Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Smile! LIPSTICK POST :D

Happy National Lipstick Day! Apparently, there truly is a day for everything. If I were still keeping up with Shopping My Stash, I'm pretty sure I would have lobbied hard for this as our July theme. ;)

To celebrate, I'm going to share phone photos of my favorite summer lipsticks later in this post. No swatches or anything, just bleh pics of them in their tubes because I'm lame. All I have are really shitty quality iPhone selfies I've sent Madeline because she is my lipstick friend, ha.

Anyhoo, that was a lot of words to tell you I love lipstick. In fact, a year before this (relatively new) obsession kicked in and the RBL Emoting Me collection came out, Smile was giving me lipstick vibes. Buying my own bottle and having it in my hands only reinforced this idea, so that's why I'm posting it today.

I fucking love this color. It's bright, bold, and just so happy. I wish I could find it in lipstick form. I'm already betting it would make my teeth look whiter ...

Three coats with SV.

Swooooon. Yes, there are hints of a golden shimmer in the bottle, but they're practically imperceptible on the nail. Laaaame. Good thing this reddish coral is so beautiful on its own!

Formula and application were great, RBL at its best. Nothing weird here. It's opaque in two coats, but I used three thin coats because I am an obsessive three-coater. Dry time is good, and I wore this for three days with no chips, just some miniscule tip wear. Because of the pearly shimmer, it looks semi-matte without top coat; even with SV, it dulled after a day. Didn't bother me, though.

I can't believe the RBL Emoting Me collection was two summers ago. Isn't that wild? Smile is still available for $20 on the Rescue Beauty site, or you could take your chances and try to score it via blog sale. If you like reds and corals, this little baby is a must-have in your stash!

Speaking of stashes, here's a really tame look at some of my really tame stash. Forgive the shitty photos. I'm just excited and I wanted to share *something* because I love that I've been able to wear lipstick more often these last few months!

  • NARS Dragon Girl - Duh. And okay, technically not a tube lipstick, but it's perfect. I got this to wear for Steff's wedding last year upon my MUA's suggestion and it still KILLS. I really had to twist Madeline's arm (no, I didn't) to get her to buy it for her birthday in May, and once she put it on, she sent me a very excited text saying something like, "THIS IS THE NICEST THING I EVER PUT ON MY FACE." Truth. It's a little pricey and I will have to get a NARS sharpener soon, but damn if it's not hella gorgeous. I barely have to touch up whenever I wear it, which is how you know this pencil is too fabulous and worth the $26. I'm dying for the 413 BLKR pencil but I'm soooooo stoked that the mini Cruella pencil is the Sephora BI birthday gift! I can't wait to pick up mine in September.
  • MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus - Probably the greatest thing Miley will ever give us. (And that includes "Party in the U.S.A.") SUCH a flattering pink! It's one of MAC's amplified cream finishes and so it's not a true matte, but who cares. While I didn't buy the lip glass, I've seen it on other gals, and the combination of this lipstick + that glass is just too beautiful. Grab the lipstick (or the glass) while you can. I might be hoarding a back up tube ...

  • NYX Matte Shocking Pink - Photo fail. This is decidedly quite orchid in the tube, but don't let that scare you! Its blue/violet undertones are so pronounced that I'm not sure that this this looks as good on me as other colors do, but I still like it a lot. However, my two NYX Mattes (this + Street Cred) tend to dry out my lips and flake within a couple of hours, even with primer (also currently NYX!), which is probably why I don't reach for them as much as my other drugstore brands. I've wearing this one a lot this summer so I can try to figure out what's the deal.
  • L'Oréal Colour Riche Freida's Red - More of a fuchsia? magenta? than red red on me, but stupid gorgeous. I wore this to Anna's wedding and it hung on really well, given the circumstances (I stuffed my face and I also had to use my UD Ozone as primer instead of liner, which is not my preferred use for my Ozone pencil -- I like it better as an outer lip line barrier). It's very creamy and pigmented, which always makes removal interesting at the end of the night. I would say it's my favorite so far among the 4 L'Oréal signature reds I got, but I haven't tried the others yet. (I picked up Blake's Red, Julianne's Red, and Liya's Red ... I still need JLo's. Maybe Julianne's Red is in order to try next.) There's a slight powdery? floral? scent to these L'Oréals, the same as the core Colour Riche lipsticks, though strangely it doesn't bother me.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Shocking Coral - The Color Sensational Vivids line probably is one of the best drugstore lipstick lines out there, IMO. Shocking Coral leans more pink and actually needs to be blotted and powdered twice before I can get it as pink as I like it (is that weird?), but it wears beautifully. (I knew I would stan this line after wearing this to $2 Burger Night at a local bar and it still looked good. Even B was impressed.) This particular shade was one of my favorites from last summer! You can pick it up when there's a Maybelline sale or you could drag yourself to Walmart and get it for way cheaper than a regular drugstore price (that's what I did).

