Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RGB Cosmetics Fuchsia

Happy hump day, friends. I meant for this post to go up yesterday before my eye appointment, but clearly it didn't happen. There is SO MUCH going on in my life right now (nothing good or bad, just ... change, I guess? C'est la vie) that finding time to blog or work on blog content is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a struggle. Obviously I am better about it some days than others, and obviously Real Life Comes First, but blogging has been a tremendously helpful outlet for me -- I've been needing this a lot lately, only I keep doing this thing where I choose sleep instead.

Anyway, for today I've got RGB Fuchsia, a polish I've been trying to blog since last year (!) without success until a couple of weekends ago when I finally figured out how to manipulate my phone camera settings. Colors like this are so tricky to capture, and I was ecstatic when I *finally* got these photos. If you'll allow me to fluff my own feathers, they're gorgeous!

Also, I love jewel tones. I don't care that it's August. I thought I wanted to keep my summer colors a little longer, but you know what, I'm actually very excited for fall. (As usual.)

Four coats with SV.

Gorgeous, but I think you'll easily be able to see where I got off board with Fuchsia. See that shimmer? I prefer shades that are warmer, and the cool blue/violet shimmer is too prominent for me. Not a bad problem to have, but this is enough of an issue for me to reach for this polish often, so it will be living with my friend (and favorite bartender), Jo Anne.

Otherwise, formula and application were really good! This was the first RGB non-metallic shimmer I've used; I've always liked RGB's formula, and Fuchsia was no exception. The only thing I noticed was that the first coat goes on a little sheer, probably because of the shimmer, but after three coats it's perfectly opaque. I opted for an additional coat because I wanted to see if it would deepen/enrich the color, and it sort of did, but I think that's the most color you'll get out of it. Either way, it's really nice, just too purple for me. Dry time was fast with SV, too.

Fuchsia goes for $18 USD on the RGB Cosmetics site, b-glowing, Dermstore, and (I think b-glowing & are sort of the same? Don't quote me on this!) I understand $18 is kind of pricey, but if you subscribe to the RGB mailing list (bottom right corner of the RGB site), you'll be able to find out when they're having a sale, which is most likely how I came to acquire this one. I don't blog RGB polishes often for some strange reason, but trust me, they are quality! If I don't like one, it's probably because it didn't look great on me.

Also, obligatory:

Saying it now and IDGAF: I LOVED Fuchsia. As for this miniseries, two out of three parts were good, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a perfect Steerpike. The source material doesn't exactly lend itself to film, and I'd be kind of scared if it were to be attempted again these days if the director and production team wasn't quite right. Dang, I gotta rewatch this miniseries soon. Maybe this weekend? Hm.

Any thoughts on this polish? Your favorite jewel tone polishes for fall (or all year)? Is there an RGB polish you want me to blog in the coming months? Any other lovers of Gormenghast (the books or the mini) and Lady Fuchsia Groan? --Although my sister did not read the books, she enjoyed Fuchsia's mother, but if you like cats as much as they do, then you probably will, too.

Thanks for reading! If I can figure out when to do it, there might be a post on Friday. It's clearly not a guarantee at this point, but there's an 80% chance I'll be able to get back to blogging at least twice a week once October comes along. So yeah, is it fall yet?

P.S. As of today, U.S.-based readers have 4 more days to enter to win four of Anna's and my favorite nude polishes! Who knows, one of them could be your perfect shade, so what are you waiting for? Click on the image atop Stuff's right sidebar, or click [HERE] to see the rules and Rafflecopter form.


  1. LADY FUCHSIA GROAN? Why didn't my parents name me that?

  2. This is goooorgeous. That shimmer! *makes grabby hands* And oh wow, Gormenghast. I saw the mini-series and read the books a loooong time ago and sort of forgot they ever existed. Also? I remember thinking that JRM was sorta hot in that role even though he was hella creepy (and perfect in it, agreed). Weird? Probably.


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