Monday, August 10, 2015

RGB Cosmetics Copper

Can we talk about the "Poldark" season finale the other weekend? I actually ended up watching the double-episode finale with B and his mom, and let me just say that that was the quietest I've ever been while watching TV because usually I'm sorta extremely obnoxious with my commentary.

I can't believe we live in a world where my boyfriend, who has ZERO interest in Masterpiece Theater, has watched much, much more Masterpiece than I have lately. He watched a good chunk of "Wolf Hall" with his mom when it aired on PBS in April; these days, they've been watching "Poldark" and "The Crimson Fields" together, so he started out the season more caught up than I was. I thought, "Well, this is unacceptable" and then promptly did a Derek Zoolander-ish "Who am I?" 

I'm completely caught up now, thanks to a few episodes on (which streams each episode at that site for one month after its PBS air date). While watching one night, I was about to put a gold polish on my nails when all the talk of copper, mining, and smelting reeeeeeeaally made me want to wear that color instead. I'm glad I changed my mind, because if I hadn't turned my stash upside down looking for copper polishes, this wouldn't have happened:

Three coats with SV.

So this is beautiful, yes? I hate to post a potentially discontinued polish (I'm tagging it as such because it's not on sale on the RGB site or at most RGB retailers), but either RGB Copper is too much, or I'm ridiculously easy to please. You know I adore a good metallic! RGB makes some good ones, but I think the price point is what scares people off. $18 is a bit much if you're trying to stretch your dollar, which is why I only splurged on RGB when there was a good sale code (most likely how I acquired Copper).

Anyhoo, I'm glad I have Copper because it is stupid gorgeous -- not too red, not too yellow ... perfect! -- and because RGBs typically have wonderful formulas and wear well on me, as this one did. Although this is a foil with great coverage and opacity, you're gonna want to wait at least two minutes in between coats to avoid pooling or dragging. I thought it looked best at two coats but I couldn't resist piling on one more. I wore this for two days and couldn't stop staring at my nails.

I really don't know where you could score Copper these days, but there are so many good copper polishes out there that you might be able to content yourself with something similar. I can't find my bottle of China Glaze Harvest Moon, though I'm thinking that might be close-ish. Plus there's a lovely (albeit significantly less foil-y and more gold) copper from Sinful Colors called Copper Pot that is to die for --  was down to that one and this RGB for this post, tbh. Just give me all the metallics. It's been a while since I posted one, so I'm glad it was this polish!

Now I have to ask all two of y'all who also watched "Poldark": Is RGB Copper Wheal Leisure-appropriate? Haters gonna be Warleggans. ;) As for the show itself, I do agree with everyone who found the pacing to be a little aggravating to follow on a weekly basis; if you binge it within a weekend, it probably isn't that much of an issue, though I don't think this quibble is unique to this show. However, I do like the social conflict within the series, so if that amps up + the Warleggans go full asshole in Season 2, that might get me to consider "Poldark" Appointment Television. The season finale was pretty emotional -- I'm definitely dumb enough to have let "putrid throat" throw me for a loop despite knowing full well what diphtheria is.

Also, and this might sound BEC, I like the show well enough, but it wasn't as exciting to me as other series have been. While it did merit a blog post, it certainly hasn't reached "Hannibal" or previous Masterpiece levels of obsession.* I don't know, maybe I'm broken. Yeah, Aidan Turner is a good Captain Ross, only I'm not really attracted to him -- I can't unsee him as Mitchell from "Being Human"! -- so perhaps I'll come around once he goes the salt and pepper route. For now, more for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm shallow, but hey, if a lead has the right ~smolder, I'll make more of an effort to bat for a series (hellooooooo, Richard Armitage in "North and South").

To the show's credit, it's introducing a character that isn't as well known 'round these parts or to this generation. So there IS that. Oh, and all those shots of the Cornwall cliffs are gorgeous. AND the younger actors are pretty good at holding their own, too, especially the gals who play Demelza, Elizabeth, and Verity (LOL forever at Demelza being the best friend from "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging"). It's weird to me that as I'm getting older, so are the actors I grew up watching; it's interesting to see the actors closer to my age/generation make their way into new projects.

Clearly I'll have no problem biding my time until Season Two, because here are some relatively new-to-me things I have been watching this summer that might be new to you, too:
  • "Another Period" (Comedy Central): #specialsnowflakealert. I hate the Real Housewives, I cannot with the Kardashians unless they're shilling nail polish, and I'm not a fan of "Downton Abbey." But put all those shows together, and they're great material for satire! I've seen a lot of reviewers go with the "more crass than clever" description, which, 100% THIS, so "Another Period" won't be everyone's cup of tea. I mean, I can take only so much of it at one time for whatever reason, so I really just watch it while working on blog posts and break up my viewings with other shows. I'll admit it would be nice to see them get away from half the sex jokes and ALL of the toilet humor. We'll see where this goes. OTOH, I do like the ensemble cast, and I'll continue to enjoy them as long as they don't bring in guest stars for the sake of doing it (especially since most of the guest stars portray historical figures. Like, how many could possibly descend on the Bellacourt estate? If you already watch, you know what I mean). My comments just now re: the ensemble cast reminds me that I really need to get on "Wet Hot American Summer" like two weeks ago ...

