Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gift of Fab: Sinful Colors Hip to Be Square

Back in February, Madeline sent me a bubble mailer chock full of polishes that are 100% me. That is no small feat, so ... well done, girl! I've been wanting to try some of them for a while, but for the purposes of new Spring '14 polishes, here's Sinful Hip to Be Square from the Oh My Mod! collection that's been around since, what, late January/early February. In fact, there's a new display at Walgreens that includes most, if not all, of Oh My Mod! as well as Mod in Bloom. So if your Rite Aid is as much of a hike for you as it is for me, you're in luck!

I'm sure there are a lot of close dupes for/very similar colors to Hip to Be Square, including Sinful Sail La Vie, but I can't get enough of this color. I actually passed on this one because I already have Sail La Vie ... and yet, idcurr. I was thrilled to get it as a gift! More for me. :D Thank you, Madeline!

(Note: Oh. I haven't put my bottles of Sail La Vie and Hip to Be Square next to each other, but apparently they're the same?)

Three coats with Gelous + NYC Grand Central Station.

Gorgeeeeeeeeeeeeeouuuuuuuuuuuus. Hip to Be Square is a BRIGHT cornflower blue creme with a secret silver shimmer that you'll only see in artificial light. Such a perfect, happy color for spring, no? It reminded me of Maybelline Pie in the Sky, a.k.a. the first cornflower blue polish I fell in love with. I also have weird memories of precisely what I was doing and how I felt the weekend I wore Pie in the Sky four years ago ... strangely, I felt the. exact. same. way. wearing Hip to Be Square last weekend. Both times, I was hanging out with B and I didn't want to leave. :( /csb

... whoa, feelings. Gross.

Although the formula for this polish is a little thick (I think it was the combination of pastel + shimmer), it was easier to apply than I thought it would be. Really! I will divulge that Hip to Be Square is one of those blue polishes that sure smells like blue, so take that warning with a grain of salt. It's not as strong as other blues I've worked with, but still. Dry time was okay with Gelous + NYC GCS, and the wear was magnificent for the four days I had this on. No chips, one small crack on my left thumb -- most likely because my bottle of Gelous is dying -- and barely visible tip wear, which ... if you could have seen that in person without the aid of a macro, you would have been too close.

As I've said, Hip to Be Square is from Sinful's LE Oh My Mod! collection that was out back at the end of the end of January at Rite Aid, but as recently as last weekend, I've seen it in a huge Sinful display at Wags (please see the link to Nouveau Cheap above). It should be $1.99 until the next Wags sale, whenever that is, and then you can pick it up for 99 cents. Or if you're lucky, you will have a friend who is as awesome as Madeline who can pick it up for you! I'm really glad she did. :)

Oh, and for the one person wondering, "Hip to Be Square" is not my favorite Huey Lewis song*, but this is:

For context:

"Chuck" was really into '80s music ... I'm counting AT LEAST three Huey Lewis songs featured on the show, including "Hip to Be Square." Ugh, I miss "Chuck."

So, yeah. Gonna stop now before this post turns into me rambling about Jeffster and the '80s music on "Chuck"! Did you pick up any Sinful Oh My Mods or Mod in Blooms? I have so many of the Blooms ... I still need to wear them. Anyway, thanks for reading, guys. And of course, thanks for making this post possible, Madeline! <3

If I can get home early tonight, you'll have one last March post tomorrow. :)


*I'm sure Huey Lewis is a lovely person, but I cannot handle most of his songs. Can. Not. I would rather have Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" on loop for two hours, which tells you how much I cannot.


  1. Jeffster!! I miss Chuck too....sighhhhh.

    1. I have a Jeffster shirt! :) Feel free to email me if you wanna talk "Chuck" whenever. I'm thinking about a rewatch the next time I get sick (which will be soon because ... spring).

  2. This is a gorgeous blue! I love the shimmer, even if it is subtle.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Yes, it's lovely :)

  3. Whoa I'm not a cornflower blue person usually but that is gorgeous!

    1. GASP. I bet they would look amazing on you, Ashley!!!


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