Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sinful Colors Simply Silver + Cirque Colors Let's Dance

Happy hump day, ladies! Only 8 more sleeps until Christmas ... WHAT EVEN. I would be lying if I said I was starting to feel it, although it certainly is not for lack of trying. :/ I am just REALLY frustrated and confused about my life and HOW DO I ADULT??? -- I am a mess, but what else is new?

Anyway, here's my latest effort at bringing Christmasy times to the blog. This also was one of my contenders for last Friday's Shopping My Stash holiday glitter post. I had a couple of layering ideas in mind, but I knew I wanted to start off with a silver foil base. So I pulled out Sinful Colors Simply Silver, a silver foil that was released last year as part of Sinful's limited edition Mirror Metallics collection. It's your typical silver foil, but you know my Limited Edition Disease. Combined with a 99-cent sale at Walgreens ... yeah, it was bound to happen.

Pictured here is three coats with NYC Grand Central Station.

I don't believe Simply Silver is a core Sinful polish, but I have seen it from time to time in various seasonal Sinful displays. If you don't have a trusty silver foil in your stash, it's a good one to have. I had no issues with formula or application, and dry time was good with NYC GCS. It was opaque in two coats, but I used a third one out of habit.

Now I said I had two layering ideas I was tossing around, but the first was so failtastic that I decided to roll with the second one. I recently purchased a trio of Cirque Colors glitters on either Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, including Let's Dance, a new Cirque rainbow confetti glitter that is made up of square glitter and two different sizes of hex glitter in a clear base. While this combination is something we've seen before and therefore seemingly pretty basic compared to indie polish offerings ... I like basics. And this gets major points from me for having nary a holo or a bar glitter in sight. Sometimes you just want a bold rainbow sparklebomb.

I used two coats of Let's Dance topped with NYC GCS.

Let's Dance wasn't terrible to work with, but it wasn't exactly an Essie Luxeffects glitter (the nicest glitter toppers I have ever used, bar none). At any rate, I hardcore derped at applying this on my left hand (learning curve?), but my right hand looked much nicer and the glitter placement was more even. And of course I don't have pictures of that hand, but I'll be better about application next time. Dry time was good with GCS and the wear was perfect for three days; it didn't dry lumpy but it wasn't completely smooth, either, so I'll probably do Gelous + SV next time, too.

This glitter (and the other Cirque Live It Up holiday glitters) is on sale exclusively through the Cirque online shop for $13. If you are as picky about your glitters as I am or a hardcore Cirque stan, it's well worth the $13, otherwise I'd wait for a sale, either through Cirque or a blog sale. I think I want to layer this over a purple creme or maybe in a jelly sandwich next. We'll see.

If you saw the title of this post, it should be no surprise that I'm blogging "Silver Linings Playbook" today. I had no idea what to expect when I watched this movie two years ago, so when I left the movie theater thinking, "I HAVE TO BLOG THIS," I knew it was something huge. Huge enough for JLaw to get the Oscar, I don't know, but I think I definitely was glad she got the role of Tiffany instead of the original choice, Zooey D. (Maybe ZD would have been right for the role 10 years ago, but certainly not now!) Also, if you had told me 11 years ago that Bradley Cooper would be the "Alias" cast member who would blow up (second to Jennifer Garner, of course)? I never would have believed you.

I picked this movie up for either $3 or $4 on Black Friday, and watched it with my sister last night. Her first words as the final credits rolled were "GOD DAMN IT, DAVID O. RUSSELL," and I kind of have to agree. Why the sideeye? Here's why! So messy. But the dude gave us another one of our faves, "I Heart Huckabee's." :/ I also never have read the Matthew Quick novel from which this movie was adapted, so I couldn't tell you how closely the film adhered to the book, or any of that stuff.

The other thing is that I can't claim to know what it's like to have or grow up with a serious mental illness in the family, so while I'm familiar with how mental illness looks on paper, seeing it depicted onscreen is another thing entirely. Everyone experiences things differently, and all the more so with those who have a mental illness. Without seeing the DSM IV, I couldn't tell you how accurate the actors' portrayals were, but I think they were done earnestly and respectfully, if that makes sense. (I should say that my sister and I groaned at the pronunciation of the drug "Trazodone," though. Preeeeeetty sure that's not how it's pronounced and if you were on this medication, you would damn well know!)

And now for the random bullet points about this movie:

  • The cast was ON POINT. Pat, Sr. is exactly the kind of character Robert De Niro should be doing more of these days. I also loved the character of Danny, he was basically the least annoying Chris Tucker character I have ever seen, hahaha. I straight up cackled when I saw Dash Mihok as well (he's a solid character actor, "Romeo + Juliet" 4 evr). Also, Anupam Kher! NICE.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I swear the movie theater marquee sign on the night of the Raisin Bran not date read "Midnight Meat Train." LOL forever.
  • I really, really hate it when people say that "everything happens for a reason." It seems so trite and I find it very unsettling. But for the purposes of this movie, you see that Pat, Jr. (BCoop's character) really has to believe in that, he has to find solace and hope in that, in excelsior, in a silver lining any way he can get one. After all the horrible stream of current events these past few weeks, Tiffany's outburst of "Humanity is just nasty and there is no silver lining" really resonated with me.
  • Not a sports fan, so I can't speak to the accuracy of the stats Tiffany threw down during the parlay. It would be awesome if they were true, though.
  • However, I will take any opportunity to laugh at the expense of a Dallas Cowboy fan. It's okay, I'm dating one. But that doesn't mean I understand the seemingly random allegiance to Dallas. You live in VIRGINIA (or, in the character Randy's case, Philly). That is, like, nowhere close, bruh. "America's team," HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • THIS .GIF. THIS FREAKING .GIF. As soon as this happened, I knew it was going to be a .gif I would use forever because WE'VE ALL BEEN HERE. (I had to read A Farewell to Arms in ninth grade, and yeah, that was basically the whole class's reaction. I liked it, but that was still my reaction.)

