Friday, October 9, 2015

Gift of Fab: nails inc. Victoria

Happy Friday! Here's another polish Madeline picked out for me among the reddish options I sent her last weekend. Vampy red jelly? Yes, please!

But this one is special, because it came in a box of goodies from Jess, a reader and friend from Canada. A huge box arrived at my door early in May, full of Canadian chocolate and polish -- Jess even included a bag of cat treats for SMA. The chocolate disappeared entirely in August; however, since my blogging habits veer toward the seasonally appropriate, it's time to start showing off some of these babies. (Hooray! And thank you again, Jess!)

Oh my damn, though. Definitely had a #blamemercury moment with this manicure, because these photos are from my third attempt to put it on. First I waited too late in the day to take pictures and the ones I got were grainy and terrible, then my "fresh" bottle of SV somehow streaked the crap out of it, until finally I had some cuticle drag and bald spots because I got tired of waiting in between my standard three coats and the light was fading. There was no way in hell that I was taking this off and trying AGAIN, so I slapped on a fourth coat and called it a day.

Four coats with SV. Three coats really should be all you need -- had I been patient enough to make it work and not rush through them, you would have gotten pictures that showed what a lush jelly Victoria is. Instead, the four coats gave this polish a more creme look.

Soooooooooo pretty! Victoria is a straight up deep wine? oxblood? cherry? color with no traces of brown, which I appreciate. Basically, it looks good on everyone and I'll assume it's a popular seller because of its "hero shade" status. Granted, it's not especially unique these days and I have enough of these colors to last me until I die, but I will never kick these beauties out of my stash because (1) Victoria was a gift and (2) COME AND SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK! [/Ron Burgundy moment]

Like I said, this polish has a jelly finish. Formula-wise, it was a little weird -- not exactly gloopy or thick, but I had to take care not to overload my brush or it would have been even more of an application disaster. Since it's a jelly, I like to wait in between coats so it can dry; luckily, dry time wasn't too long but my impatience the third time around got the better of me. :( Ah, well. I can't speak to the wear time on Victoria because it was never on for longer than a day because of my various application & photo fails, but it seemed to be okay for a day, which is all I can ask for from a vampy jelly. (SV usually scuffs them up something nasty after one day!)

I forgot to ask Jess where she picked up this bottle. All I know is that when I started getting into polish, the nails inc. brand was pretty hard to come by here in the U.S. I think a lot of people on the MUA nail board would order them on eBay or have a friend in the U.K. mule them over. Not too long after that, Sephora started selling nails inc., and I think maybe a couple of years ago Ulta started selling it, too, followed by various department stores who place nails inc. among their "high end" stock. The last time I was in Sephora, I noticed they didn't sell Victoria in this regular nails inc. bottle ... but they did sell Victoria in the nails inc. NailKale line for $14. Again, not a unique color, but if you need to fill up a Sephora/Ulta/whatever cart or want to try the NailKale line (I love the one I have, Bruton Mews), you know where to find it. :) If any of you already own or decide to try Victoria in NailKale form, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

nails inc. Victoria: Solid fall color, solid red, solid gift. I love it!! It's going to take forever, but I'm soooooo excited to start blogging more of my goodies from the Great White North because Jess absolutely NAILED my taste in polish. I'll try to get a couple more up before the holidays. :)

Thanks for reading! I feel like I say this all the time, but depending on how this weekend goes, I should be able to post at least 2 more times this month. We'll see! Until then, enjoy the shit out of your weekend because we survived the last 2015 Mercury retrograde, HALLELUJER! (The May retrograde period was more brutal for me than this one, though this one wasn't without ridiculousness. Whatever, Madeline & I are living it up until January 5.)

P.S. The other two Old 97's fans who read this blog know I couldn't end this post without including a certain song ... enjoy! ;)


  1. Woohoo! Is it dorky of me to admit I've been eagerly anticipating the day when you would post one of my picks? Probably, but I'm ok with that.:)

    This looks awesome on you...I know it's not the most unique colour, but I also know how much you like vampy colours, and I've always been happy with Nails Inc. I own a few in the old bottles, and a few in the new bottles, including the Victoria Beckham collab shades (my LE disease continues to take its toll). The formula on those is SPOT ON and the bottles are super luxe, so no regrets.

    I picked this up at Shopper's Drug Mart, which is basically a Canadian version of Walgreens. They started carrying Nails Inc. last year or the year before, but this year they've been clearing them all out. I'm not sure if they're just no longer carrying the line or trying to make way for the new bottles, but so far the new bottles haven't appeared.

    Anyway, that's a TL;DR way of saying I'm glad you liked your gift!<3

    1. Hahaha, I totally understand! I love it when my friends post stuff I gave them, too. :) But next time, I'll have to email you so I can find out where you got everything else! Thanks so much. <3 <3

      Dude, vampies were my first polish loves. I think I need to go back into my stash and see what other nails inc. polishes I've stowed away. I don't have much, maybe 3 or 4 others, but it's been so long that I've worn one that Victoria made me go, "Oh yeah, these ARE awesome!" Do you have Victoria, too?

      Belated happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a nice weekend.

    2. I thought about snagging Victoria for myself since it was such a good price, but since I already own Chanel Accessoire, RBL Moulin Rouge and OPI Visions of Love, I decided I was covered for that colour. Oh, and I also own Essie Skirting the Issue, which I think is in the same family. Yeah, I have a problem.:)

  2. I've been hungry for colors like this all month. Weird, since they're pretty plentiful, but I've passed them up so many times because I think, 'Eh, I can get it another time, that color is always around.' Well now I want it, and I can't find the right shade I want! But this looks lovely, and is exactly what I want: black-red, not burgundy or brown-red. Must get my hands on it!

    I didn't even realize the Mercury retrograde was happening again, it probably explains the last few weeks I've had. Just. Awful. Anyway, lovely pictures as always!

    1. I hear you, because brown-reds are not my favorite -- I can make some work (OPI Visions of Love) but ... eh. Anyway, if you feel like throwing down another few dollars, Deborah Lippmann Single Ladies is another excellent purely deep red jelly. LOVED that one, and you might, too.

      Sorry to hear you had a rough few weeks. :( FYI, Mercury doesn't hit us again until Jan. 5. If I can help it, I don't plan to leave the house that day ...


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