Friday, November 14, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Thank YOU! (for being a friend)

Another Friday, another Shopping My Stash post ... and another Orly. What?

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Steff and I wanted to express our gratitude to you, our readers, by posting polishes that some of you have given us. We've both been incredibly lucky to receive some sweet packages from readers and friends in the nail polish world, but sadly, even some of those polishes sometimes go untried and unblogged.

Orly Fresh is by no means the oldest gifted untried in my stash. However, it does have the distinction of having been gifted to me on not one, but TWO separate occasions, first by my MUA pal Erin, then again by Chelsea (the corgi-loving proprietress of Nailed). Also, it was the only gifted polish I actually have pictures of right now.

So, tell me ... does this polish have my name all over it, or what?

Three coats with SV.

What can I say? My friends know what I like. Thank you, Erin and Chelsea! <3

I don't have anything in my stash like Fresh, a grassy green creme that is brighter than most greens in its wheelhouse, but it's not quite neon. I used to think it was a dupe for NOPI One Time Lime ... it's not. The NOPI is less bright, and is a true creme finish. I think this has a slightly semi-matte, squishy (but not quite true jelly) finish to it.

I actually took these pictures back in June, so unfortunately I don't remember anything about the formula. I only remember that the dry time was fast. Sorry!

Fresh was released near the end of Summer 2011 as part of Orly's four-piece Happy Go Lucky Back to School collection. I blogged my botched bottle of Frolic last year (I say "botched" because it was not that color when I originally bought it), but I've bought a new bottle since then. Frisky, while unblogged, is a huge favorite of mine, which leaves Flirty as the remaining untried. That was one of my favorite collections of 2011; Orly makes some pretty great bright shades, and the Happy Go Lucky polishes are no exception.

What do you think of Fresh? Would you agree that this is a Rachel color? Opinions on Orly Happy Go Lucky? What's the oldest untried polish someone gave you? I'd love to know!! I've got two Revlon Street Wears and Janice gave me a few super oldies (including an Essie SSN dupe? almost-dupe????). Have you ever been gifted the same thing twice by different people? --It doesn't have to be a polish, I'm just being nosy. ;)

This does it for me today. We'll be back next month, but until then, don't forget to go to Short 'n Chic and check out Steff's Shopping My Stash pick! I'm really excited to see her post. She texted me with what it was the other night and I can safely say I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT BEFORE. Once again, snaps to Erin and Chelsea for sending me this polish! You ladies are the best.

I meant to post on Veterans Day with an appropriate color, but time continues to slip away from me. For someone who is unemployed, I have A LOT on my plate (for me, at least). Luckily, I've been able to get away for a small break this week -- I got to see one of my musical sheroes, Jenny Lewis (of "Troop Beverly Hills" and Rilo Kiley fame), in concert on Wednesday night. She was magical. (Don't worry, I'll post about it this month.) Last night, I was able to get dinner with a friend I haven't seen in forever at a place I haven't eaten at in forever, so that was all kinds of wonderful. And tomorrow is B's birthday. He has to work, so it's not going to be as epic as last year's Fancy Steak Dinner, but there will be cake, beer, and "Big Hero 6," all of which are cause for excitement.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a good weekend, and I'll get back with you next week. I really hope I get the chance to post more before the deluge of holiday polishes ... !


  1. This polish looks great on you.

  2. Replies
    1. My sister saw Ryan Adams last night. EPIC JEALOUSY

      Jenny was everything, and more. I heard the Watson Twins actually showed up at another show, but not at mine, although Waxahatchee opened.

  3. My bottle of Frolic did the same thing! I should probably try and get another bottle. I feel like those orchid-ish colors do that a lot; my China Glaze Beach Cruise-r also faded to a blah pink. Anyway, Fresh looks fab on you! I've put a huge dent in my bottle, it's just the best.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! <3 Yes, I got a new bottle last Dec. and I'm happy to report it hasn't changed colors on me ... but the bottle design & cap are the new version, so it looks completely out of place with Fresh, Frisky, and Flirty. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the new Orly bottles!

      I love Fresh (and the rest of that collection) so hard.


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