Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FingerPaints Aloha Lei

Hey sugar, what's shaking? Long time, no post. I'm still job hunting (ugh), summer is here (gross), wedding season is in full swing (don't get me wrong, I'm so happy for my friends, but sometimes I cannot with all this ~love~ when I know I'm going to die lonelier than the volcano in that Pixar short) ... you know how it goes. Luckily for my wallet, I've only got two more weddings on my docket this year -- I'm not totally sure yet if I'll be able to attend the second one on account of it being in NYC and my being a broke a$$ bitch, but I definitely will be at my college friend Kristin's wedding in Richmond this fall.

Since orange is Kristin's favorite color, I went through a bunch of orange polishes looking for something I could wear to her bridal shower this past weekend. I settled on this LE FingerPaints glass fleck that actually was released last summer because it's been a long time since I wore glass fleck AND a FingerPaints. I was pretty pleased with Aloha Lei -- so pleased that I'm wondering why I waited a whole year to wear it. What is wrong with me? (Answer: So many things, really. That's a whole other blog post. Or just ... a whole other blog.)

Three coats with Gelous + SV.


Hello, beautiful. I'm sure I've said it before, but every gal needs an orange glass fleck in her collection. They're perfect for summer, and it takes a lot for this color and finish to look bad on someone. For the two of you who are curious, Aloha Lei is NOT the same as two other orange glass flecks I've loved (and blogged!) in the past, China Glaze Riveting and Zoya Amy; those polishes are a deeper, more red orange while Aloha Lei is brighter and lighter, generally giving more of a citrus vibe, I think.

No formula or application issues here. This might be opaque at two coats, but I was polishing in low light and did an extra coat to be sure. With a layer of Gelous before SV, I was able to wear this polish for SIX days ... no chips, although I did have some light tip wear (it's not super noticeable since this is a lighter colored polish).

Aloha Lei is from last summer's FP Poolside Paradise collection, LE and available only at Sally's. If you want this one now, you're SOL. I did see one bottle floating around on eBay last night, but maybe keep an eye out for a blog sale. Or who knows, you might get lucky digging in your Sally's clearance section ... I still see OPI Gwens from early 2014 every now and then.

Now that you know what I think, I'd love to hear from you. Anyone have a favorite orange glass fleck? Are you loving the revamped FingerPaints line and LE colors as much as I am? Seriously, they're stupid good. Would you wear this to a bridal shower? 

Unless I'm going somewhere extremely stuffy these days, I've been trying to enjoy polishes that traditional, conservative workplaces would not consider appropriate. Might as well get some use out of my collection, you know? I still think this was a good choice for last weekend -- Kristin's shower wound up being a small and intimate affair at her parents' home, cohosted by my friend Krysi (you'll recall she is the Hostess with the Mostest). Krysi REALLY committed to the honey theme ... the handmade invitations, the food, this insane wreath, the decorations, the party favors (local honey from a Colonial Heights apiary), and the game prizes ... I love a good theme, so you have no idea how much this appealed to me. Here are a few snaps.

(homemade white chocolate honeybee pops, the night before)

 Finished honeybee pops ... the ones with the shitty paint job were mine

Love these ladies! (Told you Kristin loves orange.)

I won this movie quote game, despite never having seen some of these movies. Someone said, "Rachel's gonna get this" and I was like, "THIS IS NOT MY GENRE, CHANNING TATUM IS MY GENRE" (because lbr, he is the charming-est potato) (also can we talk about how my preferred "Notting Hill" quote is the one about happiness and that goat painting? or any of the "Horse and Hound" stuff? Basically, not this quote?). I only squeaked out a win using context and recalling a "When Harry Met Sally" quote painting at Steff's house from her own bridal shower, so ... thanks, Steff! ;)

Aforementioned honey swag and my local honey favor

Mrs. Bigglesworth, not here for the party crowd

After the shower, a bunch of us went out to dinner and it was kind of THE BEST social thing I've done in a while. It was basically a reunion of Krysi's bridal party from her wedding two years ago, and it was so great for all of us to be together again, even if it was just for a couple of hours and we gals were dog-tired. (I don't know why I was tired, I barely did anything.)

Before I go, let me wish a happy and safe Canada day to my Canadian readers today, as well as a great July Fourth weekend to my American homies. If you have to work ... #getmoneybitch. I don't think I'll be doing anything exciting except FINALLY watching "Wolf Hall," but who knows. Be good, and I'll see you next week, which, oh my god, can you believe it'll be Stuff's 4th blogaversary? I could've gone to grad school and been out by now. Anyway, I have a couple of posts I started last month that I finally got pictures for, so I'll try to stretch things out so it's not completely crickets and tumbleweeds over here. Also, I missed you. Hope to see more of you around here this summer!

P.S. Anyone going to see "Magic Mike XXL" or "Terminator Genisys" tonight? If I can finish up some housework, I'll try to get out there for Potatum & Co. Listen, when one of your favorite movie critics all but trashes "Genisys" and essentially praises "XXL," it's hard not to feel a little validation about your (terrible) choices. ;)

P.P.S. Speaking of movies, I got to catch "Love & Mercy" last night and it was so beautiful. (Plus, free popcorn and the theater to myself, what?) I almost teared up when "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and a live version of "Love & Mercy" came on at the end. Ugh, I love Brian Wilson, I don't even know what I would do if I got to see him live. If you're even remotely a fan of him or the Beach Boys, RUN, don't walk!


  1. I'm actually not huge on glass flecks, but good god do you make them look good!

    1. Aw, sad. They are one of my favorite finishes, I bet you could rock them if you wanted to. (Thanks, lady!)

  2. I bought that polish recently on clearance, and your swatches have me all excited to wear it!

    1. Ahhhh, that's awesome! I hope you love it. :)

  3. I was so excited to see a new post from you! I may have squealed a little. Oh, how I've missed you. I almost emailed to say hi a couple times, and now I regret not doing so. Sorry, I'm lame. I really did like all of the Poolside collection, but didn't get any. I do love a good glass fleck, but lately, have been wearing a lot of creme (cream?). Just so classic. Anyway, continuing good luck with the job hunt! And I hope to see/hear more of you around this summer :) xoxo

    1. LEISSA <3 <3 <3 You should've said hi, it would've taken me another week to reply, but I would've! I hope you're doing well. And yeah, I'm crushing on cremes (as always), but it's summer, and a little glass fleck sparkly never hurt nobody. ;) Thanks for the good vibes, I hope I find something, too. Email me anytime. <3

  4. Welcome back!!!!! This looks great on you! I don't have an orange glass fleck but now I'm thinking maybe I should!

    1. Thank you, Katherine! There are so many good ones out now -- if you can get your hands on the CoverGirl Glosstini ... I forget what it's called ... that's probably gonna be the cheapest/easiest to find in stores right this moment. Let me know if you get one!

  5. Oh yayyy I'm so happy to see a blog post from you! I love this polish (I'm really login' on oranges lately - I blame you) and I saw Magic Mike XXL today - girrrrrrrrl you will not be disappointed. It was so fun plus those dudes' bodies are better than eva. So good!


      I'm so jealous that you got to go see it, but I'm glad you had an awesome time!

      <3 <3 <3


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