Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skinny Dipping (With Friends): NYC In a NY Color Minute Prospect Park Bloom

This was not going to be my pick for this month. I had Anna pick a polish via text, but then I set it down somewhere in my house and couldn't remember where I'd left it. Naturally, I found it in my overnight bag almost right after getting these pictures, because that's just the way things work, n'est-ce pas?

Anyway, I went with another nude from the same brand as Anna's original pick, an NYC polish. I can't remember the last time I blogged an NYC, although I've worn a few that didn't make it on here. But a few weeks ago, I made a Rite Aid trip to pick up a ginger ale and buy some on-sale shampoo when I got to the clearance bins and noticed one was full of NYC products. I grabbed a few In a Minute colors that looked interesting, because they were 99 cents and if you stick a clearance label on something and I'll probably definitely buy it.

So, Prospect Park Bloom. There seem to be two different versions of this color, a soft pink blush-tinged buildable sheer/jelly, and then there's the version I have, which also is a buildable sheer/jelly, but much, much more yellow-toned.

FYI, I had to lighten my pictures a bit because Prospect Park Bloom came out looking more peach than nude. Although I didn't have much success, you can get a feel for the yellow tones in this version. My skin color does not look right AT ALL (normally I wouldn't mind, but with nude colors? UGH). Maybe I just need to take photos of this under the OttLite.

Four coats with SV.

Hmmmmmm. First off, I think I'd like to see the pink version of this in person because I bet it's more wearable for a wider range of skin tones than this yellow version is. In fact, I'd only recommend this version if your complexion carries more yellow & olive tones than red and pink ones because lobster hands is nagl, even if this was 99 cents.

Also, strangely enough, Prospect Park Bloom was one of those colors I loved on my nails when I saw it in natural light. OTOH, I didn't love it so much when I saw it in artificial light. (It actually made me think of cannoli.) I don't know how this compares to polishes like OPI My Vampire is Buff or Zoya Jacqueline, neither of which I own; I gave away my bottle of Zoya Cho a long time ago, but this is more red than that one was.

Maybe this polish actually is a creme, but this bottle of Prospect Park Bloom went on the nail like a buildable sheer jelly. It's opaque at three coats -- I just wanted to see how it looked at four. If you wait a minute or two in between coats, you won't have to worry about patching or bald spots; similarly, the formula was easy to work with some patience. (I take my patience for granted because I usually do my nails while watching TV and I get caught up in a show pretty easily, but you might not be the same way.) Dry time was quick with SV, and I wore this for three days with no chips and barely discernible tip wear.

This polish is core in NYC's In a NY Color Minute line (the line that gives us Grand Central Station), which you can find anywhere that sells NYC products. However, I noticed that a good chunk of NYC products also happened to be on clearance at Target, so I recommend that you grab what you can if you are prone to panic. According to Nouveau Cheap, Rite Aid no longer will be carrying NYC products -- holy mackerel, where I am supposed to get their LE collections now? I only ever saw them at Rite Aid! -- and I think NYC also has redone their permanent line. I also believe NYC rebranded with a new logo; if you check out this Instagram post, you'll notice the NYC In a NY Color Minute bottle we know on the left, while the right-hand bottle sports a slightly different logo. I haven't been to a drugstore in two weeks because I've been snowed in, so I'm curious to see what's up. BASICALLY, if you're like me and you don't want to live in a world without NYC Grand Central Station, just grab it every time you see it. $1.99 isn't so bad ... I just skip the soda purchase instead. ;)

Thanks for reading! Any thoughts on this nude, problematic nude polish shades, NYC, clearance buys, mislaid polishes, or discontinued product panic? Anyone who loves makeup KNOWS that struggle is way too real! And don't forget to look at Anna's Skinny Dipping pick -- we both derped on this month's post, but it's been a ridiculous, cold, snowy, SHORT month, so please forgive us. March should be better. :)

One more thing before I sign off: Have any of you gals ever taken a barre class? I mentioned earlier that I'm trying to find a fitness routine I won't hate (I'll almost certainly hate the music, though, I always do), and I am one of those people who prefers in-person classes because I need structure/routine and 100% will screw around if I'm on my own. I don't know if it's the winter cabin fever talking, but I signed up for an intro class tomorrow night (barring natural disasters, ofc), so I'm excited. --Excited, and also a little worried because SO FAT, MUCH FITNESS, VERY LULULEMON, MANY STEPFORD, etc. I also get self-conscious because I wear glasses and no matter what I'm doing, working out with glasses always looks weird. (I can't wear contacts, and wearing sports goggles during tennis lessons caused major fashion trauma when I was younger.) Anyway, please share what you know. Thanks in advance! I'll try to report back in my next post.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! My sister is coming to visit for a few days, so we'll see if I have time to post something next week. Either way, I'll see you in March!

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  1. OOOOH fun!! Let me know what you think! There aren't any classes offered around here so I was doing this routine for a little while (but when you only have one to work from, well..hah! I'm thinking about taking a beginner spin class due to the fact that it's been so cold here I can't take riding lessons.

    Okay, that was ridiculously long.


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