Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Best Stuff from 2014

Happy New Year! I'm so sorry I disappeared for most of December 2014. As I've said, I have to be one of the busiest unemployed people I know! It's ridiculous. I pull more all nighters now than I ever did in college. I'm not sure how things unfolded to make me busier now than I was when I was working --  I began a new position in January, which took up almost all of my time this year -- but that's how things have been. I'm not pleased. At first I enjoyed the novelty of not blogging every damn polish I put on, but then I realized this blog has been an outlet for me and I wish I could have put more time into it. When work and other things got in the way, I would choose sleep or a mental health weekend over blogging. --That's life, I suppose, but I also really miss documenting real life happenings here as well. I've journaled in some form on and off since I was 11, and Stuff has been the closest thing I've had for the last three years.

TL;DR version: I've been busy, Real Life is batshit, I miss blogging, here's some of my favorite stuff that I've blogged in 2014. I'm hoping this post makes up for my absence this year!

Let's get started.

Essie Silken Cord

China Glaze Red Stallion

Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint

China Glaze Lotus Begin

RBL Footpath

Orly Cheeky

Sinful Colors Hip to Be Square

Zoya Neely

Zoya Goldie

butter LONDON Cotton Buds

butter LONDON Poole

Sally Hansen CSM Perfectly Poppy

Nicole by OPI Yoga then Yogurt

unnamed Blue Cross Summer Brights purple

Zoya Rikki

Smitten Polish A Wedding Dress That Isn't Bright Turquoise

China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond

butter LONDON Wellies

My favorite posts from my Valentine Week of polishes:

China Glaze Igniting Love

Sally Hansen CSM Loves Me Not

Essie Big Spender (I paired it with HARE polish Test Your Love!, but I liked Big Spender WAYYYYYYY more)

I continued blogging some TV-related NOTDs.

Essie Trophy Wife

Formula X for Sephora Danger Zone

Laura Mercier Bewitched

HARE polish Damn Fine Coffee

Essie Armed and Ready

Zoya Sarah

JulieG Tahiti

My love affair with textures endured. I wore more than what I was able to blog here, but believe me, I am GUTTED that Zoya is discontinuing their PixieDust line.

Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Taffy Tart

Zoya Dhara

Nicole by OPI Sing You Like a Bee ... which I guess is a texture

IDK if it was Anna's fault, but I fell HARD for pink nails this year.

L'Oréal Members Only 

Sally Hansen CSM Summer Lovin'

L'Oréal Acid Watermelon

butter LONDON Teddy Girl

Steff and I celebrated one year of Shopping My Stash, our joint series that has become one of my favorite blog features!

Valentimes: OPI Bastille My Heart

April showers: Illamasqua Raindrops

May flowers: Sally Hansen Salon Forsythia

July: Barielle Sailor's Delight

August: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Occult-ober: Orly Buried Alive

November: Orly Fresh

December: HARE polish Free-Spirit of the Season

Anna and I also celebrated two years of our Skinny Dipping nude polish series with a giveaway. Some of my Skinny Dipping selections this year have been among my favorite pictures I've blogged, ever.

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble + OPI Lights of Emerald City

Essie Cocktails & Coconuts

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pearl Up

China Glaze Five Rules

OPI Can't Taupe This!

Deborah Lippmann Human Nature + Fairydust

Madeline and I celebrated Rex Manning Day.

Urban Outfitters Crowded + Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Stick it to the Man

September was full of crazy things. I saw Hall & Oates with B in Charlottesville ...

Deborah Lippmann Maneater (discontinued)

... I marked my 28th birthday with a blue manicure ...

China Glaze Man Hunt

... and went with B to Cleveland, OH for Steff's wedding, where many wonderful things happened. I got to meet Anna and her fiance, Jacqui and her husband, and Steff's cat, Remy. B and I also went to the Christmas Story house. Take a look at the megapost.