  • "Grace & Frankie" (Netflix): I LOVE Lily Tomlin and I remember hearing about this when Netflix ordered it, but forgot about it until my sister mentioned it back in May (I think she was charmed by the spelling bee episode, because she was a NSB contestant when I was in high school). She's fired for not telling me that my '90s teen movie boyfriend Ethan Embry is in this. Anyway, it's a nice little show, and I'm glad I started watching it -- it is, to quote Grace, oddly "life-affirming" to me because it does make me question what I want in life -- but I can't help feeling that the show isn't serving or challenging its principal actors as well as it could be. Does that make sense? I don't know, maybe I'm just BEC with my TV. I feel like it could be tighter, funnier, less broad ... something vital is missing, and I'm hoping to GOD the show finds that element in Season Two. (For the record, June Diane Raphael's character is everythinggggg. And the jokes about Craig T. Nelson's character are too much.)

  • "The Last Man on Earth" (FOX): Started this when it first aired, lost track halfway through the season. I will watch anything by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller -- I looooooooved "Clone High" back in the day, then they did "The LEGO Movie" and the "21 Jump Street" movies, which I also love -- so even though the premise for "Last Man" was kind of weird, I went with it. The main character is such a jackass, which is probably why I dropped off. "Clone High" has been embedded into my brain for the past 13 years, so (A) I can't help thinking that "Last Man" would be a decent animated series, and (B) I can't not picture Abe Lincoln when I hear Will Forte's voice ("I have your baby in me, giraffe!"). I wonder what the second season will be like. Also, I'm gonna need Boris Kodjoe to stay on that show because he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine and if Phil is gonna keep being annoying, I'm gonna need something to look at.

  • "Welcome to Sweden" (NBC): Now that NBC's cancelled it, there's no rush to start watching. I've loved Lena Olin hardcore since her stint on "Alias," so I was excited to see her on American TV again! This show is based on Amy Poehler's brother Greg's move to Sweden to be with his then-girlfriend (now wife); both the customary and not-so-customary "meet the family" and "dumb American in another country" hijinks ensue. Maybe it's because I grew up in America as the child of immigrants, but I will never NOT watch things about love and culture clashes since I figure that's gonna be my future (if I ever ~find love). There are some uniquely Swedish/Scandinavian jokes and moments that crack me up so much -- that is, once you can get past the jokes about Ikea and "Birger King." Anyway, I liked it, even when Bruce was being a dumb American (he's a man, so of course he'll be dumb regardless of his native country), and I loved Emma and Viveka's relationship. RIP, show.

Whoa, that was a long-ass TV post, but in my defense, it was severely overdue. ;) Sorry! If you ladies read *any* of that, then kudos to you. (Apparently my hiatus equals word vomit, now that I'm sort of back to blogging.) What do you think of RGB Copper? Do you have any RGB polishes? Would you like to see more? And if you watched "Poldark," pleeeeeeaaaaase tell me what you thought of the first season (feel free to email me if you think your comment is spoilery)! Oh, and if you want to share your TV recommendations or tell me what you've been watching this summer, you should do that, too. My list is way too long already, but it's a nice distraction while I wait for more rejection letters. :/ (I will get to "Sense8." You know, when I get to this season of "Orphan Black" ... and "Killjoys" ... God help me, I do love a show with an Ashmore twin.)

Thanks so much for reading! I'll be back on Thursday with something that definitely was new this summer -- care to wager any guesses?

* I'm not going to front, I might be a tad bitter that in a new age of show renewals, reboots, and revivals, my beloved "Horatio Hornblower"/Ioan can't get a piece of the action. I'm sure it's a complicated issue with rights, the Forester estate, etc., but still. HH is a wonderful character and Ioan's not getting any younger ...


  1. Ugh -- I hated how Poldark ended! Really? I'm supposed to wait a year to find out? (I'm being vague on the off chance that the other 1 person who watched it didn't see the ending.) Cliffhangers are for Lifetime, PBS, not you.
    Hubby & I both loved Poldark. You really need to see Wolf Hall for no other reason than to watch the brilliant Mark Rylance in action.
    I think RGB Copper would look lovely on Demelza and you KNOW Verity would wear it in solidarity.

    1. Cliffhangers are definitelyyyyy not for PBS. Ha!

      I did watch "Wolf Hall" (thank you, Netflix) and I did like it. However, I had finished reading "Wolf Hall" and "Bring Up the Bodies" a couple months prior to watching, and I couldn't get the books out of my head. I feel like viewers' response to Rylance/Cromwell all lies in how they see the character. After reading the books, I had a pretty good idea of what was going on in his head, but I felt like those who didn't might think Rylance was Valium-ing his way through the miniseries! Plus the imagery in the books is so hard to beat. The TV version did a great job, but I think I prefer the books!

      Verity, omw, THAT POOR GIRL. I wonder if we'll see her again in Season Two!


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