Friday, June 13, 2014

Shopping My Stash: That summer feeling

Hi! Happy Friday! Also, HOLY FRIGGIN' CRAP, YOU GUYS. It's Friday the 13th *and* a full moon -- I should not have been surprised when my internet went out last night halfway through writing this post. What. A. (First World) Nightmare. There was no time to finish it before I had to leave for work; when I left for home, I was so tired that I was falling asleep driving and dove into bed after getting my mom's birthday gift inside the house.

Long story short: Friday the 13th, man. (Also, HBD to my mama, whose celebrity birthday twins include Kat Dennings, Rivers Cuomo, '90s bae Ethan Embry, and forever bae Chris Evans. Especially Chris Evans.)

You've probably seen Steff's Shopping My Stash post, so you know that our theme is basically ~shades of summers past~. I own more polishes from Summer 2008 than I thought I did, and kept texting Steff with my rando discoveries until she was like, "I say use Mini Shorts. Neoooooon."


Three coats with SV.

It's kind of funny to look back at the time when a nail polish was released. It's even funnier to look back at a time before I started collecting like a maniac! When the first Essie neons were released in the summer of 2008, I think I was in my comic book phase, which coincided with my "MUST SEE 'IRON MAN' EVERY TWO WEEKS" phase. My biggest beauty priority at the time was finding a good place to get my eyebrows done. Ha.

Anyway, this first Essie neon collection consisted of four polishes with shorts-themed names. Summer-tastic, yes? I didn't start acquiring them until maybe 2010. Shorty Shorts, the neon pink, was the last one to join my stash, courtesy of Janice, who sent me a well-loved bottle a couple of summers ago (a bottle that will be loved until the last drop, btw. THANK YOU!). Bermuda Shorts, the neon violet, is one of my favorite pedicure colors. Shorty Pants was the first yellow I've ever loved, and my first yellow pedicure. But for whatever reason, Mini Shorts, a punchy neon orange, has gone untried until now.

Mini Shorts is a deeper, more red-tinged shade of traffic cone orange than my first Essie neon orange, Bright Tights. Now that I think about it, Mini Shorts reminds me a lot of Zoya Paz. I'm not going to say they're dupes, although they are close enough that if you had one, you wouldn't need the other. If I'm being honest, I think Paz has the better formula, but that could be because my bottle of Paz isn't as old as my bottle of Mini Shorts; I've noticed neons tend to get a little gummy over time. The good news is that Mini Shorts wasn't too difficult to work with. Dry time was not as fast as newer neons are, so this isn't necessarily a polish I would slap on before bed. Buuuuuuut, this orange is so deliciously squishy and obnoxious that I don't mind keeping both Paz and Mini Shorts.

Sorry this post is so late, but like I said, Friday the 13th, man. I just wanted to get this up TODAY, partly because I feel like I bugged Steff out of her blogging hiatus, and partly because our first Shopping My Stash post also was on a Friday the 13th. Can you believe it? In three more months, we'll have been at this for a year! Whaaaaaaaaaat.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week with some of my backlogged NOTDs, plus a Skinny Dipping post on Monday. Until then, don't forget to see Steff's summertime shade! If you have a great dad, at least give him a call this weekend if you're not together. ALSO. Anyone going to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2" or "22 Jump Street" this weekend? I can't go until next weekend ... but I cannot wait. I loved both of the original movies, and I've heard nothing but good things about the sequels! :D

P.S. Since this post was so late, I made you a terrible/amazing playlist of some of my favorite summertime songs. I don't understand the concept of a short playlist, so this one is 30+ songs long! ... good if you're doing some mindless chores, winding down, or whatever. You'll be able to tell which songs remind me of summers past, because they are SO ridiculous. ;) Enjoyyyyyy.


  1. Daaaaaag, that is some serious neon! Seriously awesome shade. How is it so squishy and so neon at the same time?! My mind is feeling slightly blown.

    Happy Birthday to your mum, and wow, I didn't even realize it was Fri 13th *and* a full moon...and I had such a one-thing-after-another horrible day! I'm usually a huge fan of both those occurrences, but maybe mashing them together was a little much for my lack-of-luck to handle. (>_<)

    1. Dude, Bright Tights is just as squishy, just ... brighter, LOL. But if you have Zoya Paz, it's almost the same thing as Mini Shorts!

      Eek! I'm sorry your day was so crazy-go-nuts ... mine was too, but it doesn't sound as traumatic as yours. But, good news, no more Friday the 13ths this year! :D

  2. This is so squishy! How have you not worn it? You've had it 4 years? How big is your untried pile? : )

    And Ethan Embry 4 eva! He's so freaking cute!

    I want to see 22 Jump Street so bad! But Rex didn't want to see it opening weekend, so we ended up seeing Maleficent yesterday (which I absolutely loved, surprisingly. I even cried, but I blame that on baby hormones). Maybe I can convince him to go on Mon after he gets off work. I also really want to see HTTYD 2, I recently saw the first one a few months ago, and it was so freaking cute!

    1. Ohhhh, Angie. It's practically an untried HELMER at this point!

      EE was seriously the most adorable '90s teen dude. I don't know that any teen actors these days can match up to him.

      OMG "22 Jump Street" was HILARIOUS. You and Rex will probably enjoy it IMMENSELY. My ex-roommate and I were SCREAMING, it was that funny. ;)

  3. Happy birthday to our moms, Chris Evans, and Ethan Embry!

    I definitely want to see 22 Jump Street and maybe How to Train Your Dragon 2. I can probably wait until they both come to the Redbox, though.

    This color is bananas and I love it.

    1. I still can't believe our moms have the same birthday. That's just ... WHAT EVEN.

      Yes, but the million dollar question is this: WOULD YOU WEAR THIS ORANGE????


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