I keep saying this, but there were FAR more NOTDs that I didn't get a chance to blog here, so there were, in a sense, many sleeper hits. The only one I have a photo of was this:

Essie Style Hunter ... get it. 
Style Hunter and Hide & Go Chic were the true stars of Essie Spring 2014, AFAIC.

Anyway, that's 2014, and here's hoping 2015 is a year in which both Stuff and I can be more consistent. This year, I let many things fall by the wayside that I shouldn't have, I let correspondence go unanswered, took forever to reply to comments, etc. -- I had so much on my plate from work, that blogging felt like work ... coupled with my perfectionist tendencies, things can be more anxious than fun. Additionally, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do: nail polish inventory, a blog sale, a blog makeover, bringing back stalled features ... but I simply did not have the time. It was so frustrating. 

This is why I truly appreciate those of you who kept up with me this year -- thank you so much! I have no idea what's in store for 2015 (I can't think past Shopping My Stash themes, tbh), but I hope you'll continue to join me. If you'd like, you can keep track of my utter dearth of adventures on Instagram, where Sterling Meowlory Archer makes frequent appearances. I also signed up for a Goodreads account this month, and I'm planning to do the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge, so feel free to check out what I'm reading -- cross your fingers, hopefully this will lead to more of these posts.

Here's to a new year for all of us, which I hope is filled with love, happiness, professional and personal fulfillment, great TV, great albums, and even better polishes. (Side notes: I am so ready for the new Sleater-Kinney album and Carrie Brownstein's memoir to come out, it's crazy. TV-wise, I can't wait for "Agent Carter"! I love Peggy and Hayley. I'm also going to see Fleetwood Mac in March ... I CANNOT WAIT.)

Cheers and love to each and every one of you!


  1. I just bought Silken Cord and Fashion A Bow so...MOAR REDS. Also I love this round up <3

    1. I still need to get Geranium!!!! Looking forward to our Skinny Dipping post in a couple of weeks! <3

  2. Happy New Year! I love to see all these swatches together, makes me want to dive in my drawers and find treasure :-) I'm gutted about the PixieDusts as well......such a shame!!!

    1. Thank you, happy new year to you, too! Oh man, believe me when I say I am planning one mega PixieDust haul before February. I'm so bummed.

  3. What great picks! I swear everything looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! P.S., I'm glad you found me on IG!!! Now I just need to post nails regularly again ...

  4. I totally added you as a friend on Goodreads.

    1. Your request TOTALLY was approved. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  5. Hot have the most perfect nail beds ever!!

  6. GORGEOUS polishes on display here! It's crazy how many colors look fantastic on you--I wish I could pull off yellows and nudes as well as you do. Happy 2015! And PS I'm excited for Agent Carter too! I haven't gotten around to giving Agents of SHIELD a try, but I'm all in for Agent Carter! Loved what they did with her in the films and can't wait to see her looking fierce and kicking some ass on TV.

    1. Thank you, Chelsea! <3 Please know that for every yellow and nude I can wear, there is a pale lilac and a pastel blue-based pink that gives me zombie hands. ;) I CANNOT WAIT for Agent Carter ... did you see the short film? It was PERFECT!, so I'm looking forward to seeing more along that vein on the show. (Agents of SHIELD is kind of meh to me, despite Ming-na being my favorite since forever; I cannot wait for the Daredevil episodes on Netflix to come out!!) You need to follow Hayley Atwell on Instagram, she's too funny ... and I think she revealed Peggy's lipstick on Twitter:

  7. You have some of my favourite nails on the Internet. You created a serious lemming for me with SH CSM Perfectly Poppy, but sadly, we rarely see the CSM LE collections up here in the Great White North. I hope 2015 brings you more time for blogging (as well as more important things like happiness, prosperity, etc.).:)

    1. Thanks, Jess! I hope 2015 is good to you, too. I don't know if I could find Perfectly Poppy now, but I'm not kidding, I could totally send a bar of that chocolate your way! Let me know if there's anything I might be able to find for you -- I don't have good luck mailing things internationally, but for you, I'd be willing to try.


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