Monday, November 9, 2015

Solo Skinny Dipping: FingerPaints Sketch Me

Happy November! I swear it feels like summer just got here, but I'm not complaining (yet). November is actually my favorite month, so I'm veryyyyy excited.

Between all the saturated colors I haven't blogged and the old favorites I've been wearing, I figured I was due for something decidedly neutral. Anna's not totally up to blogging at the moment because #datgradschoollife and I'm sporadic enough as it is these days, but I really, really missed blogging nude/neutral polishes, so Solo Skinny Dipping it is! I noticed this FingerPaints polish hanging out near the top of a box where I keep some of my polishes, and I went, hmmmmmmmmmmm ...

... which is more or less how I felt about it until I realized I love everything about it EXCEPT how much it clashes with my complexion IRL. Sad panda. :(

Anyway, this is three coats of Sketch Me with SV.

Nice, right? Sure, if my skin color was a 100% match for these photos in this exact lighting condition. In some lights, I love it; in others, yuck. But it truly is a lovely little chameleon of a polish, and here is another set of photos that show off its warm tones:

Also, as I was working on this post, I saw that there weren't a lot of pictures of Sketch Me that popped up on Google Images. So I guess you're welcome, Internet. ;)

I can't put my finger on whether it's taupe or greige or what-have-you. All I know after wearing it for a weekend is that it has hints of mauve and I'm too olive/yellow for it, which is really too bad because it's a great edgy neutral. I can't describe the color accurately for the life of me, but I can say that it'd be a great work-approp polish, it's such a cozy color, and that I could easily imagine this shade bottled up in a brand like nails inc. or Essie or Color Club or NYC ... you know what I mean? It'd be good at practically any price point. I'm surprised Dior hasn't tried it, tbh. (I love Dior, but GDI, their colors have been so boring since they switched to their Gel Shine formula/rebranding.)

And the formula was SO damn good, too. I have to rave about that! It was creme perfection -- granted, my bottle's went on like a more "fluffy" type of creme, but it was so, so easy to work with. I found that I didn't have to load up my brush too much, since I was just pushing the same blob of polish around on my nail, if that makes sense. If you can manage a decent-sized blob of polish, you can get this opaque in one coat, but I thought it looked a little too patchy under the OttLite for my tastes. Two coats will do. Dry time was great and I wore this for a whole weekend without chips and barely visible tip wear.

With all those nice things to say about Sketch Me, can you see why I was so bummed that it didn't work for me? I think it's discontinued now -- also a bummer -- since I can't find it on the Sally Beauty site and IIRC, I got this in a red tag clearance sale right at the beginning of summer. Let me know if you want this and we can work out a swap or something!

So while it stinks that this color didn't quite work out for me, I'm on to the next neutral. I'm thinking something Orly, maybe -- any ideas? I would love to post more neutral/nude polishes here again, even without the regularity that I used to have. Blogging is so weirdly cyclical, but I'm OK with it if you're OK with it.

Thanks for reading! Fingers crossed, I should be able to post at least two more times this month. We'll see what's going on. I might be doing birthday stuff for B this weekend, Friendsgiving is coming up the weekend after that, and then of course, there's Thanksgiving proper ... I love love LOVE November, but wow, is it ever NOT ideal for this weekend swatcher. I don't know how I did it before! D:


  1. These sorts of muted, bruised neutrals are my favorite! They are so forgiving and cozy-looking, like snuggling down in a gigantic sweater. Unfortunately my skin tone doesn't do well with most of them, so I know exactly what you mean when you say it clashes with your skin irl.

    1. Every time I get the urge to dig out those kinds of colors, I remember that I'm not working anywhere right now and therefore I can burn myself out on them when I get a job in a conservative workplace. Based on your blog posts, I think you are able to wear all the pink-toned blush nudes that I can't!

  2. I agree, very cozy type of color, it also looks, familiar some how. But I like it!

    1. It looks like an Essie we could have skipped in the past, doesn't it? The things a clearance sticker will do to me ...

    2. Totally! And, yes, I am a giant sucker for clearance stickers as well. It's a sickness, really.


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