection near the end of last year, I'm pretty sure I (1) squealed in excitement and then (2) texted Madeline. However, since my order was full of holiday polishes, I limited myself to only one "Twin Peaks" polish. If I'd chosen Wrapped in Plastic, I would have blogged it today, but I was pretty obsessed with brown last fall. Plus, THIS NAME. Much like Coop, it's just TOO PERFECT.

Three coats with SV.

There is too much to love about this polish. The brown jelly base is gorgeous, and the red and gold flake pieces mixed with iridescent hex glitters are too gorgeous. My only quibble, color-wise, is that I would have loved for the red? pink? microglitters to be bigger, but I think I'm just nitpicking. Still. I love it.

Out of all the HAREs I've used so far (probably five?), this one had the gloopiest formula. It wasn't godawful, but be advised that if your bottle is as gloopy as mine was, then you only need to load the tip of your brush (heh @ that sentence). Otherwise, spreading the polish on the nail is not a good time. I think it must have been the combination of glitters? Not sure. But this requires three coats for opacity. Dry time was faster than I thought it would be! I'm stoked to say that I wore this for four days with barely visible tip wear and chipping on one finger (you know the one) after Day Four.

Damn Fine Coffee was released as part of the HARE Welcome to Twin Peaks collection for Winter 2013. It's currently OOS at both the official HARE Etsy shop and Llarowe, but be sure to follow the HARE Facebook and/or sign up for the HARE newsletter for restock updates. I promise you, HARE is totally worth the restock madness. I've loved most of my HARE purchases; the ones I didn't love were a mild "I like it" at worst, so you could say this is my favorite indie brand. :)

Anyone else a "Twin Peaks" lover (aside from Madeline and myself)??? I didn't bother finishing the show once I found out who Laura Palmer's killer was; I hear I didn't miss much. The totally early '90s fashion kills me. Oh my God. If you could be as beautiful as Audrey Horne and Donna Hayward in the '80s and '90s ... I can't even.The early episodes are hella fun to watch, though.

Which brings me to this: If you want to rewatch the series or try it for the first time, all the episodes are up on Hulu! They're also on, but only Hulu has the pilot. Also, if you like "Psych," the season five episode "Dual Spires" is an amazingly thorough "Twin Peaks" homage. I think I might watch that episode tonight, actually. It's too funny. (Plus, Dana Ashbrook's hair is still insane to me.)

This wasn't in the promo I just shared, but the whole town gathering once a week to watch "Everwood" line almost had me on the floor.

Anyway, if you're into "Twin Peaks," who's your favorite character? You know, someone who's not ... this guy?


Anyone else have this HARE, or any other "Welcome to Twin Peaks" polishes? Wrapped in Plastic and Knockouts of the Double R might well jump into my cart when I place my next order.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post *at least* once more this week! --Yes, I will backdate this entry's post time to 11:30 a.m. as soon as the next post goes up. ;)


  1. I feel like a complete pop culture failure, but I'm not a big Twin Peaks fan. I sort of liked the first season but was very "eh" towards the end, then I hated the second season so much I didn't even finish it. But almost everyone I know loves it, so I guess I'm just a weirdo. But I did really like all the Hare polishes in this collection, and this brown is really great on you!

    1. Awwww, don't! It's really not everybody's thing (after Laura Palmer's killer was revealed, I didn't even finish it), so no hard feelings. :)

      She makes some amazing polishes! I swear, she could do a collection based on something I hate, and I would still buy at least one.


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