Monday, July 13, 2015

Sally Hansen CSM Tupelo Honey

When it comes to social media, Twitter is my network of choice. However, I laid off from tweeting for most of last year and have been experimenting with Instagram. I think IG's biggest advantage simply comes down to its more visual nature (duh); IG also allows for more than 140 characters in a post, which is such a novelty after years of Twitter's 140-character limit. And the filters are wayyyyy better than they used to be, so that's great, too.

Of course, there are a SHIT TON of nail polish and nail art accounts on IG, which is terrrrrrrrible for your wallet. They don't even have to be solely nail accounts, though. Take Eva Chen's account, for example. (I don't know too much about her, but I do enjoy her #evachenpose posts, normcore mom wardrobe, and her adorable baby! Also: boy, her high heel immersion program is reaaaaaally not working out, haha.) She posts a lot of polish and NOTD shots from time to time; one day, she posted a picture of a LE Tracy Reese SH CSM that made me go, "OH. SHIT. DO WANT." Lucky for you guys, I don't think this polish will have quite the same effect because, well, it's not easy to pull off.

Three coats with SV.

Dang it, I should have posted NOTD shots with my little jar of honey from the bridal shower. That would have been sorta meta. Oh well.

True story: When I texted a crappy iPhone photo of this polish to Stephanie, her reply went something like, "Of course this would look good on you." (I'm too lazy to scroll all the way up in iMessage and check. You'll just have to take my word for it.) Anyway, see what I mean about Tupelo Honey being tough to pull off? This is not going to look good on you if you are of the melanin deficient variety with red undertones because it's going to look like pewp. Sorry, ladies. On me, though, yasssssssss! I love it. Thanks, Eva Chen! ;)

I don't recall anything weird about this polish. Formula was good, it's opaque in two coats, dry time was good, and it's basically your perfect SH CSM creme. I had this on for four days and save for my SV scratches, it still looked great. Honestly, it just comes down to whether this is a color you can wear, but I just covered that, so. There you go.

Tupelo Honey was released a couple months ago as part of SH CSM's ongoing seasonal collaboration with several designers including SH favorite Tracy Reese, who gave us this very shade. Should you decide you want this, too, I don't think it's very HTF right now -- it actually might be on clearance at Ulta because I can't see this being a super popular polish, at least, not compared to Teesta Turquoise (EMOJI HEART EYES!). So go check it out. Maybe you've got CVS Extra Bucks, I don't know. Go use it on that. I actually picked up this bottle at Kroger one day after coming back from Anna's wedding because I was searching for SH CSM Perfect Pair (from the bridal collection), couldn't find it, and decided I couldn't justify a quest across town without buying *something.* (And that is how I get into trouble. /csb)

I'm curious, though, so tell me: Would you wear this polish? Are shades like Tupelo Honey something you would try out? What are your favorite IG nail accounts? What's the last thing you bought after seeing it on Instagram? What's your favorite SH CSM Tracy Reese shade? --I have a LOT of questions ... it happens when you've been gone for a while. ;)

In closing:

This song kind of goes on forever, but whatever, it's nice. Sometimes dad rock isn't so bad. ;) Also, RIP, Grooveshark. I miss you so much right now!

All right, I'm out. I'll catch you later this week. Thanks for reading!


  1. I would never buy this, as I fall into the aforementioned melanin-deficient, red-undertoned category. But you? Yeah, you pull this off well..:) And Teesta Turquoise...DOUBLE HEART EYES EMOJI!

    1. Thanks, Jess! Ugh, that polish is everything and the obvious "must have" from SH CSM Spring '15 ... but my other picks are amazing in their own rights (including this one). Glad I could send TT your way! <3

    2. Me too! It's so, so good.

  2. I generally stay away from the CSM's because I. Hate. The. Brush. I just cannot with paddle brushes, which turns me off quite a few brands, sadly. There's currently a couple of Nina Ultra Pros at Sally's that I would like, but since they changed to the new bottle & paddle brush combo a while back, nope! I know, I'm a weirdo.

    1. Yeah, paddle brushes give me pause because I try to go by "will I wear this on my toes also?" But I did a pedi a couple of weeks ago with a SH CSM and it actually went on easily, to my surprise. Guess you'll have to hang on to your Essies, ChGs, and Orlys! ;)


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