Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sally Hansen CSM Candied Apple

Y'all, I am feeling Halloween so hard this year ... at least, as hard as a lazy person who can't commit to and most likely won't do a costume can possibly feel Halloween. ;) I've been watching Halloween/spooky-ish movies almost every night, but what I really wanted to do was blog some Halloween polishes from years past. Sadly, I couldn't get it together; instead, you get ... a red creme?

I've been really into reds lately, but I mean, I get it. Red cremes seem boring next to all the fun Halloween color palettes (which make them also seem out of place, considering the red creme mania that ensues from December to February), buuuuuut SH CSM Candied Apple is really darn nice. If you can deal with/get past the CSM brush, this little baby is a ONE-COATER. Yup.

Of course, I used three because habits, I can't break 'em. But seriously. ONE COAT! Don't tell me you're not into it. So check out those three coats + SV:

Okay, three points awarded to Gryffindor Candied Apple for being a One Coat Wonder with a great creme formula. I don't know what kind of dark magic makes these CSM cremes so good. But we'd better add three more points to Candied Apple for how strongly it resembles its namesake! I love it when this happens.

(source: One Perfect Bite)

This polish is a cool-toned red with the slightest touch of pink, a little deeper than my photos could get it, just not so deep that you'd mistake it for a Christmas/holiday red. Does that make sense? It reminds me slightly of Essie Style Hunter, which I can't find right now; Candied Apple might be a deeper, darker shade but I really think they're in the same vein, so you could live without one if you had the other.

I only did a quick swatch, so I can't tell you anything about wear time. Sally Hansens wear pretty well for me, so I guess when this becomes a full NOTD I'll probably get a good handful of days out of it. Also, you know the CSM line is my favorite drugstore line and I REALLY love the LE Runway/New York Fashion Week shades, so I had to get this (and three others) back in August! According to Nouveau Cheap, Candied Apple doesn't seem to be one of the designer shades. Eh, whatever. This polish is great. If you have LE Disease, hoard CSM polishes, or love reds, get it.

Anyone else feeling any kind of way about Candied Apple, or is it just me? Did you pick up any of these Fall 2015 Runway shades, or were they a solid pass for you? Who else is super into Halloween shit right now? Most importantly, does anyone actually still make candied apples anymore, or do candied apple recipes exist on the Internet for the sole purpose of being Pinterest fodder????, because I truly have no idea.

Thanks for reading! I don't know if I can post next week since I tend to do my swatching during weekends, and this weekend is Wedding Weekend #3 for my college friend, Kristin, in Richmond. I'm so excited to see everyone, eat wedding pie, get my drink on and dance with my friends to at least ONE completely inappropriate song -- this wedding will be the last wedding among that particular group of girlfriends, because I plan to get married in 20never, so I figure I might as well enjoy it, right? Oh, and I'm catching a John Waters show tomorrow night (a live performance of "This Filthy World" + a midnight screening of "Cry-Baby," which I haven't seen in at least 7 years) -- I can't wait for this, either! Hope your weekend will be just as epic. :)


  1. This is so super nice...I never met a shiny, squishy red creme I didn't like.:) And they're basically appropriate at any time of year. I'll have to keep an eye out for this, although our access to LE CSM shades is sporadic at best here in the Great White North, so I'm not holding my breath.

    1. This one isn't squishy at all, it's a straight up creme but it's soooooo mega. I'll try to snap this one up for you if there are any left!

    2. Huh...I guess it looks squishy because it's so super shiny! Still irresistible!:)

    3. I was able to find one for you!!!! :D Adding it to the pile.

  2. Nothing better than a good red, any time of year. Always appropriate, always in style. I always feel like a classy bitch wearing red!

    1. I can't believe I used to not like reds. When I found The One (er ... several ones), I wondered why I was afraid of them! I just stay away from brown-tinged ones. :)


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