I don't remember where I got this because I did not save it like a horrible person

  • The Christmasy parts of this movie don't occur until pretty late. The movie's climax takes place three days after Christmas, at a holiday dance competition.
  • ... which brings me to the music. For the most part, I loved a lot of the tracks featured in this movie. I even whipped up a mini playlist of some of my favorites for you!: 

There actually is a Jessie J song on the soundtrack, but ... nope. She's really hit or miss with me, and that song was a miss. I did like her house band performances at the 2011 MTV VMAs, though. (Speaking of Jessie J ...)

All right, I'm out. Anyone else a fan of this layering combo, of Cirque Let's Dance, or "Silver Linings Playbook"? As you can see, I had a lot of thoughts about the movie, but I have a lot of love for it, too. Did you ever read the novel? I don't know if I will, so who knows. I won't rule it out. My point is, I was delighted to have discovered a new-ish Christmas movie classic two years ago, so I'm very happy to finally have been able to blog it.

Thank you for reading! I'll try to post again on Friday, but if I don't get the chance (my sister is visiting until Sunday), you have until Saturday night to enter my ROYGBIV holiday giveaway. Not a whole lot of time left there, so don't miss it!


  1. Rachel, I wish I could tell you that a time comes where you suddenly realize that you do know "how to adult," but I'm 54 and it hasn't happened for me yet. The best way I know how to adult is to believe, above all, that you are RIGHT. That everything you're thinking and feeling is exactly how it's done and above all is TRUE. Because it is. You are the reality. And you're right. Accord yourself the grace to be you. Sorry if this is preachy, I don't mean for it to be. I think you're awesome! And you do a fabulous manicure, too. ;)

    1. Thank you, Liz. <3 If I could go back to my teens, I would tell myself that not everything was as important as I made them out to be (can you tell what kind of person I am/was?). Don't worry about sounding preachy, you gave great advice. Please give me more this year. :)

  2. I haven't seen this movie, so I can't comment at length like I did for La Familia Stone. I heard it was serious & depressing, which is not generally my genre. Love the polish though! Sparkly. Pretty. Festive. I did something similar for NYE with Sonia Kashuk Smoke & Mirrors and Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd.

    On a more personal note, I hear ya on the struggle/mess. I can so relate. I'm a little bit (damn, ok, a lot bit, eek! 38) older than you, and I don't have it figured out. When I was about 18, my mom was a few years older than I am now & she blew my mind one day when she said one day that in her head, she didn't feel any older than she did at 20. She tried to explain how inside your mind, the way you think about things, your internal conversation, if you will, is still the same, still you; and that is something that doesn't change with age. You may acquire more knowledge, judgement, experience, practice, foresight, wisdom, etc, but you're still you inside. I kind of got what she was saying, but not really, not till I was mid to late twenties did I really understand and experience it in my own life. It's even more obvious to me now. Maybe part of it is not being where I expected to be in life by this age, you know? I like Liz's advice above for this reason. If I waste too much time worrying about not having the life I wanted, I risk missing out on the life I have. And at the risk of quoting Eminem "you don't get another chance, life is no Nintendo game".

    Anyway. Sorry to go all deep on ya. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. XO

    1. It WAS serious and depressing, but hilarious and also joyful, so ... I think you would like it! And LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE The Glittering Crowd (one of my few Lynns!).

      You're so lucky to be able to have the kind of conversation you just described with your mother! Hopefully this will become clearer to me as I hit 30 (in 2016, ugh). I'm trying not to worry about where I am right now, but it's probably easier said than done ... now that I see what I've been through, I have a better (albeit still vague) idea of what I want and I don't know if I'll ever get there! But trust me, I'm probably the only one in my family who knows how to kick back, so at least there's that. ;)

      Thanks, Leissa. You're a pal. <3

  3. I haven't seen the movie, so no thoughts on that. I do also suffer from Limited Edition Disease, so can empathize on that score (I think I may have this same silver for that same reason). As far as how to adult, I'm not always sure myself but it seems to revolve around making choices that are right for you even if they're not what society expects.

    1. Thanks, Karen. <3 You're absolutely on to something re: how to adult, that seems to be the prevailing wisdom around here!

      Limited Edition Disease is the worst/best. I'm glad it's not just me!

  4. I like this combo a lot...feels very festive without being overtly Christmassy.

    1. Thanks, Jess! Yeah, you could do this any time of the year, I think.

  5. I really enjoyed this movie. I watched it with my sister too (must be a thing! Good sister movie.) and we were both sobbing and stuff.

    1. Sobbing???? Oh man. That's intense. We didn't have that reaction, but I'm glad you and your sister liked it, too!


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