Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zoya Dhara (PIXIEDUST!!!)

Happy hump day, ladies. Anyone made any executive decisions re: your Zoya exchange carts? Remember, PixieDust shades are half off this year -- and there are so many killer ones to choose from! In case you're having trouble finding something to add to your cart, I have another suggestion for you today. ;)

I wasn't tempted by Zoya's first batch of Pixies that were released last spring, but the summer and fall ones were more my speed. Oh mah gawd, the fall Pixies ... While I knew I NEEDED all of them, limited edition holiday polishes were a higher priority, so I was elated when I eventually lucked into four of the fall Pixies on clearance at Ulta. This was either at the end of December or at the beginning of January, I don't recall exactly, but I scored Arabella, Carter, and Chita in one trip and found Dhara a week later.

I love orange, I love Zoya, and I love textures, so you'd better believe I knew I was adding Dhara to my collection as soon as I saw the PR images.

Three coats.

This polish is JUST. TOO. GORGEOUS.

Dhara is the second stab at an orange PixieDust shade, as Zoya released Beatrix in their summer Pixie collection. Beatrix is a lighter, more tangerine orange, while Dhara is more of a summer-to-fall transition shade of orange. I think the official description of Dhara uses the words "fiery" and "copper." Fiery, YES. Copper, not really, but perhaps a little when compared to Beatrix.  I think if Zoya Amy were a PixieDust, it would be Dhara. (And you know how much I loved Amy ...)

Everything about Dhara was perfect, including its formula and application. I always wait a minute or two between coats when using textures to make sure each coat is completely dry; I wouldn't have had to wait too long with Dhara, but I kept getting distracted by my "Chrisley Knows Best" marathon (don't judge me! Or judge away, it's all good. #classnotass). This is opaque in two coats -- I'm sure by now you know I only use three out of habit. ;) I haven't done a wear test with this, but textures generally last a work week on me.

Dhara usually goes for $10 on the Zoya/Art of Beauty site, but scoop it up for $5 this week! It's crazy beautiful, and I can't wait to actually wear it as a full mani.

What do you think? Will you be putting Dhara (or any of the other PixieDusts) in your Zoya cart? Here's what I'm getting, for sure:
  • Lauren
  • Sunshine
  • Solange
  • Rikki
  • Rocky
  • Thandie

OTOH, here's what I'm debating, i.e., the shades I feel that I do not need right this minute. Any input you have would be appreciated until Thursday night, so please advise!
  • Taylor
  • Chantal
  • Beatrix
  • LC
  • Seraphina
  • Cassedy
  • Tomoko
  • Chyna

I should be back on Friday with one more post from the ~reserves~. Until then, thank you for stopping by (and happy shopping)!


  1. I love Dhara! I picked it up at Ulta last fall but haven't used it yet. The life of a nail polish addict... You most definitely need Zoya Sunshine. Navy blue is my favorite color and I love textured polishes. It's one of my favorite polishes of ALL TIME! :O Definitely Top 5. Maybe even, dare I say it, TOP 3?! I have both Seraphina and Cassedy and I have to say Cassedy is so gorgeous. Definitely get it! :)

    I contemplated placing an order but I just don't have the extra money right now (even $24 to buy the minimum of six :( ) but if I were to place and order I would pick up Stevie, Perrie, Jacqueline, Arabella, Solange and Charisma.

    1. Hahaha, I know. I have things from fall 2010 that I haven't used yet. *hangs head* And Cassedy is going on my wishlist for a future promo, don't worry! :)

      Charisma is one of my favorite polishes. It reminds me of an older Essie, either Perky Purple or Bermuda Shorts (blanking out on which one), so I'm glad there's a more easily available option. I definitely recommend it!

  2. Oh my Gawd, Dhara looks fanfreakingtastic on you! I already placed my order with Zoya (9 polishes, wheeeeee), but now I'm seriously wondering whether or not to make another one. I might just have to wait for the next promo, but geeeeez. Dhara is gorg.

    1. Thank you, Ginger! xo

      What did you get?!?!?!!?

  3. I am seriously debating doing the exchange because I'm trying to not spend as much and 6 polishes - even at half price - plus shipping is a lot. But I've had my eye on a few polishes like Chita and Solange for a loooong time, and now you're making me want Dhara!

    1. Girl, I think Chita would look amazing on you, and you could probably do a LOT of nail art/skittles with it. Next time let me know if you want anything and maybe we can go halfsies on an order!

  4. This is so incredibly GORGEOUS!!! It is almost the texture version of China Glaze Riveting, one of my all time faves. I am now thinking that may have to be my mani for my trip to San Fran next week. ALSO, I would highly recommend getting Tomoko. I bought it in the buy 2 get 1 free back around Christmas. It is literally like having diamonds on your fingers. I absolutely LOVE IT.

    And on another note, I am currently rocking Nicole by OPI In My Gloria Days that you sent in the giveaway win, and I am OBSESSED! It is the perfect purple glass fleck shade for this time of year. Great choice!!!

    1. Thanks, Marija! <3 Riveting is SO PERFECT. Not sure which one I love more, Riveting or Zoya Amy -- depends on which finish I'm into for the day, I guess.

      Tomoko is going on my wishlist as a reminder for the next promo. :) And I'm so glad you're loving that NOPI! Isn't it lovely???

  5. I LOVE this polish!!! I got mine when it first came out!! And I'm suck a crackhead that it seems like I already have everything from Zoya that I wanted... but I looked at your 'maybe' list and you NEED Chyna!!!!

    1. After you left this comment, I put Chyna on my wishlist as a reminder for the next promo! :D Thanks, Gosia! :)


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