Friday, September 12, 2014

Year 1 of Shopping My Stash COMPLETE! + something blue

*smacks mic* Is this thing on?

Sorry for the little hiatus and the incredibly late post (I will backdate this after next week). I'll explain myself another day, but first, Shopping My Stash!

I can't believe Stephanie and I have been doing this for one. year. now, particularly because I have been the worst partner for the last few months. (The reason behind this is deeply entwined with why I've been away.) In any case, I've had so much fun scrounging up polishes of days past and sharing them with you! Naturally, we were more successful some months than others, but I'm still really glad we started this series ... I mean, even if I'm a TAD BIT BEHIND on posting, I still have an awesome partner, and I get to share some polishes that otherwise would never see the light of day! Not too shabby. :)

You've probably already read Steff's post by now, so you know we're blogging blue this month. I chose blue partially because sapphires are my birthstone (my birthday was on Wednesday), and also because Steff's wedding is in ONE WEEK. When I told her what I was blogging, she replied with a jovial, "HAHAHAHA, that's funny for a wedding-associated thing."

It really is. But it's one of the oldest blues I have, I haven't blogged this brand in an age, and I thought this would be a pretty blue for a wedding: close to, but not quite a robin's egg blue.

Three coats with SV. SORRY ABOUT MY CUTICLES. I've slacked off on the moisturizing because I haven't been blogging and taking pictures, and you can tell.

Say hello to BB Couture Adios Mo Fo! Best name ever, am I right? I'm 99.9% sure that's the only reason I bought it, whenever this was (circa 2010-2011; Scrangie's photo put Adios Mo Fo on my radar). Like, it's GOOD. I really dig the color -- that blue is GORGEOUS. I would have liked for the shimmer to be more prominent because this appears mostly creme to the eye. I'm okay with this, though, because the formula was really easy to work with and it dried quickly with SV. I actually topped this with one coat of SH CSM Hidden Treasure + NYC GCS and didn't take any pictures (sorry), but trust me, it was beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaauuuuuuutiful.

Adios Mo Fo came from the BB Couture Cantina Nights Collection from Summer 2010. If you want it, you can buy it from the BB Couture site for $10.95, or from The Beauty Clutch, where it's on sale for $9.50 right now! I wish this brand was not so annoying to get a hold of, because it has so many wonderful colors that I am positive it would be a bigger deal if it got more exposure (these are my exact feelings about Nubar, by the way!). I hope to blog more BB Couture in the coming months ... compared to what most people like, I own some seriously snoozeworthy colors, but I really do like them.

So, Adios Mo Fo: Best name ever? Check. Awesome blue? Check. Oldie but goodie? ABSOLUTE CHECK. Wedding appropriate? That's debatable. ;)

Thanks for reading this post and for reading Shopping My Stash for the past twelve months. I know Steff has to evaluate where she is on blogging in a few weeks, so I don't know if we'll be able to keep bringing you this feature, but meeting the monthly prompts certainly has been a great source of fun and I've enjoyed the experience; if in fact she does decide to quit blogging -- which I hope she won't, but I keep telling her, "You gotta do you" -- it'll definitely be something I'll treasure. Like, blogging with one of your blog idols? HOLY CATS, lucky me! Also, this series actually has inspired me to blog some old favorite polishes of mine, which I plan to do as soon as I can come up with a name for the feature. The wins certainly outnumber the fail (that is, not posting on time), so I'm happy. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you!

Don't forget to read Steff's post, and I'll be back next week with 2 posts. :)


  1. Rick Perry once said this when he thought he was off camera. It's a pretty hilarious clip. Color looks beautiful.

    1. Oh, Rick Perry ... my favorite RP moment was captured in the following photograph:

  2. Awesome shade! It really brings me into a happy mood! :

    1. Thank you, Danny! I love your blog. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Mine was on the 7th. Yay for September babies! I hope you had a nice one. This polish is beautiful. The shimmer is lovely!

    1. Belated happy birthday to you, too! Thanks, Melissa. :) I hope your birthday went well ... I have several friends whose birthdays are on September 7 as well. Did you do a birthday mani?


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