Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Socially Awkward

These Colour Prevails displays have been trickling slowly into Walgreens stores over the summer. I wasn't sure when I would run across one, so I was pleasantly surprised to find one near my parents' back in June. I was pretty distracted because I'd just learned about the "Hannibal" cancellation; I was walking around the store frantically texting my fellow Fannibals and was so excited to see the display that I whipped out my debit card on the spot.

Although the Colour Prevails display also contained all kinds of makeup, I'd been looking forward to trying the polishes the most. Seeing as Nonie Creme is the former founding creative director of butter LONDON, I figured it was safe to assume that the woman knows a thing or two about nail polish. And while I was drawn to more than few colors, I picked out this pistachio green pastel because after many years of hoarding collecting nail polish, I like to use pastels as my baseline for brands that are new to me. Pastels, as we all know, are notorious for being fussy and having the worst formulas, so in my line of thinking, if a brand puts out a good pastel, then the other colors most likely will be more than OK.

Either I'm easy to please or I have low standards, but I LOVED this one. And the name, ha.

--BTW, I forgot that Nouveau Cheap (one of my favorite blogs) also reviewed this polish a while back, so definitely make sure you get her take on it, too.

Three coats with SV. These bottles are as fun to hold/pose with as NOPI bottles (translation: they suck for those purposes).

I don't have Essie Chillato (yet), so I have no idea if Socially Awkward is close enough to Chillato to be considered a near-dupe. They're definitely cousins. My guess is that Socially Awkward is a little more dusty and less of an in-your-face yellow/chartreuse than Chillato. Based on everything I've read about Chillato, the formula is streaky AF, a total PITA, and needs a minimum of three careful coats to achieve opacity.

I also needed three coats for Socially Awkward. BUT! It wasn't bad! I will say (1) it really is not a polish you should attempt using before sleepytimes and (2) it does help me to use a ridge filler or a nice thick base coat like Gelous so you can polish as smoothly as possible. To go back to the Nouveau Cheap review, I also was delighted to find that the formula wasn't watery, thick, goopy, or chalky. Sure, it was a little bit fluffy, and I had a little streakage after two coats, but I got opacity on the third (I used a thick final coat). I waited a couple minutes between coats and didn't notice any odd self-leveling issues before using SV. It was dry to the touch within five or so minutes, but still a little fluffy, so I wouldn't recommend trying to tie up your hair or pee or do anything that might dent your nails for at least a good half hour. I wore this for four days without any chips and minimal tip wear -- I might be wearing it again right now, it's THAT good. (Or maybe I'm not? Apparently I don't even know my life.)

I'm sure this has been covered on other blogs, but it's worth pointing out again here:
  • For $8 (maybe less if you buy online or if there's a promo sale in store), you get 0.32 fl oz. Not going to lie, you might not be into that. Some of you might feel that you'd rather pony up the extra fifty cents and get a bottle of another brand of polish like Essie, which contains 0.46 fl oz. (ETA: I just re-read Nouveau Cheap's post and she also mentioned the Essie bottle size in comparison -- didn't mean to echo her there. Just thinking about other polish brands you can buy at Wags ... heck, the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears are 0.40 fl oz.!)
  • The plastic butterfly part of the cap does come apart from the regular cap, like a Chanel's or butter LONDON's would, so should you find the cap too distracting to paint with or too difficult to grip, you'll be okay. I think it does stay on pretty securely as long as you don't drop the bottle or do anything that might seriously dislodge or compromise the top.

    However, my only worry was that I might accidentally knock the bottle over and spill polish because I don't screw the cap all the way down while polishing.
  • Going back to my comments on the formula, I have to stress that it was quite excellent for a pastel, but (1) I generally take my sweet ass time polishing, and (2) I've gone through much more cumbersome and PITA formulas since 2009. If Chanel Riva and Chanel Mimosa's formulas were even half this good, I wouldn't dither so much about keeping them. I'll take fluffy and slightly streaky over watery, chalky, and goopy ANY day.

Hope this post helped you out a little! If you are even remotely into these pistachio colors, GET THIS ONE. I know I'll be picking up a few more Colour Prevails once I get a job again -- I'd love to try Cry Baby, Shy Guy, and Girls Club. Let me know if you own some Colour Prevails polishes, if you've tried them, or are interested in getting any of them (JESS, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU, WOMAN). And although I don't see myself buying any, if you've bought a CP eye, face, or lip product, I'd love to hear what you thought about it!

Thanks for reading. I've got 2 more scheduled posts coming while I'm gone, so don't forget to check back. :)


  1. It's so funny you should bring this up, because I came across a display of these during a late-night emergency trip to a Walgreens in Colorado and was all "OMG PRETTY BUTTERFLY-HANDLED POLISH I FORGOT U EXISTED." I hastily grabbed a turquoise and a coral, because if there's one thing my boyfriend loves, it's waiting around for me late at night while I dither over polish choices. They are still sitting in my untrieds, I'm ashamed to say. But yes, I am interested in more.:-D I like these kinds of colours but they don't work with my skin tone, sadly.

    I have Mimosa and actually really like it, meh formula and all. It's such a cheerful yellow. I missed out on Riva and Nouvelle Vague because they came out while I still thought that paying more than $10 for nail polish was insane and something I couldn't fathom doing (those were more innocent times).

    1. Emergency Walgreens trip, eh? ;) ;) Have you tried them yet? This was a good start to the line for me, so I won't be mad if I happen to acquire more.

      I'll have to dig out Mimosa and Riva again. My first Chanel was Particuliere, and I don't have any regrets about that one -- probably not the BEST formula, but the color is to die for! It was definitely worth dipping into my savings account at the time, hahaha.


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