Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rach Redux: Zoya Kimmy

I know the Zoya exchange is over, but I just wanted to show you this polish because I felt it deserved a second shot. See, over a year ago, I blogged Zoya Kimmy and I HATED it. Those pictures were not great -- I could link you to those pics, but damn, they were heinous -- plus you could tell I wasn't feeling it. But I wore it again a few weekends ago. I had MAJOR FEELS this time, enough to rescue Kimmy from my purge box and attempt Swatch Sesh Numero Dos.

As you're about to see, I had more success this time around in terms of clarity, although the color is still a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit off. Kimmy is one of those polishes you HAVE to see in person, because so few photos on the internet do it justice. It's pretty insane. If you love reds, you're going to need this.

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Soooooooooooo, yeahhhhhh. 10 pictures. That's how you know how much I liked something, and/or how much of a PITA it was to photograph. Seriously, though, it's stunning in person.

Kimmy is a warm red with golden shimmer in Zoya's signature foil/glass fleck finish. (No other brand does this finish as well as Zoya, IMHO.) It's opaque in two coats and the polish goes exactly where you put it. I didn't really have problems with staining (I doubled up on base coat), although I did have quite a bit of sparkle that needed a good scrub to remove from my skin.

Kimmy is from Zoya's Sunshine collection, circa 2011, and goes for $9 (if you missed it this time, wait until the next promo ... I'm sure there'll be one when this year's summer collection is released officially). The only other Sunshine polish I have is Apple, and I still have three untried Summertime polishes (Areej, Kieko, and Breezi), so perhaps they'll make an appearance this summer. :)

This is it for Zoya April on Stuff. I hope you enjoyed them! While I didn't get to blog as many Zoyas as I'd wanted to, 7 hardly is a number for me to sneeze at. (Last year, I think I did 8.) I'm sure I'll blog more of them this summer. :) It seems that you guys want to see some butter LONDON for May, so that's on tap, as well as a couple of the Spider-Man Electric Chromes and other 2014 spring/summer releases. After two days of nonstop rainfall, I'm really feeling these seasonal brights (to be fair, when am I not?), so I'm excited to post some here.

I think this post also will be all for me this week, so thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week, and I'll see you in May. :)

P.S. I got Lauren, Rocky, Thandie, Rikki, Solange, and Sunshine in my Zoya exchange order. I would have gotten more, but I didn't think I would have enough money left for Old 97's concert tickets or new sandals (such.a.nightmare.), so something had to give. Next time!


  1. What a gorgeous swatch! You might really like Kimber. I think it was from the Sunshine collection and it's one of my all-time favorite zoyas.

    1. Kimber is one of my all time fav shades from Zoya too! I were it often on my toes in summer. I agree - it's more vibrant than Kimmy

    2. Thanks, Ali! Yeah, I had Kimber and I swatched it last year, but I love ChG Ahoy too much to pretend I would ever use it again. :D I'm glad you love Kimber, though! It was gorgeous.

    3. @beachgal - Kimber was nice, but ChG Ahoy! was better -- at least, for me. :) Glad you guys like it, though, more for you!

  2. I love reds, but I don't love shimmery reds, so I don't love this one. Maybe now you should retry Kimber.

    1. Ahhhh. More for me! Kimber lives with Janice now. I had to be honest with myself ... I would only ever use ChG Ahoy!


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