Saturday, September 27, 2014

Skinny Dipping (With Friends): OPI Can't Taupe This!


--No, this is not a Cleveland wedding megapost. I can't. Not today. Last weekend was so epic that it deserves its own post, and depending on how the rest of today goes, you'll get it next week or early in October.

But today, we'll talk Skinny Dipping. Late, of course. Anna and I had a couple of moments last Saturday during which we both went, "Uhhhhhhhhh ..." while discussing when this month's posts would go up. Obviously, she was able to get it together. In a not-so-shocking twist, I was not. That's okay, though. I'm here now.

So, today's pick. I saw this polish in an OPI 2-pack at Marshalls in August, and basically was biding my time until I could blog it. I had never heard of this polish before, but I heard a rumor on Instagram that some of these unknown OPIs are? might be? repackaged Sephora by OPI colors. I cannot think of which $OPI this polish might be. EDIT: Maybe it's $OPI Under My Trench Coat??? I have this color ... somewhere ... but I can't confirm whether this is the OG.

Whatever this polish is, it's certainly irresistible to me.

Three coats with SV.

I looooooooove taupes, and I loved the color of this one. Not too red, not too brown, not too cool. Just perfect for me. And THAT SHIMMER. It looks silver in my photos, but there is the tiniest glint of gold IRL. Can't Taupe This! -- or whatever its $OPI counterpart is -- basically what I wanted Essie Mochachino to be; Mochachino leaned too red on my skin tone.

I had no issues with formula (SO creamy!) or application on this one. I think it looks best at 3 coats (no bald spots, no patching), but you can stop at 2 if you need or want to. Dry time was supah fast with SV.

I don't have time right now, but in the next week, I'll try to update this post with a photo of the 2-pack Can't Taupe This! came in, so you know what to look for if you hit up Marshalls. I've noticed the stock at my local store changes every other week or so. When I found this, I found some of last year's OPI Mariah 2013 textures and the Essie Winter 2013 collection; last week, they had Essie Spring 2014 and a bunch of NOPI Selena colors. What I'm saying is STOCK VARIES, so keep an eye out.

What do you think of this color? Does anyone have the official word on whether some of these OPIs are repackaged $OPIs? I need to know! Have you made any astonishing nail polish finds at Marshalls/TJs/Ross lately? If so, what were they? Spill!!!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully October's installment will be on time. --Sorry this post was so late, but now that you know what's going on in my life, it shouldn't be a surprise. Tuesday is the last day at work (I'll be retained until the end of the year to assist with other closing up duties), and then my sister is coming to visit at the beginning of October. I can't wait to see her so we can binge on carbs and the first season of "Sleepy Hollow" on DVD. (Don't ask me about the season premiere, because I was deep into a book when B put it on to watch -- I didn't get any reading done when I was in Cleveland and I HAD TO finish my book.) Things are going to be HAZMAT NO TIME for the next two weeks. I will do my best to have a Cleveland post up because OF COURSE I have to tell you what I got up to there, and I want to jot it all down before I forget.

Again, thanks for putting up with me. I'll see you when I see you. :)


  1. That looks very, verrrrrry much like Under My Trenchcoat. And also looks very, veeeeeeeeeeeeery awesome on you. :D

    1. Okay, GOOD. It's not just me. Thank you, Ginger!! :)

  2. Very pretty polish. Looks nice on you.

  3. The theory of the unknown OPI's being repackaged $OPI makes so much sense it hurts my brain. I see SO many of them at Winners, which I am assuming is the Canadian equivalent of Marshall's.

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad it makes sense to someone else!! Marshalls is great, they still had more sets last weekend when I looked.


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