Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White Hot Wednesday: Nicole by OPI Yoga-then-Yogurt

Welcome to the second installment of White Hot Wednesday! Full disclosure: I'm cheating a little bit today because this technically isn't a searing white creme. It's totally kosher, though! Even if I didn't have this mini-feature, NOPI Yoga-then-Yogurt is well worth a blog post for those of you who are looking for something a little less loud than the typical white creme, e.g., bL Cotton Buds. Or perhaps you don't feel like reliving your middle school days of putting Wite-Out on your nails.

Real talk: Middle school was not terrible, but it wasn't college. It takes a helluva lot to beat college, because college was amazing. (To give credit where credit was due, my one year of home schooling in 6th grade also was amazing. The isolation kind of sucked, but I had a neighborhood of kids to play with and being able to be a nerd 24/7 was beyond epic.)


Three coats with SV.

I mean, I would have bought it for the name alone. It's the perfect shade of plain Greek yogurt! I am a plebe and basically let my parents buy me yogurt in bulk from Sam's Club, so I am Team Oikos (and by extension, Team Stamos). I've tried Chobani -- it's too chalky for me. I'm too scared of trying a new brand, hating it, and wasting money I could be using on polish (duh), although I'm open to any suggestions you might have.


  • Formula & application: SUPERB. Really, really easy to apply. If anything, this would err on the thick side, but that's a good thing! Wait a couple minutes in between coats to make sure it dries and settles; after the first coat, you are GOOD TO GO. Pro tip: When working with whites or scary pastels, use a brand new bottle of top coat, or one as close to brand new as possible. It will make your life a million times easier. Promise.
  • Opacity: 2 coats, unless you're as derpy and/or as paranoid about patches as I am. Photos are one thing. IRL, it would require a discerning eye.
  • Wear: 5 days!!!!!!!! Minimal tip wear, which I think was probably the result of a dying bottle of SV. One barely visible chip on my chippy finger.
  • Price: $7.99 at CVS and Ulta, though you also could find it online, Walgreens, and Target (Target has it online for $5.99 RIGHT NOW). Cheaper if there's a NOPI promo or if you have a coupon. I bought this during the winter with some CVS ExtraBucks. :)
  • Year of release: 2014, at the very beginning of this year.
  • Number of compliments received: Two, because I did a lot of work outside of regular office hours when I wore this last week and saw no one except the guy at the Wendy's drive-thru window. Also, does it count if one compliment came from your mother? I was mostly at work and at home, otherwise I'm suuuuuure I would've gotten fawned over. #alexwhatishubrisfor500

TL;DR = This polish is WONDERFUL and you need it, especially if you are afraid of pure white cremes. It doesn't break the bank, and depending on when and where you buy it, you have an insanely awesome bargain! I wholeheartedly recommend Yoga-then-Yogurt. Well done, NOPI. :)

Anyone want to chime in with your thoughts on this white? What about your favorite brand of Greek yogurt? --Oh, and if you have an opinion about yoga, I'd love to hear it, too. I'll be honest, I've never tried yoga ... I'm more of a stay-moving-once-I-eventually-start-moving kind of girl (what can I say, I'm very Jessica Stein). Pilates, though ... JFC. That's a post for another day.

Thanks for reading! I should have one more post up on Friday, but I haven't settled on it yet. Which would you rather see, a yellow or a green??? (Thanks in advance!)

P.S. This is the program my family used during the 1996-97 school year. We ordered the fourth and sixth grade curriculum for my sister and myself. Pricey, yes, but we loved it! In fact, we wouldn't have gone back to school the next year if my parents' jobs hadn't required more time than they could give us. If you're looking into the whole homeschooling thing and this program piques your interest, holler at me and I'll be happy to share my experiences with you via email. :)


  1. Wow, this is one of the few whites I like. (LOL) I also like Fage, which comes in a 12-pack fruit bundle but at Costco. Maybe they may have it at Sam's Club but I'm not sure. It's good enough that my plain-Greek-yogurt-hating fiance likes it, haha. Oh and I pick green!

    1. Do you have this? It would look so good on you! Sooooooooooo gooooood. /Teen Girl Squad

      I just checked Costco today and while I did notice they carried Oikos, I failed to check for Fage. *hangs head* LOL. Plain Greek yogurt is an acquired taste, but after the past few years, I find it hard to go back to sour cream, which I pretty much only eat if I'm at Chipotle or a Mexican place and can't take it home.

    2. I do not! I'll have to go look for it soon. I like white polish to look soooooo good!

      Check next time!

  2. I don't think I've ever even noticed this color in the store before; I'll have to give the NOPI section a closer look next time.

    1. Yes, Karen, do it! You won't be sorry. :) I think you'll like a lot of the new NOPI colors! There are a few I want to go back for the next time I'm at the fancy Walgreens.


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