Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chanel Terrana

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! (Best month, obvs.) How's everyone doing? As this post goes up, I'll have returned from L.A. and I'll either be on my way to my best friend's house ... or, better yet, we'll be on our way to Maryland, where we'll board a plane to Bourbon Bachelorette Country (a.k.a. Kentucky). We do like our bourbon -- what can I say?

This polish, oh boy. My Limited Edition Disease knows no limits, because despite being the Chanel Méditerranée polish all the bloggers advised skipping, I bought Terrana anyway. Limited Edition Regret is real, especially when it's Chanel.

... but Limited Edition Regret over this Chanel? Take a look at my pics after one day of wear (!) and see what you think.

Three coats with SV.

I keep wanting to refer to this polish as "Chanel Terranasaurus" or "Chanel Pterranadon." It just rolls off the tongue, man.

I remember feeling pretty whelmed the day I put on Terranasaurus, mostly because $27 was a lot for a color that wasn't doing anything for me. (You don't know until you try, and unfortunately I'm one of those people who HAS to try everything that might interest me.) I think both the base color and the shimmer contain a little more red than I like on my hands. However, that shimmery glow is undeniably lovely and throws me major eyeshadow vibes. I didn't pay much attention to the Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows that came out in the Méditerranée collection when I saw the whole thing in person at Nordstrom back in July, but going by pictures and various online swatches, Terrana looks remarkably like the eyeshadow in Caroube. At first I was thinking it would be more akin to a shade in a UD Naked palette. I haven't tried Essie Sable Collar yet, but I might need to soon -- it's not a dead-on dupe for Terrana although it might be more flattering on me (maybe it's because the base color is smokier/plummier?).

Since the color to be a solid "meh," let's move on to formula and application. When it comes to my Chanels, I do think both can be a little strange; I never know what I'm dealing with until I unscrew the cap. The skinny brush is okay, although for $27 it could be so much better, especially when the formulas vary from polish to polish, ranging from perfect cremes to thin and watery shimmers or pastels that take forEVer to dry. Once again, for this price point, that is NOT OKAY. Terrana errs on the thin and watery side for me. On the plus side, it is opaque in one coat but I liked it best at three. It can get brushstrokey if you're not careful ... that does die down significantly after the top coat dries, but you should've seen my right hand before it dried (total mess). Dry time was a little slower than average with SV.

But this is where Terrana threw me for a loop: I wore it for FIVE DAYS. When I've worn Chanels in the past, I usually had tip wear somewhere during Day 1, but as you just saw, this was pretty decent for one day. Unless you were up close or unless you were a nail person, you wouldn't have been able to tell! I didn't get any chips until the end of Day 4, when I was trying to open a can of diced tomatoes and somehow took out a chunk of polish on my thumb (let's be thankful that it wasn't a chunk of actual thumb). Other than that, my nails looked pretty good. Seriously, where have these results been ALL MY LIFE???!? I think it's time to whip out my other Chanels and give them a go ... (Oh, and no stains when I removed it, yay!)

Terrana's crazy awesome wear results reeeeeeeaaaaally made me reconsider my original stance of "EWWWWW, NO." With this kind of wear time, it seemed silly to be hemming and hawing over my feelings about the color itself,although in the end, I don't think I would reach for it again. Again, the color really was pretty, but it wasn't quite right on me. (To my eyes, the red tones in this could qualify Terrana as marsala, BTW.) So I do think I'll let this one go -- if you're in the continental U.S. and are interested in working out a swap, email me and we can discuss swap terms. It's been a while since I did a formal swap ... my close naily friends and I basically just put in orders with each other now (e.g., "Are you still looking for this because I just found it?!" "Holy shit, this is at TJ Maxx/Marshalls/on sale, want me to grab it for you?" "OMG this display is out early and U NEED DIS") Funny how that happens.

Another good thing about this polish: it got me a more than a little excited for fall. :D China Glaze's upcoming fall collection is slaying me already, anyone else? Since my cash flow is less of a flow and slightly more of a deficiency at the moment, I'll most likely be wearing last year's fall picks -- but that's more than fine with me because Ignite and All Aboard continue to slay. (I have ALL of All Aboard, ty Ulta clearance! Any particular ones you'd like to see?)

That's all for today. Questions, comments, concerns on Terrana and LE Chanel Regret? Do you think it was worth the splurge or should I have followed my instinct to get another Méditerranée color? Are you possibly interested in a swap for this polish? Let me know. Who else is welcoming fall collections with open arms?

Thanks for reading! I don't know if I'll be able to have something up next week, but make sure to check back. Have a good and safe Labor Day weekend -- I really hope mine involves drunk 3 a.m. pizza in front of the naked Burt Reynolds mural because #priorities. You'll hear about it it happens, LOL.


  1. Sooooo you're saying that in general Chanel polishes aren't worth the price, right? Because I kinda have my eye on Chanel Vibrato thanks to ALU's swatch/review but that is a LOT of money to spend on a nail polish...

    1. Vibrato is slowly killing me. I saw it when I was at the Grove the other weekend and while it is indeed gorgeous, I couldn't help thinking I already own Dior Sailor and Dior wears better on me! Which one of us will cave first? (I'm still dying over Mediterranee ...)

    2. If it helps, if you have Sailor, you don't NEED Vibrato. I have both (#hoarder) and they are very close in person. Especially if Dior wears better than Chanel for you (the opposite is true for me).

  2. WHO loves Bourbon? Anna loves Bourbon. Is it true? Mhmmm. I do I do I dooooo.

    But you should totally try Sable Collar. So pretty!

    1. Damn it, I should have picked up some bourbon coffee samples for you! I've actually got some in the coffee maker right now.

      Sable Collar definitely is a contender for Friendsgiving 2015. ;)

  3. All Lacquered Up showed Chanel Terrana in comparison to Wood You Wanna from China Glaze's new fall collection and I was surprised at how similar the colors looked on her swatch sticks because Terrana is definitely pulling some reddish tones on you. I don't dislike Terrana, but it really doesn't strke me as a "Rach" kind of shade. It feels a little too conservative and mousy to do right by you. Plus, I tend to like my foily metallics with more fleck. The fleckier the better! Wood You Wanna is looking pretty good to me right now.

    If you're going to check out Sable Collar, how about swatching Choo Choo Choose Me too? Both of them have that floaty shimmer look, although the colors are totally different.

    1. I'm loving your assessment of Terrana and why it is wrong for me. :) I also agree with you about that China Glaze polish -- the fleckier the better, for sure! I'll see what I can pick up with my birthday coupons ...

      That Choo Choo Choose polish is soooooooooo beautiful, but I haven't tried it yet despite finally owning all of ChG Fall 2014! That All Aboard collection knocked OPI Nordic WAYYYYYY out of the water, IMO.


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