Monday, June 30, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost (yes, again.)

Last year, I blogged some pretty weak photos of RBL Ghost for a "Game of Thrones" season premiere post. This time around, I've got substantially better snaps ... and some concert talk. --That is, what I can remember of it, because it was so long ago and I never got around to blogging it for some reason.

At the beginning of June, I went to see The Head and The Heart play a sold out show in Richmond. I knew vaguely that a couple of the band members were from RVA, but until I noticed all the people around, it didn't strike me that this show practically was Neutral Milk Hotel levels of sold out. In fact, back when tickets went on sale, the show I attended sold out so quickly that the band had to add a second Richmond date.

Anyway, I'd done my nails the night before at my friend Krysi's house. I used RBL Ghost partially because I knew it would be easy to work with and would dry fast, but also because of this song:

Now about those better pictures ...

Three coats with SV.

While I think it's very beautiful, RBL Ghost is kind of a brat to capture, which most likely is why there are so many different photos of it floating aorund. As I said when I first blogged this polish, the RBL description is very accurate (something about the "nebulous glow" of the adobe). The red bits don't exactly show up on the nail, which is fine with me -- the overall effect is like a faded sort of metallic. It's very nice, as are Ghost's formula, application, and dry time. RBL tends to wear well on me, and Ghost looked great for the two days I kept it on after the concert.

If you're looking to buy this polish, it's out of stock at RBL and Ji has no plans to bring it back. However, I've seen this pop up on so many blog sales for a decent price! Knowing how in love I am with this polish, Anna was a peach and gifted me her bottle, which I actually used for this mani because I didn't feel like digging for mine. Thanks, A!

Okay, concert dish. Uhhhhhhhhh. It's been 4 weeks, so everything is a bit fuzzy. I guess the beginning is a good place to start: Not long after some of my local Twitter friends were buzzing about this band, I watched their early 2012 "Austin City Limits" episode. I remember being lame and thinking, "Oh man, I gotta tweet so-and-so later, he was not kidding." More importantly, I also remember being enamored with violinist/vocalist Charity Rose Thielen's necklace. What IS that thing? I NEED ONE. Look at it. Does it not have my name all over it?

The band released a second album last year, so they're touring now. I missed them twice in Richmond, once in 2012 (I had tickets that I had to sell on Craigslist because Rufus Wainwright was the same day and Rufus was kind of a priority, no shame) and another time last year when they were at Brown's Island, I want to say. I hadn't listened to the new album until May, but I think I bought tickets for this show because I'd missed them twice and dagnabbit, let me just see them once and for all.

I'd left B's house later than I wanted to, but I still arrived to the venue early, bought a poster and the new album, and staked out a spot to stand where I wouldn't have to stare at 6'+ guys' shoulders all night. Success! Then I watched people trickle in. I usually recognize maybe one or two people when I go to a show at The National, but that night, I glimpsed maybe five people I knew, including a good friend of mine who I didn't know was going, and vice versa.

The opening act, Lucius, was insanely good. Guys, I've only ever paid attention to and kept listening to two opening acts that I can think of. One was Eleni Mandell (who is amazing). The other was this band.

Definitely get your hands on a copy of their album, "Wildewoman." I promise you won't regret it! According to reader & pal Marija, most of the people at the Baltimore show looked like they were there mostly for Lucius. So weird and wonderful. Once you listen to "Wildewoman," that's easy to believe. Plus, Lucius puts on a pretty good show.

I don't remember anything particular about THATH's set, only that generally it was pretty solid. If you watched that ACL video, you can see that they're so, so good live, and if that was just a video? The real thing is even better. The most I got out of it was that the band seems to love RVA as much as RVA loves them. And that's pretty important. :)

This was a really fun and pleasant show with great stuff from both the opening act and the headliner. Oddly, I was surprisingly calm during this show, probably the most calm I have been at a concert in a long, long time. (I'm usually either SUPER keyed up for a band, or I'm anxious about something else.) It didn't blow my mind or anything because I knew what I was getting, in a weird way, but it was so nice to feel calm and to enjoy it. I don't know how else to explain it. I know it sounds weird and I don't mean to come off as dismissive (I guess?) -- there's a lot to be said for feeling contented with where you are at any given moment. I haven't had that in a while.

Anyone have any thoughts on RBL Ghost? What was the last polish you successfully captured after a second (or third) attempt? Are you gonna listen to Lucius and THATH? (Actually, I'm going to be a little blasphemous and push Lucius on you right now because they're a newer band. "Wildewoman." DO IT.) Are you going to any concerts this summer? I'm seeing three shows near the end of July -- potentially four? -- so I'm hoping Real Life gives me enough time to share them with you all.

Thanks for reading! If I can get my shit together, I have something fun to show you on Wednesday. I loved it, and it wasn't green!


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    1. Aw, thanks, lady! Anna's dislike clearly equals my gain. >:)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I'm going to a ton of concerts, this summer--two of them alone and I'm nervous about that. I'm going to see Miniature Tigers next week and Andrew McMahon in August. I don't know what I'll do with myself between sets. Any tips?

    1. Hey, Ali! I have no idea who those bands are, LOL (is this how my friends feel?), but I hope you have a great time! If you're interested, maybe I can put together a few tips for solo showgoing. Let me know. :)

  3. Haha I listen to a lot of "hipster" music, I guess. My friends never know who the bands are that I talk about and my sister only knows because she lives with me.I think you might like Miniature Tigers--their new CD, "Cruel Runnings," is definitely worth a listen.
    I would love some of your tips for solo show-going!! If you want, you can email me at :)

    1. Oh man, Ali. Sorry I never emailed you -- this month has been bonkers. :( Did you get to any shows already?


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