Friday, March 14, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Pi(e) Day Friday

Well. Going back to work after being sick for a week totally kicked my ass all over the place, but that was expected. I should have known to finish writing this post when I had the time! I chose sleeping instead. It happens. But, PI DAY.


Two things:
  1. Steff's post was on time today, so if you've already read Short 'n Chic, then you know I chose this month's theme. When discussing potential themes back in January, I shot her this one and thought, "There is NO WAY she's going to go for that." But she did, and I *love* her selection for today, so YAY!
  2. I apologize for my mangled cuticles. It's been COLD, I left my cuticle cream at home when I visited B (and got sick and snowed in), and I had a hangnail that I picked within an inch of its life. I've never been a nail biter or a cuticle cutter, but give me a hangnail to pick and BY GOLLY, I WILL DO IT. So there's that. I moisturized like a mofo this week and it's healing pretty well now, but when you look at these photos, you can see the carnage.

Anyway, because I'm a total mess, I picked out a polish that has to do more with pie than Pi. Whatever your feelings are about math, I think we all can agree that EVERYONE loves pie!

Ladies, allow me to present Smitten Polish Blueberry Crumble ... and my awful cuticles.

This is either three or four coats with SV. I don't remember, sorry!

Lovely, ain't it? Blueberry Crumble has the distinction of being my first milky glitter, and one of the first (if not THE first) indie polishes I acquired. In my mind, a two-year-old indie polish is practically on the same level as a four- or five-year-old name brand release!

Blueberry Crumble was part of Smitten's 2012 debut collection, Nommy Noms, which was dessert-inspired. I wanted to support my friend Noelie's new venture, so I picked out one polish that was the most interesting to me (this one); when Noelie mailed my order to me, she wrote "GLITTER!" on the back of the company card. This made me laugh because she'd known me on the MUA nail board for maybe one or two years prior, and if you were there around then, then you might remember me for being famously Team Creme.

As milky glitters and indie polishes go, this was a damn good one! The light blue base color is more or less what I would consider the quintessential Noelie blue. It's sheer enough to let the mix of blue and turquoise micro and hex glitters shine through. The formula was great; I think my only issue was that some of the glitters were sinking, but that's not specific to this polish ... I can't think of a glitter that DOESN'T do that, let alone a two-year-old one. :) Application was easy and it dried smoothly and quickly with SV. I wore this for three days with no chips or tip wear. However, at that point, I think the polish was starting to crack near the left corner of my index finger, but that might have been a top coat issue.

Sadly, Blueberry Crumble and the rest of the Nommy Noms polishes have been discontinued. I'm so happy to have this little indie, though. It's so bright and cheerful and ready for spring! And although it took me two damn years to wear it, it's such a kick to own a polish made by a friend. :) I hope to post more Smitten creations on Stuff this year, so look out for that.

Speaking of pie and things my friends made, check this out:


My friend Krysi made this for me a couple of Christmases ago, and this is one of my favorite things anyone's ever given me. While I totally regret not tweeting this photo to Bryan Fuller last weekend as a Daylight Saving joke, there's always October. :) But DAMN, I miss "Pushing Daisies" ... or "Diabeetus," as my friend Chary and I used to call it. It was too good for this world, though, but there are DVDs and we have "Hannibal" now, so I guess there's that. Both of these songs more or less express my feelings about this show to this day:


Okay, that's all for today. If you have not checked out Steff's Pi Day polish, get thee hence. She picked out next month's theme, BTW, which I'm really excited for, so come back for that. In the meantime, have a good weekend -- there will be a swatching marathon, and I will probably LEAVE THE HOUSE (OMG) to get Girl Scout Cookies. My sister kept texting me last night, taunting me with her EIGHT boxes of Thin Mints (... that jerk!) -- and I'll be back on Monday with the mandatory St. Patrick's Day green. :)


  1. This is really pretty! It looks a lot like another Smitten, Traveling By Bubble, but without the pink glitters.

    1. I had to Google that polish, and I think you're right, they really are similar except for the pink glitter. Thank you!

  2. love this blue!!! and I hadn't had pie. On a pi(e) day!! how could I not??? wait, there's still 3 hours left of today... =))

    1. Thanks, Gosia! So ... did you have any pie in the end?

  3. Eight? Damn, your sister goes hard. I only allowed myself to carry $20 in cash during cookie season because I will stop for any and all Girl Scouts.

    1. She only got eight because the guy selling them (presumably for his daughter) said he would match whatever they ordered. She ordered four and had the AUDACITY to text me a picture of one box ... when I went to buy cookies, they had sold completely out of Thin Mint. GRRRRR.

  4. Omgggg that clock is so awesome! My friend made me a little Wonderfalls plate a few years ago in college…I guess we both have friends inspired by Bryan Fuller ha.

    I love this polish! The blue looks so great on you, and I'm not normally a fan of milky glitters but this one is really pretty.

    1. Ooh, you need to send me a photo of that plate! That sounds so cool. That same friend of mine actually still has my "Wonderfalls" DVDs, haha. :) And I pushed the show on her, so I have no regrets. We watch "Hannibal" together now.

      Thanks, Ashley! OMG, I looooooooove milky glitters. It's kind of a problem.


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