Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Revlon ColorStay Fall Mood

IT'S FALL, Y'ALL! I mean, Steff's not having it ... but I'm stoked. I've been ready since Labor Day weekend, when I had my first pumpkin coffee (DD > Starbucks) and pumpkin beer of the season! Meantime, I've had to turn the heat on in my car, I've been chowing down on slices of Costco pumpkin pie (served with seasonal pumpkin ice cream), I'm so excited for new seasons of my favorite returning TV shows, I'm pulling out my vampy, berry, and purple lipsticks, and of course I'm crushing on fall polishes like they're going out of style. (Holiday collections?? Pfft. No, it's too soon! LET FALL HAVE ITS MOMENT.)

There is so much to love about this Revlon. Obviously, it's metallic and you know how I feel about that finish (I can't stand shimmery cosmetic products anywhere except my nails, apparently). Second, the name is super on point for right now. Third, I've been lusting after OPI Worth a Pretty Penne but I'm not gonna drop my penn(i)es on it anytime soon. So I went stash shopping for something similar and remembered this Revlon and consequently remembered how much I paid for it: all of $1.50 at Big Lots last year. Uh, HELL YEAH.

For the record, the OPI is decidedly more of a rose gold than this polish. That's okay. I think I was just jonesing for a nice metallic foil, and this one fit the bill.

Three coats with SV. Photos taken after 1 day.

When all is said and done, I think gold is more of my color than this light bronze, but Fall Mood is still pretty great. This was the first time I've worn anything from Revlon's ColorStay line (which has been discontinued and replaced by the ColorStay Gel Envy line), and I was really pleased with it. EDIT: No, it isn't the first time I've worn ColorStay -- I did that last year and completely forgot about it! Fail. Formula and application were perfect -- two coats would probably suffice for opacity, but old habits die hard -- and dry time with SV was much faster than my previous experiences with polishes in Revlon's regular line. This manicure survived four days with plenty of dishwashing and spot cleaning with no chips and mostly no tip wear (the two right hand fingers with "ugh"-level tip wear have Essie Feed Me as the base coat -- my peelies are back, and as much as I love Feed Me, it takes FOR.EV.ER. to dry ... so those fingers suffered a few dents, too).

Basically ... I dig it. I don't know why I love the simplicity of the metallic foil so much, but I do. Maybe it's because it's finger bling that I don't have to worry about losing? Anyway, it was nice to try out Fall Mood and I have no idea why I waited so long. I'm definitely craving more fall colors, although I'm not sure what to whip out next. True story, I pulled out my China Glaze Helmer drawer the other night and stared at it for way too long because China Glaze consistently releases the best fall collections. (Sorry, OPI, but it's true. WTF was Nordic?)

Aaaaaaaanyway, Fall Mood was a solid fall intro. I hope the other ColorStay (and ColorStay Gel Envy) polishes are this good! What do you think -- did you like that Revlon line? In your opinion, which brand releases the best fall collections? Do you have a favorite Fall 2015 collection, or are you impossibly bored by it all? Let me know. I'll be over here drinking my DD pumpkin spice coffee (out of a Christmas mug, most likely) and mulling over which China Glaze fall polish I want to wear next.

Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you next month. Bye, September. You were fun.


  1. Revlon tests on animals... :(

    There are tons of cruelty-free polishes out there! :)

  2. I am like a magpie... I am attracted to shiny pretty things! Very pretty. We don't have much of a fall here in CA, but I am definitely not feeling fall yet mostly because it's still blazing hot. Not ready to bust out the vampires just yet. I love summer, with a capital L, but wow I'm so ready for it not to be so insanely hot any more!

    1. I hope it cools down over there! It's been raining for most of the past week here, and it was cold enough today that I decided to wear my wool cape. Crazy.

      Hopefully I'll have time to blog some more oldie but goodie shiny fall polishes for ya!

    2. Ha, I just noticed autocorrect vampies = vampires. LOL! What a timely error ;) and thankfully, it has cooled down considerably this week. I am very grateful! Looking forward to MOAR SHINY PLZ THX!


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