Monday, July 21, 2014

Skinny Dipping (With Friends): Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pearl Up

Oh man, it's Monday. That was ... quick. At least Anna and I have new Skinny Dipping posts up.

Thanks to some inconvenient time and money issues, I've been avoiding drugstores for the past couple of weeks. However, right before I started doing that, I made a pit stop at Walgreens to check out Sally Hansen's new Electric Summer collection in the Xtreme Wear line. It's been a while since I bought some true pastels (neon pastels, while lovely, are not exactly the same thing), yet I walked out with four polishes -- have you tried resisting a two for $4 deal? It's almost impossible. (I would have bought two more colors if they'd been in stock, but the display had been emptied of those colors long before I got to it.)

Here is Pearl Up, the polish I knew I needed as soon as swatches of this collection started popping up.

Crap, I forget whether this is 3 or 4 coats. All I remember is that I used SV as a top coat. Sorry, guys.

I admit I'm kind of biased since SH is my favorite drugstore brand, but can we all just agree that Sally Hansen is killing it this summer? You guys. This polish! I DIE. Pearl Up is a nude, beige-leaning jelly (!!!). I found that I needed a little TLC to apply it, but I'm 99.9% certain that was because my base coat application was not good the day I took these pics. (I need to get a new bottle of Gelous so, so badly.) I waited a couple of minutes between coats, which worked out nicely. As I said earlier, though, I don't recall whether I used 3 or 4 coats. I also don't remember at which point Pearl Up started to look opaque. All I know is that I used SV as a top coat. How long did it take to dry? I don't remember that, either. --I know, I'm the worst. I zoned out so hard because I was watching the last episode of "Rev" and WOW, did that show get me right in the feels.

Anyway, I super enjoyed the look of this. I'll have to bring this one back out as a full NOTD sometime. Now in case you're looking for this polish and the rest of the Electric Summer colors, I've seen them at Walgreens and at bigger Walmart stores. I'm not sure if the 2 for $4 deal is a Wags-exclusive thing or a time-sensitive thing because I saw it on the Wags display endcap and was so excited to find the display, I don't remember seeing any specific dates on it. Sorry, ladies. :( But if you want any of the Electric Summers, you'd better run out ASAP because these pretties are limited edition. I think I might want a back up of this polish, so perhaps I'd best get to steppin' myself.

What do you think of Pearl Up or the SH XW Electric Summers? Have you been able to find them? If you have, did you buy any? Which ones? I WANNA KNOW. I've been super into drugstore polishes this summer, but it's been a second since I blogged a legit drugstore brand for Skinny Dipping. I hope we get some good drugstore nude polishes this fall -- I hope I don't wait till next year to blog one again!

Thanks for reading! I hope to have a blog post up on Wednesday, but in case I don't get a chance to finish it, I should be back on Friday. Until then, make sure you stop by Anna's blog and take a peek at her Skinny Dipping post ... guys, it's good. I was really surprised by how much I want to stop by a drugstore to get it. *hides wallet* We'll see how long my resolve lasts!

P.S. I'm continuing to pimp my 3rd blogaversary giveaway. Can't stop, won't stop! It's open to both U.S. and international readers (for once), so don't miss out. :)


  1. Gah. Looks great on you. You make me want everything. How do you do this? I had to make myself look at polishes in my possession that are similar and remind myself that I have approx $2500 in upcoming car repairs that I am saving like a mofo for over the next 6-12 months.

    1. Hey there! Thanks, lady. Yikes, wishing you the best of luck with your car repairs -- those are never any fun. :(


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