Friday, December 12, 2014

Shopping My Stash: Merry & Bright

Is this really happening, the last Shopping My Stash post of 2014??? How crazy to think that this year is practically over. So much has changed for both Stephanie and myself, professionally and personally. Also, I still can't get over the fact that this happened; I'm convinced things can get only more epic in 2015! They have to.

Anyway, since it's ~the most wonderful time of the year~, Steff suggested a holiday bright theme, then asked if glitter counted. I had a good laugh over that one. I'm not even that much of a glitter magpie (at least, compared to my fellow polish hoarders), yet I'm preeeeeeeeetty sure glitter ALWAYS counts. ;)

Believe it or not, what you're about to see was not my original choice for this SMS. I had to move some posts around because my life is crazy-go-nuts; after discussing our picks last night, I made the last-minute decision to blog this polish so you would get 2 different things to look at. The things I do for y'all ...

... but it's cool, I don't mind. This polish is a stunner!

Three coats with SV.

Say hello to HARE polish Free-Spirit of the Season! This glitter ... heyyyyyyyyyyy. I totally share HARE creator Nikole's love for bright pink glitter, so between that, the pine green jelly base, and the gold microglitters, I was completely smitten. I wasn't so into this when I swatched it on one nail, but my hesitation was short-lived after I applied it to the other fingers on that hand. This polish also contains some red holo hex glitters, but the holo isn't an overpowering deterrent for me. I guess the only strange thing worth noting was that the pink glitters naturally were not as vibrant after the next jelly layer of polish. Again, not a deal-breaker, but you're gonna want to make sure that you get some pink glitters on your last coat so that it really stands out.

I didn't have any formula or application issues with this HARE. Obviously, the jelly base is buildable, so you're going to need three coats for opacity. (A fourth coat doesn't really do anything ... #askmehowiknow.) It wasn't super lumpy or gritty after SV, but if you want this to be perfectly glassy and smooth, I'd add a coat or two of Gelous before top coat.

Free-Spirit of the Season was part of the HARE polish Bohemian Holiday collection for the 2013 holiday season, and the only polish from Bohemian Holiday that got my attention. If you'd like to grab this polish, check to see if it's in stock at the official HARE Etsy shop, where it goes for $10. You also should be able to buy it from HARE's other official retailers (there are 10 bottles left on Llarowe as of "press time").

In an unusual move for me, I have to admit I did not like the Christmas movie I'm pairing this polish with. Womp wooooooooomp. The reason I ended up watching "The Family Stone" was because last year's ROYGBIV winner, Marija, named it as her favorite holiday movie and recommended it to me. I'm always game to try a new holiday movie, and I have a couple girlfriends who also name check this movie around this time of the year, so I gave it the old college try.

And uhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh. If I had paid money to see this movie, I would've been soooooooo pissed. I referred to the notes I took while watching this movie -- the note-taking is a recent development, because there is just so much going on that I really can't rely on my short-term memory right now -- and I had to laugh at two things. One, my notes were all of two bullet points long. (I'd filled two pages on "The Proposition," ha.) Second, the two bullet points basically said the same thing, which was that "The Family Stone" is not the movie I thought it would be. I felt the tone and pace were so uneven! See, it starts out like your standard ensemble comedy, right down to the score, but then halfway through the movie, it gets SRS BIDNUSS. And then it gets a little funny again. I dunno how else to articulate it (also it's 4:17 in the morning). I just wasn't into it, and that was a bit of a bummer. Also, I thought Dermot Mulroney's character was a tool, so the whole family fussing over him didn't really do anything for me. I guess my family is awkward enough that I'm gonna need a huge payoff if I have to watch other people's be awkward. (NOTE: I am aware that I sound like a megabitch now. I AM SORRY. I NEED SLEEP.) There were sweet and poignant moments, absolutely, but too few and far between.

If you've seen "The Family Stone," then I think you'll at least approve of me pairing it with this HARE polish. You know, the Stones being so in favor of letting their freak flags fly, and all that.

If you haven't seen "The Family Stone," here's the trailer:


Not every holiday movie is a winner, but that's all right because Free-Spirit of the Season certainly was. :) (I think I'm gonna blog a bunch of "honorable mention" movies next year, what do you think?) --As always, feel free to share any of your thoughts about any of this! I'm not super disappointed about the movie, though, because life would be so boring if we liked the same things, yes?

Okay, I guess that does it for Shopping My Stash in 2014. Thank you SO MUCH for reading this post, and for following Shopping My Stash this year! Everything about this series has been a blast, from tossing around themes with Steff to reading your comments; I can't wait to see what kind of themes (and twists on themes) we come up with next year. I'm still really proud of Occult-ober, btw.

Everyone be good this weekend! I'm off to visit B and Mr. Archer this weekend, watch a 6-hour opera broadcast (I clearly do not love myself), check out this year's holiday light display at the botanical garden, and go on a tacky light mini-excursion to pay my annual visit to the Christmas Yeti (blogged here in 2013, + in 2012). I'm trying to squeeze in a couple more Christmas shopping errands as well as dinner with a friend, and then I'm picking up my sister on my way out of town. I can't wait for Saturday night ... I'm going to sleep sooooooooooooooo good.

Before I head out, let me plug my ROYGBIV holiday giveaway. You've got one more week to enter and win some baller prizes! And of course, don't forget to read Steff's post over at Short 'n Chic. That polish is pretty epic. ;)


  1. ITA with your assessment of the Family Stone. I have even given it multiple viewings to try to get the appeal, and I just can't get into it. Love Actually it is not.

    1. Yeah, I rewatched it before I wrote this post and if it had stuck to one tone, I would have liked it a heck of a lot more!

  2. I saw this in the theater, and I was very disappointed, it was not what I was expecting at all. So awkward and uncomfortable. I don't like that in real life much less in my entertainment. I have mixed feelings about it now. I've seen it on tv a few times since, and there are certain moments of this movie that I enjoy. If they had been able to put more of what makes the light hearted scenes special in the heavier scenes, I think this could have been a much better movie. And, ditto on Dermot Mulroney's character, which gives me the sads because usually I like him a lot. But I also mostly didn't like SJP's character either. They did kind of redeem themselves toward the end, but, by then... Luke Wilson, on the other hand, loved him.

    1. For someone who hated SATC, I actually like SJP a lot, and yeah ... this movie did not do it for me. I did like the dynamic between her and Claire Danes, though. We all know Those Sisters.


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