  • Wet n Wild Silk Finish Nouveau Pink - Totally smells like a grandma lipstick if you know what I mean, but the color is to die for and it's easy to put on. The only thing I really hate it about it is the packaging design on the new, redesigned tube -- UGH @ the bottom of that curvy cap! If the cap breaks or won't stay on, you're kind of fucked. At least it's cheap (99 cents!). I got this tube in January, and it was one of my favorite colors this past winter.
  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Purty Persimmon - Another rec from Madeline last fall when I was in the market for an orange-leaning red. I know I just praised the Maybelline Vivids line, but the WnW Mega Last line is without a doubt THE BEST lipstick you're gonna get for your money. The range of colors is fantastic, so for $1.99 you can try out a shade without breaking the bank (especially when there's a BOGO half off sale or a 99-cent sale). My absolute favorite core color in this line is Sugar Plum Fairy, but that's more of a fall/winter lip for me. 
  • Wet n Wild Mega Last Sunset Siren - This was LE last fall with a few other matte shades, but honestly, it needs to be a permanent shade because it's so damn good. The pigmentation and staying power for the Mega Lasts generally are pretty good, but this LE matte is so fucking insane that it has no business being 49 cents (which is what I paid for it on clearance last year). This picture makes it look a lot like WnW Mega Last Cherry Picking, but trust me, Sunset Siren is more of a neutral red IRL. Bold, but not that deep of a red. Loooove.

Like I said ... basic shit for a #basicbitch, but (1) it's summer and I noticed I reach more for reds and berries more in the fall/winter seasons. I love the idea of a purple lip (Maybelline Hot Plum/Brazen Berry/Orchid Ecstasy + MAC Heroine), only I don't know if I could pull it off. Also (2) I love a good matte lip, and (3) I've probably acquired one tube too many for someone who really only wears lipstick on weekends. I couldn't wear it at my last job, and who knows where I'll end up working? :/ 

Okay, that does it for today's lipstick ~celebration. What do you think, is RBL Smile reminiscent of lipstick? What polishes do you wish could be actual lipsticks? Besides this RBL, I think Orly Risky Behavior would be too mega. Maybe such a shade already exists, I don't know. Feel free to share some of your faves or future purchases in the comments, plus a warning if you think they're so good that I'll need to hide my wallet. ;) (I feel obliged to pimp this red because Peggy Carter. Maybe for my birthday ...)

Thank you so much for reading! I know I dropped off the face of the earth for a few months there and I have no idea what the next few weeks or months will bring, but as nice as that five-month break was, it's nicer to be posting again. Next month is going to be bonkers because I'll be traveling a lot (ofc my summer gears up just as the season starts winding down), so I'll try to get a handful of posts together for y'all. Sound good? I'll see you guys next week!

P.S. No, I did not wear OCC Technopagan to my best friend's mom's housewarming because I forgot to take it with me to B's. #fail Instead, I wore NARS Dragon Girl (surpriiiiiiiiiise! Not.) and it was bomb. My friend's mom said I looked like I was "on the prowl," haha. I suppose that's fitting, given the name "dragon girl." But Technopagan will happen as soon as I can pony up for my favorite makeup remover (Lancôme Bi-Facil -- I know it's for eye makeup, but it removes lipstick better than the Neutrogena wipes!) and an angled brush.


  1. So, fun story about this polish: the first time I wore it to work, a coworker of mine loved it so much that she pretty much immediately went online and bought this plus three other RBL polishes. She hadn't even heard of RBL before then. I think it's the only polish I've ever worn that inspired an immediate $80 impulse purchase.

    For lipstick, my comfort zone is definitely lighter or neutral colours on the lips, although I've slowly been warming myself up to brighter colours. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cremes. AMAZING formulas and lots of bright colours for those who like to rock a bright lip. Super pigmented, creamy without being slippery, very comfortable on the lips and they wear like iron.

    1. Wow! $80 impulse purchase, that's impressive!!! What did she get? I think the most I've done is have one of my best friends scout her area drugstores because she wanted a bunch of LE Sinful pastels. She got them, too, but it was more like $20 and not $80, LOL.

      Your lipstick preferences and Marc Jacobs rec have been duly noted! Thanks. :) But seriously, you gotta tell me if you want anything from NYX or Milani before there's another sale!

  2. Smile is gorgeous, I'm now regretting not getting it the last time I ordered from RBL! Maybe someday.
    Love that you're posting again!
    I confess I'm not a big lipstick wearer but those all look really pretty!

    1. Oh man, Katherine, RBL had free shipping until noon today! But I hope you get a chance to nab this polish soon, because you'll love it. Like I said, the shimmer is kind of bleh on the nail, but the red coral is too fabulous.

      Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying these posts. :)

  3. I lloooovveee lipstick! I own a ridiculous amount, even colors like grey that I never get much of an opportunity to wear. I also share your love for Viva Glam Miley. The bf got it for me for Valentine's Day (after some not-so-subtle hint dropping from me) and I wear it constantly! I gotta get the lipglass too at some point.

    1. What grey is that? Now I gotta know! Haha, that's sweet that your bf got you the MAC Miley for Valentine's Day. Kiss proof that lipstick! ;) Dude, you gotta get the Besame red that Hayley Atwell wore in "Agent Carter"! It's on my list of things to get before the end of 2015.

      P.S. My ex-roommate got a corgi and his name is Gimli.

  4. I would check out Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Strawberry Kissed.

    1. Just googled it. DAMN, THAT'S HOT. #birthdayhaul


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