Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July: Deborah Lippmann Dream Weaver

I was so bad last year, you guys. I went HARD with the Lippmann holiday 2014 collection, picking up four of its six polishes. When the first swatches appeared online, I remember going, "WELP" and making an out-of-my-way Sephora trip to pick up ... was it Weird Science or Dear Mr. Fantasy? ... in person (it was probably Dear Mr. Fantasy). I knew I had to get this one, too, but I waited for a killer holiday sale code on the Lippmann site before I pounced.


IDC what you say, Tia Carrere still is a babe. (#filipinopride) But now that I got this out of the way ...

Three coats with SV. Also, sorry, these pictures are not the best. :/ Visit this blog. And this one. Oh, and this one.

I think the official Lippmann description of this polish is a "mesmerizing mood stone," which ... sure, I guess? There definitely is some duochrome, though. It goes from a subtle smoky emerald? teal? to a subtle smoky deep purple, but if you don't have any sun or lots of light, it's just gonna look sort of like a muddy opal pewter. It's a stunner, but if you want something stronger and less plummy/brown, maybe try OPI Peace & Love & OPI or Essie For the Twill of It. I still can't stop staring at my hands.

Formula was surprisingly good on Dream Weaver. Although I used three coats, I really think two would suffice (especially if you go a little heavy on the second coat)! I polished carefully, so I didn't have any brushstroke issues. Dry time was fast, as always, with SV. I only put this on yesterday evening, so I don't know about wear yet, but Lippmanns tend to wear pretty well on me.

Dream Weaver currently isn't available on the Lippmann site, but you can nab it at several other online retailers for $18 (full price); I checked 6pm, which usually has great deals on Lippmann, but it's not there, either. I'd say that maybe the best place to buy Dream Weaver for a bargain right now is gonna be on a blog sale or destash. Anyway, totally in love with this Fantastical polish. I wonder which one(s) I'll end up wearing or possibly blogging this coming holiday season ...

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get this post up today because I didn't have pictures or internet until last night, so I'm really happy this worked out. Plus who doesn't love an excuse for a Christmas in July post AND a "Wayne's World" reference? Not this girl! ;) Schwing, indeed. If you have any thoughts on this Lippmann, the Fantastical polishes, a favorite "Wayne's World" quote, or a favorite duochrome that you would like to share with me in the comments, please do! It's been SO great to hear from you all again.

Anyone got any good plans this weekend? I'm not sure what's going on. I could be good and stay in, finish the last two episodes of "Wolf Hall," and work on more fruitless job applications or blog posts for August ... OR I could be bad and crash with my favorite kitty, watch "Antman" with B, go to a barre class (still doing it, btw, but not often enough to see ~results), and see my friends. The cash flow is not great right now for obvious reasons, but I feel like summer is practically over and I might as well enjoy it. Whatever you do, have fun and stay safe out there. I'll see you at some point next week. Thanks for stoppin' by, San Diego!


  1. This is a pretty awesome polish. Love Deborah Lippmann.

    I'm pretty sure I know what you ended up doing with your weekend, was Antman?:) I've had a huge crush on Paul Rudd ever since Clueless, and I generally love anything Marvel, so I feel like it can't be terrible.

    My weekend was very homebody-ish, and it was actually kind of lovely. I gardened, baked scones, and cast off and blocked my first knitting FO of 2015 (I'm a slow knitter)! It's a scarf that I had cast on Christmas Day but I got so bored with it that I put it down for awhile, which means that now I have no excuse for not finishing my niece's sweater.:)

    1. I haven't seen it yet!!! Can you believe it? Or "Jurassic World"! (Too busy watching "Magic Mike XXL," apparently. #priorities) I love "Clueless" so much. Get this, I never saw the movie until I was 21! I had seen the TV show back in the day, though. Faiiiiil.

      That sounds like a lovely weekend. I just putzed around, caught up on TV, washed my sheets, and cleaned out the refrigerator. It was nice. Go finish that sweater!!!

  2. I could quote Wayne's World for days :) not sure I can pick a favorite but a contender might be "Do you take cash? Cha-Ching!"

    1. "Wayne's World" was the first time I ever saw Rob Lowe in anything, which tells you how old I was, LOL. All I knew was that he was fresh off some scandal at the time, HAHAHAHA.

      I'm pretty fond of the "Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" line myself. :)


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