Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping My Stash: A Marsala match?

Hi guys! Posting late today because I am the actual worst (and something about life + not sleeping for 2 days).

So, Marsala. As soon as it was announced as the Pantone color for 2015, I had the following reactions:
  1. "That is dangerously granny chic." (before I got a read on the color) 
  2. "What will Steff say? This needs to be an SMS post this year."
  3. "Oh, that is actually FASHION." (I got a better read on the color ... but not much better)

I am wild about last year's color, Radiant Orchid, but (1) I understand that it's not for everyone and (2) it's not really a FASHION shade. Marsala, OTOH, is both of those things *and* I believe Steff mentioned that it easily can be interpreted as neutral, which always is nice. However, I have always been drawn toward bright and saturated colors, so it's no surprise that marsala never really was on my radar and that I'm having such a hard time getting a good read on its range.

Luckily for all of us, every other brand came forth on Instagram with a product suggestion in that color. Seriously, EVERY OTHER BRAND. And then I saw this post:

And I was like, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I have that!"

So now, some terrible pictures of butter LONDON Tramp Stamp:

Three coats with SV.

Yeah, so despite the ratchet pictures -- which I am totally re-doing when I get a chance, BTW -- you can see that Tramp Stamp is really nice! I was not entirely convinced this would look good on me, but it does. I've actually had this bottle in my stash for a few years, 4 maybe?, but I've never worn it.

Part of the reason I wasn't immediately enthused about marsala is because it is somewhere between mauve, cranberry and brown, and frankly, if I want to wear a brown shade, I'll just wear brown -- there are some great browns! But part of what drew me to Tramp Stamp is that it looked like a color that would have been right at home in the OPI Russia collection, which is one of my favorite collections from when I started getting into polish. And truth be told, I am attracted to any shade that could fit in that collection.

I didn't have any issues with formula or application on this butter LONDON. Dry time with SV was good, but I probably would get much better wear with the bL P.D. Quick top coat (don't ask me why this is, I only discovered this last year). If you're interested in this shade, it's not hard to pick up because I feel like it's one that people don't really go nuts for.

I'm so glad I loved Tramp Stamp, though, because if I love the other two marsala polishes I own as much as I loved this, I might become a marsala convert! Wouldn't that be wild? If for some strange reason you have not read Steff's blog post, she did a pretty interesting write up of the color. :) Also I kind of love her pick!

Sorry for the late/lame blog post, guys. I hate that my first Shopping My Stash post of 2015 was so blah, but I have been running on empty this week and I had a surprise job interview yesterday (I didn't get the job, but no worries) so I am WIPED OUT. I'm going back to sleep. I totally will re-do the pictures of this polish later, though, because I think it deserves better. In the meantime, Skinny Dipping will go up next week.

Talk to me about your favorite past Pantone color, your thoughts on marsala, whether you own any marsala polishes ... suggestions for future Shopping My Stash posts ... I don't know. I'm out. Have a good a weekend!


  1. I see so many interpretations for what marsala is from a deep burgundy, to rusty brown to dusty deeper mauve

  2. Oh forgot to add - the photo from Instagram is not appearing here.

    1. Thanks, I fixed it a few minutes ago. I wasn't sure if it would show up because you can do only so much when copying & pasting code on a phone!

  3. I friggin love Marsala, but more for lips and eyes than nails. I've worn brown-red lipsticks forever (it's the only way red lipstick looks good on me!) and I've always been drawn to red eye shadows, so this is the perfect color of the year for me! :D Tramp Stamp is lovely, btw - I've never given that one a second look, but I might have to now. This post makes me want to grab OPI Russian to a Party, though I'm sure it's a little too red to truly be marsala!

    1. Yep, it's a very makeup-friendly shade, and I'm glad it's so wearable for you! I like bold & saturated colors, so this is kind of weird for me. I think OPI Scores a Goal also would count as ~marsala~, it was pretty close in the bottle to Tramp Stamp. :)


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