Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ABCs of Untrieds: C - American Apparel Crescent Heights

Back in the day when I actually made an effort to get things going with this blog, I attempted an ABCs of Untrieds feature to aid in my painfully slow stashbusting process. As you can see, I made it all the way through A and B before I flitted on to whatever struck my fancy at the time. A few years and a lengthy hiatus later, I think it might be fun to try again and pick up where I left off. (Of course, this all latches on whether I find substantial work anytime soon, because I know I won't be able to blog the way I like to if that happens.)

Anyway, back in June, I almost tripped over a shoebox containing several untrieds, including my American Apparels (I sort my untrieds by brand). I poked through the box and came up with two AAs from the last time I bought AA polish. But last month when I was tossing around the idea of bringing back the ABCs of Untrieds, I thought Crescent Heights would be a great polish to kick off this go-round.

Three coats with SV.

I've been wearing A LOT of green this summer, but I hadn't quite gotten around to chartreuse until this happened. So thanks, ABCs of Untrieds. :) I love the look of Crescent Heights -- it doesn't quite fit what I'd consider a lime green or apple green, nor is it as WHAM POW as other acid greens out there, since this is slightly murkier and dustier than other similar greens. It definitely belongs in the chartreuse family. These types of colors usually look pretty good on me, but on the off chance that you recall last year's fail with Essie The More the Merrier, you'll know not all chartreuse green cremes are created equal.

I haven't worn an AA in forever, so I'd forgotten just how much I HATE the AA brush. The stem seems inordinately long ... I would only hate it more if it was thicker with a tapered brush (think: a Dior brush or a SH Insta-Dri brush). And the long square bottle, while very aesthetically pleasing, worries me a little bit because I'm constantly afraid I'll knock it over. At least the formula was pretty good. It dries semi-matte, so (1) work as carefully as you can, (2) wait a minute or so in between coats, and (3) you're definitely going to want to use top coat for a glossy matte finish. I used two thin-medium coats plus a thicker final coat to hide any potential patches and topped it all with SV. This time, I only used a base coat of Gelous because I thought Crescent Heights would be a quick swatching situation ... but then I liked it so much that I wore this shit for AN ENTIRE WEEK. That is the longest I have ever worn an AA polish!!!! Even back in the day, AA would chip on me or I'd have nasty tip wear after the second day, tops. So my friends and I were impressed as hell. I didn't have any chips until the end of Day 4 (right corner of left index finger), a second chip on Day 5 (right corner of left middle finger), and a much smaller one that I noticed on Day 6 (tip of right middle finger). Maybe I'll have to wear my other AA polishes to make sure this occurrence wasn't a fluke! ;)

IIRC, Crescent Heights was among the second batch of colors added to the core American Apparel polish lineup toward the end of 2011. I bought this bottle sometime last year along with two other polishes because you know the drill -- it was was 3 for $15 back in 2010, but it miiiiiight not be $15 any more. I don't remember. In any case, Crescent Heights is not listed for sale individually on the American Apparel site (#notsureifdiscontinued?); however, you should be able to get it in a 3-pack. I haven't been in the Richmond AA store since February of this year, and I really have no idea if you can get this in stores these days, but I feel like every brand makes some version of this color that you can check out in person.

Okay, not bad for my first ABCs of Untrieds in two years -- let's hope I make it to at least "G" this time, LOL! I still can't believe I got a whole week of wear out of this polish. Isn't that bananas? Any thoughts on this ABCs of Untrieds shebang? If you have a favorite stashbusting method, please share it. I like having options. Anyone have any opinions on American Apparel polishes? (It's been a minute since I've seen those!) Should I still not have a job in the next couple of months, would you be interested in seeing more?

Thanks for reading! I'll be traveling for the next three weekends, so I'll have a couple of posts lined up and ready to go while I'm gone because I don't want you to forget me again. This weekend, I'm heading to New York for my childhood family friend-slash-penpal's bachelorette party. I haven't seen my friend since 2009 and I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend her wedding in September, but at least we'll be able to have some face time this way. :) After that trip, I'll be off to L.A. with my friend Jennifer (where I'll meet Ashley!) for an early birthday getaway, and then another bachelorette party in Louisville for Labor Day weekend. (If you want to follow along, I'll most likely Instagram some shit before I get around to blogging it.) Don't worry, I'll leave the penis straws at home. That'll be one less thing for TSA to have fun with, right? Ha. Anyway, you be good. I'll try to do the same. <3


  1. I love colors like this-- Crescent Heights looks amazing on you! I'm sad that AA has apparently discontinued/stopped making their nail polishes-- they had some good ones.

    1. Hi Cat, thanks so much! Interestingly, I got the annual "AA IN DANGER OF BANKRUPTCY" news link in one of my news e-digests this morning (here's a link to one story: If that's true, then it would make sense for the company to stop making polishes. I do like some of their shirts and I do love the polishes -- sad to see another brand go!

  2. It's sweet reciprocity that you love the look of Crescent Heights because it clearly absolutely adores you! For an intense color it looks so fresh and buoyant on you -- gorgeous!

    According to Wikipedia are two variations of the color chartreuse just as there are two variations of the liqueur chartreuse. Chartreuse green is a shade midway between green and yellow and chartreuse yellow is yellow mixed with a lesser amount of green. Of the two, I'd say Crescent Heights is closer to chartreuse yellow. In fact, it looks to be a near perfect chartreuse yellow, or "true" chartreuse as my mother the painter/colorist would say. She's never agreed with my classification of chartreuse when I've shared chartreuse polishes of the greener variety, and having seen Crescent Heights I can now understand why.

    My small collection of American Apparel polishes contains only darker colors, but of those I've yet to experience one that I didn't appreciate. They apply beautifully. Hassid is my go-to black, it's an easy one coater on me. I rather like the long-wanded brush, it reminds me of the brush that comes with Butter London's Nail Foundation basecoat, which was de rigueur in this house for a couple of years till I found All Your Base from Pretty Serious.

    Your memory for the specifics of polish release chronology never ceases to amaze. I'm lucky if I can even remember collection names from 2011, much less when or in what order they were released. It's a rather significant failing for a polish enthusiast. I salute your powers!

    Have a wonderful time in your travels, Rach. Rest assured that you are never forgotten in these parts. Perish the thought!

    1. Liz! Hi! Always love reading your comments, glad you left one today.

      It must be interesting having a mother so attuned to color! You two are probably right to classify this as a "true" chartreuse. (If you google swatches of AA Macarthur Park, I wonder if that would fall under the "chartreuse" umbrella? Also, between the different camera settings and photos, Crescent Heights looks like everything from true chartreuse to lime, which does make me wonder if my bottle is a bit warped.) For a blogger, I'm terrible with colors -- but I guess you can't have everything, because at least I've got my freakish polish recall going for me. ;)

      I remember falling crazy in love with AA Peacock and Poppy when they first came out! I still have some AAs that I haven't tried yet, #fail.

      Thanks for the well wishes! Hope to see you around more when I get back. Been reading your blog, btw ... I suck at commenting but I do like the variety! And those Smitten Polish opal flakies, HELLOOOOOOOOO.


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