Friday, February 14, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Funny Valentine

Welcome to Shopping My Stash, Valentine Edition. Sure, I've been posting Valentiney things for a few days, but I'm also going to share my favorite Valentine's Day tradition with you today. It's a good thing we're all friends here (right?), or else this might be a little weird.

See, every year on Valentine's Day -- or as close to the day as possible -- I watch the Season 6 "ER" episodes where Lucy and Carter get stabbed. Nope. Not weird. At all. (And that is so not a spoiler, people -- this was 14 years ago!)

"ER" was my absolute favorite show when I was in my tweens and teens. I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up (HA!). If you grew up in the '90s, you know how popular "ER" was. (Like, no matter how smug and smarmy George Clooney gets in his old age, I will love him forever for being on that show.) Although "ER" went on to have a whopping fifteen seasons, I'm quite partial to the early ones. They were the best. To me, the sixth season of the show was the end of the 'early' years, and the stabbings of Lucy and Carter play into that.

Those episodes took place on Valentine's Day. The second part was called "All in the Family." The first one? "Be Still My Heart."

Allow me to present OPI Bastille My Heart, because you know I CANNOT resist a pun.

Three coats with SV.

Looks pretty luscious, doesn't it? Funny story about these photos, I was having a bitch of a time trying to get some I liked outside and in natural light. So I threw in the towel and snapped some under my Ott Lite. As you can see, that turned out MUCH better! I guess I've gotten so accustomed to using natural light that it freaks me out when some polishes don't really "turn out" in that setting, and Bastille My Heart was a good reminder of this.

Anyway, I think the color is gorgeous. It can lean a little dark in some lights, but it's also got this insane glow, which I am just crazy about. I Googled this polish before blogging it, and it looks so different in early (read: 2008-9) photos! I'm not sure if that's because OPI sort of tampered with the color since its original release in 2008, or because the camera game of 2008-era nail bloggers was not anywhere near what they're at now. I got my bottle in 2012-ish, so mine is a cool burgundy/wine color with violet shimmer.

Formula and application were good, but I recommend thin coats and a light touch to avoid pooling, flooding and staining -- red shimmers are notorious for this. I didn't wait as long in between coats as I should have, so you definitely can see my unsuccessful attempt to clean up around my cuticles. Bastille My Heart looks good and is opaque at two coats, but you know I prefer three. Dry time was good. I'm wearing this this weekend, so I haven't had it on too long. I'll update this post with my wear report. :)

Bastille My Heart was released in Fall '08 as part of La Collection de France, and it's in the core line now. You can pick it up just about anywhere! I got my bottle at a dusty sometime during 2012 -- so while this IS old, it hasn't been in my stash *that* long. Technicality! But this isn't an Olympic committee (or is it?), so ... who cares? :D Man, that France collection was full of gems for me. Parlez-Vous OPI? was my JAM (and my Easter '09 mani), YDKJ was everything, Tickle My France-y was my first nude ... memories!

Guys, it snowed here in SW VA. And I mean SNOWED. I know Southerners cannot handle a flake, but look at how much it snowed at my parents' house. This is their cul-de-sac. That blob on the left is MY CAR.

The official count is 19" but I swear to you we got maybe 22", which *never* happens here! Unless a miracle happens tomorrow morning, I am basically snowed in. I usually wouldn't mind this, but it's my Notaversary with B, so I'm kiiiiiind of going through the five stages of grief. (Right now, I'm at anger.) I had a tough week, so all I was really looking forward to was hanging out with my Valentine. He's my favorite.

Actually, I think that face was less about seduction and more "WAKE UP GURL, WAKE UP RIGHT MEOW AND GET OUTTA MY BED." But you didn't hear it from me.

As soon as I'm done fighting for a Weezer ticket (my wait time is approximately FOREVER; I was ambivalent about this show until 20 minutes before tickets went on sale and then I HAD TO HAVE one. This site is so slow because (1) Ticketmaster, and (2) Rob Zombie tix also went on sale this morning), I'm off to watch my "ER" episodes. Not only was there a blue Valentine cake, but Dr. Corday's mother was in town for a conference and Dr. Romano made the staff operate on his Bouvier, Gretel.

Do you think this OPI is indeed Valentine-worthy? Do you have any weird Valentine traditions? I'd love to hear them! Don't forget to visit Short 'n Chic to see Steff's Valentimes. :) I (we?) hope you have a good Valentine's Day! Nicolas Cage wishes you one, too.

Best. Movie. Ever.

Okay, seriously, Ticketmaster, RELEASE MY FREAKIN' TICKET ALREADY. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. You gave me the best Valentine's present ever when you said this was part of their core line. Must. Have.
    Happy Valentine's Day, Rach!!

    1. JSYK, this comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

      And you're totally welcome, Ali! Hope you had a good Valentine's weekend. :)

  2. *drooling* guess what's going to be added to my stash next? :D

    1. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You could own this! (Literally. And figuratively.)


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