Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Deborah Lippmann Maneater: Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up!

I haven't posted about any concerts since June, which is ridiculous because I went to three in July, plus one show this month that was so amazing, I can't NOT blog about it.

My love for Hall & Oates has been well-documented on more than a few occasions here on Stuff, but I finally got the chance to see this legendary duo in person, three days before my birthday. I still can't believe I was able to go! Earlier this summer, I jumped on presale tickets so quickly that my heart was pounding for another half-hour after I pounced on two $80-level seats.

Oh, and the presale code was MANEATER.

... which, if you know me, meant only one thing ...

Four coats with SV.

If you've been reading Stuff for the last two years, then you know the way my mind works -- this polish was LOCKED IN as soon as the ticket confirmation arrived in my inbox. :)

Maneater is so old, the label on the front reads, "Lippmann Collection" rather than Deborah Lippmann's name, which has been on the front of all her polishes since 2010. --Besides, this vamp appeals to me much, much more than Lippmann Sarah Smile, a sheer nude color. Unlike most vampy jellies, which tend to be in the crimson and oxblood families, Maneater is a deep, deep brown. It's gorgeous! You really only see the brown on the first thin, streaky coat; after you apply at least two more coats, the base color is almost imperceptible in most lights. All you see is straight up vampy gorgeousness.

Application was a little tricky for me, but jellies are such a mixed bag, especially older ones. Sometimes you get perfection, but sometimes you also have to deal with a streaky first coat. Luckily, once I got the hang of working with Maneater, it was not too bad to apply. I could have stopped at a total of three coats if I'd been more careful, but I had a couple of bald patches, and I figure that you can never be too careful with jellies, so I added one more coat (for a total of four coats). My dry time with my dying bottle of SV was not as fast as I would have liked it to be when I actually wore this one, but when I swatched it with a fresh bottle, it was perfect. (Whew!)

Funnily enough, Maneater comes from Deborah Lippmann's 2008 holiday collection. Based on the swatches I remember seeing at the time, it was more funky than traditional -- at least, for 2008. I still have my eye on Superstar and Holiday ... both are a little harder to come by now, that's for sure. (**SIGNAL BOOST!**) I don't know if this was a limited edition collection, but I know the shades certainly are discontinued. If you are lucky, you'll be able to come by Maneater on a blog sale, which is exactly what I did, thanks to a Canadian NBer. :)

I'm not sure whether Maneater refers to Hall & Oates or Nelly Furtado, but hey, guess what was the first song performed at the show? :D

Crappy but obligatory photo.

I missed the chance to see Phoenix last September when I went to Kentucky for bachelorette shenanigans, so I had never been to a concert at Charlottesville's nTelos Wireless Pavilion before. However, the area is part of the historic downtown mall, which also is home to the Jefferson Theater, one of my favorite venues, so I knew where we were going, and we got there ten minutes before the gates opened.

For the record, I'd normally say I dragged B with me, because I've dragged him to a fair amount of things over the past few years. At first I thought he was indulging me and being a really good sport about it (I think in Gone Girl, this might encroach on "dancing monkey" territory) and that he was willing to go because it was a beautiful day and it was FREE (for him), and also there was that tiny little part where he hadn't seen me in 2? 3? weeks and maybe he missed me. Maybe it was all of these things, I don't know, but as the night wore on, I kept noticing that he was having a good time, too good of a time for someone who likes to make fun of me for liking Hall & Oates. (Conclusion: He has to be a closet Hall & Oates fan. Obviously.)

The weather was beautiful that day, not too warm and not too cold into the evening. B and I have a little bit of an age difference, enough for him to comment that he couldn't believe so many people would be willing to come out in 2014 for a band that was so popular in the '80s. The turnout was INSANE -- the lawn was filled, as was nearly every seat closer to the stage. Most of the other showgoers were closer to his age ... any kids in the audience were there with their parents, and it was evident which ones were more thrilled to be there, hahahaha. I had a big dumb smile on my face as we waited in line and told B gleefully that this was one of the least hip things I have ever done (and I've seen Liza Minnelli in concert!), but I could not have been more excited to be there.

I can't remember how long the show lasted because I was enjoying myself so much that I lost track of time entirely. I guess they played a little more than an hour and a half, but less than two hours, and the set covered all of their huge hits. The thing I liked the most, though, was their band ... B and I recognized more than a few of the musicians from their appearances on "Live From Daryl's House". I wasn't sitting close enough to take good quality photos, but they kept trotting out their saxophone player and he was AWESOME. Anyway, I cracked up the entire time during "She's Gone" because all I could think of was a Ron Burgundy voiceover. (Thanks, "Anchorman," thanks so much.)

"Sara Smile"

"Rich Girl"

When they played "I Can't Go for That," I also freaked out a little because that was the second time I'd heard that song in Charlottesville, when I got to see Mayer Hawthorne cover it last year (here's what it sounded like when MH was on LFDH). It was as though my discovery of MH came full circle, because I found him looking for "Hall & Oates" covers on YouTube. :)

I also might have died when they played my favorite H&O song, "You Make My Dreams," because IT IS THE. BEST. SONG., OKAY? We can fight about it later.

Yes ... they DID make my dreams come true

They played two encores, and by the time they got to the second encore, B and I were not quite sure which songs we hadn't already heard until it hit me ... they hadn't played "Kiss On My List" or "Private Eyes" yet. Ha.

Private eyes, they're watching you!

I can't stop saying it, but part of me still can't believe this happened. I'm not sure how far along my Charlottesville show was on this tour, but if they're playing near you and you can get tickets? OH MY GOD, GO. (Note: I need you to know I just stopped typing to make a shooing motion with my hands. What even? Seriously, GO.) I am so thrilled that I got to scratch Hall & Oates off my concert bucket list on such a lovely night that I got to share with the person I love most. Life has been incredibly stressful and exhausting lately (more on that later), so I was thankful to be able to chill out for one wonderful night and ring my birthday in early.

Care to share your thoughts on DL Maneater? Which comes to mind first, Nelly Furtado, or Hall & Oates? ;) You know my favorite Hall & Oates song, but what's yours? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading! I know I'm behind on my concert posts, but something this epic was too much for me to keep to myself, haha. Oh, and I should have my birthday nails up on Friday. Spoiler: It was blue.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! My mom wanted us to go to a Hall & Oates show a while back but somehow that never materialized. Your post is really making me regret that we didn't go! I actually don't think I've seen this particular DL before, but it's beautiful--and I'm not normally one for browns! I never would have even made the Nelly Furtado connection, good catch. I would choose to think it's for H&O though. ;)

    1. Oh man!! I hope your family will be able to go another time! :( I think it was the most fun and relaxed I've been at a show this year, which is a weird thing to say, but it's true for me! :) My show was at an outdoor pavilion setting, so basically everyone was just getting buzzed and dancing. (SO MUCH secondhand embarrassment, omg.) This DL is suuuuuuper old and perhaps not all that unique any more. However, it pops up on blog sales from time to time, so you should get it! And as for Nelly Furtado, I think her "Maneater" song was on the same album as "Promiscuous Girl," which was on the radio ALL THE DAMN TIME when I was a junior in college. I had to ride as an escort on a university bus going between campus and downtown festival, so I heard it every hour on the hour and I hated everything. #hallandoates4ever

  2. "I am so thrilled that I got to scratch Hall & Oates off my concert bucket list on such a lovely night that I got to share with the person I love most."

    That's the grossest, mushiest thing I've ever read.

    1. Probably the grossest, mushiest thing I've said since last December's OPI Visions of Love post (which also was a vampy jelly). #lettersandsodas


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